Keyakizaka46’s Rika Watanabe Chosen as Regular Model for LARME Magazine!

11.July.2017 | FASHION


Rika Watanabe from idol group Keyakizaka46 has been chosen to be the next regular model for LARME magazine. Watanabe placed top in a readers’ questionnaire included in issue 026 of LARME to appear as the magazine’s next regular model.

Even people who did not know Keyakizaka46 took one look at her and were stunned, casting their votes for her straight away.


170608LARME1368☆ copy


The new issue includes a special feature covering everything you need to know about Rika Watanabe. The feature, titled “I, Rika Watanabe, am becoming a regular model♡♡♡” (translated from: 、「渡辺梨加、レギュラーモデルになります♡♡♡」), covers topics from fashion to make up to her private life.


170608LARME0007-☆ copy


<Comment from Rika Watanabe>

“I’ve always been a reader of LARME. It was always my favourite magazine, so I am extremely happy! I will work hard towards polishing myself so I can show you a new side to me!”


Rika Watanabe’s will make her beautiful debut in LARME 029, set to hit shelves on July 15th. Be sure not to miss out♡




LARME 029 Sep

On Sale: July 15, 2017 at bookstores, convenience stores and online stores in Japan

Publisher: Tokuma Shoten

Price: ¥546 + tax

Size: A4/ Perfect Binding / 144 pages

LARME Official Homepage:




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  • Kawaii Fashion Magazine LARME’s 44th Issue Includes Pokémon Inspired Outfits & More

    17.January.2020 | FASHION

    The 44th issue of self-described “sweet girly artbook” fashion magazine LARME was released today (January 17).


    Nagisa Saitō makes her second appearance in the =LOVE section

    Japanese music artist Nagisa Saitō made her debut appearance in LARME 043 and received a huge reaction from readers in the =LOVE section of the magazine. In the latest issue, she showcases trending spring makeup for the start of the new year, explains how to make your lips look juicy and tempting, and more.


    Maika Yamamoto becomes a mystery foreign exchange student

    Maika Yamamoto is serving various hair and fashion styles in the new issue inspired by foreign exchange students from various countries, including a lycéenne from France, a beautiful blonde-haired girl from Russia, a hot girl from Mexico, a girl from a samgyeopsal shop in South Korea, and a traditional-looking girl from England.


    Stylish collaboration with Pokémon



    LARME has collaborated with Pokémon to bring Pokémon-inspired outfits. See Marina, Chisato Yoshiki, Cocona Umeyama, and Natsue Tokomoto dress like Pikachu, Scorbunny, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Ho-Oh, Gengar, Mew, and Vulpix (Alola version).


    And plenty more kawaii content

    There’s lots of other cute content to took forward to in the first issue of 2020 too, including a lolita maid Valentine’s co-ord, the LARME models’ various interpretations of “girly” shown in a chronology of how their styles have matured, and more.

    Learn all about the latest in Japanese fashion trends in the new spring-themed issue of LARME.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Movie Actress Maika Yamamoto Appears in LARME Fashion Magazine

    31.July.2019 | FASHION

    The 40th issue of “sweet girly artbook” fashion magazine LARME was released on July 17.

    The new issue is a special beauty edition celebrating 7 years of the magazine. Making her debut on the front cover and featuring in the opening pages is Japanese actress and model Maika Yamamoto who is known for playing Touka in the recently-released Tokyo Ghoul S movie as well as her role in the serialised television drama Scum.

    In her feature she expands on the concept of ‘kawaii’ by showcasing her relationship with makeup and clothing. Glitter, organdy, tulle and other white adornments make up her looks.

    Yui Ogura also makes her LARME debut in the new issue. She is known for her voice acting work in recent popular TV anime series and movies and has also garnered huge popularity as a singer. In the magazine she appears alongside NMB48 member Akari Yoshida and fashion model Yui Kanno to show how anybody can cover up their complexes with makeup. Ogura will use herself as an example by showing how she covers hides the “dango-like look” of her nose by using makeup.

    The LARME models also show their adorable pets in the latest issue.


    Pick up the newest edition of LARME and find out what’s hot in Japan’s fashion world right now.

  • Mai Shiraishi Features On Front Cover Of LARME Magazine’s 40th Issue

    17.May.2019 | FASHION

    The 40th issue of “sweet girly artbook” fashion magazine LARME was released today.

    The newest issue is centred around things that girls are crazy about with 11 topics included. Japanese model, singer and member of idol group Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi features on the magazine’s front cover, her first time in almost a year.

    The opening page features an interview with Shiraishi about things that she’s always liked and has newly come to like. In the photos, she delivers sophisticated and elegant vintage-like fashion, signalling her transition to adulthood; something much different from her cuter, sweeter looks from when she was younger.

    In the Cosmetics section Shiraishi features alongside fellow Nogizaka46 member Renka Iwamoto in which they both introduce 4 of their favourite latest cosmetic brands. In one part they showcase items which are high in quality but especially cute in appearance.

    Yui Kanno and Risa Nakamura feature in the Girl Is Crazy About 2: RIBBON section and actress Nana Mori in Girl Is Crazy About 8: PRETTY GIRL.

    There is also a special interview with popular visual kei band A9―who will celebrate their 15th anniversary this August―who are asked a series of questions centred around “If LARME readers were your girlfriends…”


    Pick up the newest issue of LARME and find out what girls are crazy about today!

  • NMB48’s Akari Yoshida Makes Front Cover Debut in LARME Magazine Issue 039

    15.March.2019 | FASHION

    The latest edition of girl magazine LARME, issue 039, was released on March 15, 2019.

    LARME 039 sees the hugely popular Akari Yoshida of Japanese idol group NMB48 appear on the magazine’s front cover for the first time as well as on the magazine’s first page. The issue includes a big feature entitled “CAT HOUNTED AKARI YOSHIDA” which debuts her new brand.

    The following is an excerpt from the magazine by Yoshida: “My goal this year was to appear on lots of front covers so I am over the moon! I never imagined I would make it onto a magazine that I buy and read regularly. I don’t think my fans predicted it either, so I think they will be very surprised♡ It’s all thanks to everybody having worked hard to answer the questionnaire. Thank you so much as always! There’s also a thing attached to the magazine I made in collaboration with EATME, so this is a really wonderful issue.”

    Yuna Shibata/Sakura Endou/Saya Kanagawa (Nogizaka46)

    Many of the members of idol group Nogizaka46 work as regular models for girl magazines. Yuna Shibata, Sakura Endou and Saya Kanagawa are making their appearance in LARME for the very first time in a feature titled “AMBIGUOUS HAIR ARRANGE” which combines a sweet look with an adult maturity, creating an ambiguous appearance. There are 8 Q&A topics which cover their strong and weak points, personal outfits, makeup, messages to the reader and more.

    Other features include one focusing on the colour pink, another on one-piece co-ords, the history of “girly” looks, a spring fashion feature and more.


    Discover the latest fashion trends in Japan by picking up a copy of LARME 039 May.

  • Nogizaka46’s Asuka Saitō Features in LARME Magazine Issue 038 March

    17.January.2019 | FASHION

    Issue 038 Mar of the cute girls fashion magazine LARME was released today on January 17.

    Making her cover photo return to 2019’s first issue after a year and a half is Asuka Saitō of Japanese idol group Nogizaka46.

    The issue includes a section by Saitō talking about her everyday life including her recent routine, three big pieces of news from 2018, her plans for Valentine’s Day this year, her comments on her LARME photoshoot and more. There is also a fashion feature of her dressed as a flower fairy.

    This issue’s special feature section focuses on “Red,” LARME’s recommended colour for this spring, a Valentine’s piece and more. LARME’s iconic models Yui Kanno, Maria Kurotaki, Risa Nakamura and Chisato Yoshiki also talk about their aspirations for 2019 while donning colourful furisode.


    Don’t miss out on this year’s LARME trends in the newest issue.

  • Discover Japan’s Autumn Fashion Trends in LARME Magazine in Issue 036

    18.September.2018 | FASHION

    Issue 036 of popular “Girly & Sweet” fashion magazine LARME was released on September 15. The new issue comes with a separate bonus volume featuring Japanese fashion model Risa Nakamura who has a large following with LARME readers. It also contains lots of information on fashion and makeup for the coming autumn.

    Bonus Book: Jam-Packed With Information on Risa Nakamura

    Risa Nakamura’s feature “RISA is addicted to ♡♡♡” has been serialised in LARME since the 014 issue published in 2015. The latest issue marks the feature’s 22nd entry which comes as a separate 24-page booklet containing coloured-themed photos, an interview with the model herself talking about the feature and much more.


    Asking LARME Models: What Are You Interested In This Autumn?

    Hear about the fashion, makeup and culture of autumn this year from 10 LARME models. The line-up includes Risa Nakamura, Rika Watanabe, Chisato Yoshiki, Nana Kato, Yui Kanno, Maria Kurotaki, Moe Kamikokuryo, Maika Yamamoto, Akari Yoshida and Yui Oguri.


    Defining & Explaining LARME-Style Lolita

    The autumn edition of this year’s LARME will look at neo-lolita, a style that isn’t childish but not mature either. It will include 10 must-know keywords of the “New Lolita Girl” as well as plenty of outfit co-ords exemplifying them. Learn what lolita is to LARME.

    Angerme’s Moe Kamikokuryo Make A Return

    It’s almost Halloween, and this season, LARME won’t be presenting how-to’s. You will instead see Moe Kamikokuryo and Nana Kato dress up as sisters who live in an old fashioned western-style house. What is the shocking secret these two beautiful girls are hiding…?

    Get yourself a copy of LARME and learn all about autumn fashion in Japan♡



    LARME 036 Nov

    Released: September 15, 2018

    Available: Bookshops, convenience stores and online bookshops in Japan

    Price: ¥639 (+Tax)

    LARME Official Website:


  • LARME Magazine’s First Photo Collection in 4 Years Features Sayumi Michishige

    17.July.2018 | FASHION

    Issue 35 of popular kawaii girl’s magazine LARME will be released on July 17.


    The new issue features the magazine’s first photo collection in 4 years and includes pop-singer and talent Sayumi Michishige for the very first time, who’s currently on the rise. The magazine also includes a new feature from Rika Watanabe, aka Pee-chan, titled “Inside Pee’s Head.” Japanese model Chisato “Chii Popo” Yoshiki has also made the front cover for the first time in a year.

    Sayumi Michishige Makes Her LARME Debut

    Includes photos of kawaii outfits described as ‘transient’ like strawberry, vanilla, lemon, mint and chocolate ice cream. Also features an interview for readers to get to know her, covering topics such as her thoughts on the photo shoot, what she wants to do this summer, and fashion she wants to try out.

    Regular Model Rika Watanabe Begins Her First Feature

    Rika “Pee-chan” Watanabe unveils her brand new LARME feature series “Inside Pee-chan’s Head.” It will talk about the Pee-chan of today, detailing her thoughts as well as places and things she’s interested in, all told through illustrations. The first feature will talk about her love towards her plush toy that she’s held onto for years.

    Chisato Yoshiki’s Return to the Front Cover

    Support for Chii Popo from readers has risen over the past year. She has levelled up to being a representative model of LARME magazine. This issue includes an interview with her about how she became a girl that everybody loves. You’ll also get to see her ‘Sweet Popo’ make-up which you can’t see anywhere else.

    The new issue includes plenty of other kawaii topics too, so be sure to get your hands on a copy!



    LARME 035 Sep

    On Sale: July 17, 2018=

    Available: In Japanese bookstores, convenience stores and online shops

    Price: ¥602 (+Tax)

    LARME Official Homepage:


  • LARME032 On Sale: Includes Yui Kanno & Mai Shiraishi Revival and more!

    18.January.2018 | FASHION

    The 32nd edition of cute and girly fashion magazine LARME was released on January 17th. Let’s take a look at the latest news.


    Risa Nakamura Graces the First Front Cover of the Year in LARME 032!



    The latest edition of LARME showcases a comeback from the former popular feature “YUI MAI TWINS” after 2 years, and Yoda Yuki, who recently released her solo photo album to gracious popularity, will appear for the first time in third run of Nogizaka46’s feature “What girls like.” There’s plenty more where that came from too in 2018’s first edition of LARME.


    Popular Feature “YUI MAI TWINS” Comeback After 2 Years
    Those two popular twins are making a comeback – and it’s already been two years. They will introduce colour-styling in the theme of girl favourite ‘sweet and girly.’ In addition, the twins look back over 2017 and talk about their hopes for 2018. Don’t miss out on them charmingly tell their innocent and colourful story.


    Yoda Yuki’s Debut LARME Appearance in Nogizaka46’s “What girls like” Feature

    This special fashion feature combines everything a girl loves in that sweet, LARME-esque style, like flowers and candy. There’s also a girls’ talk with Reno Nakamura, Mizuki Yamashita, and Yoda Yuki too, so be sure to check it out!


    Popular Millennial Generation Model Mei Tanaka Makes Her LARME Debut!

    Mei Tanaka, who receives overwhelming love and support from the teens of today, will appear in the fashion feature “BALANCE UP STYLE” where she will showcase how to deal with tackling common problems when it comes to co-ordinating outfits, such as how to create a balance between ‘sweet & hot’ to look stylish.

    cut3_064 fix-9928

    There’s lots of other awesome info in new LARME edition too, like make-up tutorials, appearances from spectacular models, and much more! Be sure to pick up a copy if you can.


    LARME 032 Mar

    On Sale: January 17, 2018 at bookshops, convenience stores and online bookstores in Japan


  • Rika Watanabe of Keyakizaka 46 graced the cover of LARME! Let’s check her Christmas coordinate

    16.November.2017 | FASHION

    The cute fashion magazine/picture book, “LARME 031” will be sold from the 17th of November (Fri.)

    LARME 031_H-1

    LARME celebrated its 5th anniversary recently. Rika Watanabe who became the regular model of the magazine from LARME 029 released in July, graced the cover of the magazine this month. The magazine includes many pages where Rika Watanabe appears, and it can be said that it is like a fun book of “Pechan (Rika’s nick name).” The magazine includes many interesting pages such as the collection page of rose-colored items worn by Mai Shiraishi and the Christmas celebrating page which the members of the third class of Nogizaka 46 appear.


    <Rika Watanabe’s comment>

    Hello, everyone. I’m Rika Watanabe of Keyakizaka 46 and I was selected as the cover girl of LARME.

    I felt a bit nervous on the day of the shooting, but it was really a fun experience. I hope you will enjoy the magazine.


    Rose-colored wardrobe worn by Mai Shiraishi “Fascine par la couleur de Rose.”


    The wardrobe will give you a lovely warmness. It is recommended to wear a rose-colored item like a delicate rose.


    Christmas fashions of the third class of Nogizaka 46. “Nostalgie Christmas.”


    Lots of illuminations can be seen during the Christmas season. Mizuki Yamashita, Reno Nakamura and Ayano Yoshida who are all members of Nogizaka 46 will introduce to you the events and activities incorporating Northern Europe’s cultures which you can enjoy during the Christmas season.


    Let’s check out the latest fashion by reading LARME.



    LARME 031 Jan

    Release date: 2017,11,17 (Fri.)

    Available stores: Book stores throughout Japan, convenience stores and online book stores.

    Price: 602 yen + tax

    LARME official HP:


  • LARME celebrates 5th anniversary with new commemorative issue and with giant billboard poster at Harajuku Station!

    18.September.2017 | FASHION


    LARME is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month. The magazine was first published back in September 2012 with their theme being “Girly and sweet; a girl’s fashion book.” As part of a special plan in this month’s commemorative issue, the LARME models and brands associated with LARME are giving a present to 218 lucky readers of the magazine.


    LARME are collaborating with the main cast of the upcoming movie “Asabinagu” set to hit theaters on September 22nd. Mai Shiraishi, Reika Sakurai, and Marika Itō challenged themselves to do their hair and make-up in the LARME style. Mai Shiraishi has gone for the older sister look, Reika Sakurai has taken on the current mature style make-up trend, and Marika Itō is dolled up to look like a sweet and gentle girl.


    Risa Nakamura and Maria Kurotaki also went overseas to Macau, a country that combines both western and eastern cultures, where their cute day was shot.


    There are lots of other special features in the celebratory issue of LARME, including co-ords from popular models, the start of THAT publication by Maika Yamamoto and Maria Kurotaki, LARME’s first addendum, and more!



    LARME are also taking over the poster board along the path towards the Omotesando Exit at Harajuku Station where they will be showing a special 5-year anniversary visual from September 18th-24th. This is the only place you can go and see it, so be sure to check out the Omotesando Exit when you go to Harjauku!



    LARME 030 Nov

    On sale September 16, 2017 at all book stores, convenience stores, and online bookshops in Japan.

    LARME Official Homepage:

  • Chisato “Chii Popo” Yoshiki Makes Front Cover Debut in LARME Magazine!

    16.July.2017 | FASHION


    The 29th issue of LARME magazine went on sale July 15th.




    Making her front cover debut on the latest issue as a fashion and beauty model is Chisato Yoshiki, also known as Chii Popo, a young and charismatic model with over 800k followers on Twitter who has received huge support since her teens.




    The new issue is packed full of kawaii contents, including a 12-page mixing and matching feature by Mai Shiraishi and Risa Nakamura titled “MY CHANGING EVERYDAY,” a visual fashion feature titled “THE GIRLS WHO TOUCHED THE ROSES” showcasing girls wrapped in roses, and much, much more!





    As well as that, you can catch up on the latest information about 11 LARME models across 16-pages in “My Favorite Things♥︎”.

    It also covers the “Lolikee” style, a fashion style combining the cuteness of Lolita and the rebellious yankee, and a special feature titled “The world of girly mind” by the LARME girls who touch upon their beloved ‘girly’ world.




    In other news, an online shop has now opened where you can buy the co-ords by the models inside LARME magazine, as well as another limited period shop. It has also been announced that Risa Nakamura and Monaca Nishi are going to be holding an instore event, so be sure to check the info below so you don’t miss out!


    Make sure to pick up the newest issue of “LARME” to keep up to date with the latest kawaii news♡





    On Sale: July 15, 2017

    Available: Bookshops, convenience stores and online bookshops in Japan

    Price: ¥546 + tax


    LARME Boutique

    Date: From July 15, 2017 (end date TBA)

    Location: 3F SHIBUYA109, 2 Chome-29-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Open: 10:00-21:00

    Closed: Pursuant to SHIBUYA109

    Telephone: 03-3477-5167 (LARME Boutique @ SHIBUYA109)


    Brands available instore: EATME, merry jenny, E hyphen world gallery, BonBon, Secret Honey, Swankiss, Honey Salon, MocA-Tokyo, MILK, Crayme, Candy Stripper, F i.n.t, RoseMarie seoir, mon Lily, moggie mue, and more


    < About Risa Nakamura & Monaca Nishi Instore Event >

    Customers who spend more than ¥7000 (not including tax) on Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th will receive a ‘photo service ticket’ which will allow them to take a photo with the popular LARME models Risa Nakamura and Monaca Nishi and signed presents by both of them. There are 50 tickets available which are available at a first-come, first-served basis.


    【Event Information】

    July 17, 2017 – Slot 1: 13:00 / Slot 2: 15:00

    LARME Boutique Online Shop:

    The chance to obtain a ticket for either slot will begin on July 15, 2017 at 10am. *There is no limitation period for obtaining a ticket.




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  • Cover depicting Mai Shiraishi is an earmark♡ “LARME 028” which introduces LARME-styled summer styles will be available from the 17th of May.

    17.May.2017 | FASHION

    Sweet and kawaii♡ the picture book for girls, “LARME 028” will be sold from the 17th of May (Wed).


    The cherry blossom is now finished and May, a time to enjoy early-summer fashions has now arrived. In LARME 028, they introduce a dark-toned world that is different from other magazines, and inside the magazine such topics as skin showing coordination, bathing suits, girly summer shoes, summer makeup, different colored items, and dieting which everyone is curious about are going to be featured.


    The dieting feature section introduces diets that let one become truly beautiful. On top of training methods introduced by the models of LARME, massaging methods, bath care methods, salons and studios that works rapidly will also be introduced.


    Asuka Saito (Nogizaka 46) and Risa Nakamura will appear on the feature section titled, “Kikonasu Natu no Onnanoko Style♡.” Asuka Saito (Nogizaka 46) wears retro-styled flower patterned clothes, clothes colored in heavy pink and clothes that have cute frills. It can be said that her style is romantic and feminine. Risa Nakamura wears glittering glitter, monotone×raffishness patterned clothes, clear items, ribbon motif clothes and fir items. It can be said that her style is powerful and girly at the same time. They are introducing the latest styles with key words of trends that is must-be-checked out this season. Asuka Saito’s photos taken using a film camera is also a must-see.


    Maika Yamamoto and Ai Okawa who appeared in the last volume and gained much attention from the readers will reaper in this latest volume! They are appearing in various featured pages.


    In addition, summer is a season for bathing suits! The latest volume picks up various bathing suits from girly cute bathing suits to uniquely designed bathing suits.



    Let’s check out the fashion of early summer by taking a look at “LARME 028” which features many pages for girls who are waiting for the summer season to come!



    LARME 028 JULY

    Release date: May 17th, 2017 (Wed), The magazine will be available in bookstores throughout Japan, convenience stores and online book stores.

    LARME official HP:


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