NMB48’s Akari Yoshida Makes Front Cover Debut in LARME Magazine Issue 039

15.March.2019 | FASHION

The latest edition of girl magazine LARME, issue 039, was released on March 15, 2019.

LARME 039 sees the hugely popular Akari Yoshida of Japanese idol group NMB48 appear on the magazine’s front cover for the first time as well as on the magazine’s first page. The issue includes a big feature entitled “CAT HOUNTED AKARI YOSHIDA” which debuts her new brand.

The following is an excerpt from the magazine by Yoshida: “My goal this year was to appear on lots of front covers so I am over the moon! I never imagined I would make it onto a magazine that I buy and read regularly. I don’t think my fans predicted it either, so I think they will be very surprised♡ It’s all thanks to everybody having worked hard to answer the questionnaire. Thank you so much as always! There’s also a thing attached to the magazine I made in collaboration with EATME, so this is a really wonderful issue.”

Yuna Shibata/Sakura Endou/Saya Kanagawa (Nogizaka46)

Many of the members of idol group Nogizaka46 work as regular models for girl magazines. Yuna Shibata, Sakura Endou and Saya Kanagawa are making their appearance in LARME for the very first time in a feature titled “AMBIGUOUS HAIR ARRANGE” which combines a sweet look with an adult maturity, creating an ambiguous appearance. There are 8 Q&A topics which cover their strong and weak points, personal outfits, makeup, messages to the reader and more.

Other features include one focusing on the colour pink, another on one-piece co-ords, the history of “girly” looks, a spring fashion feature and more.


Discover the latest fashion trends in Japan by picking up a copy of LARME 039 May.