Gundam Crowdfunding Reached for Yuji Kaida’s Art Book

22.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME

A crowdfund was set up on the Japanese website BOOSTER to raise money for an art book entitled Drawing of Gundam Yuji Kaida. The goal was set at 3 million yen but fans have been to accumulate almost 8 million yen.

This one-of-a-kind art book compiles the works of Japanese artist Yuji Kaida up to today. Kaida is a veteran illustrated renowned for his art work of Gundam, Godzilla and Ultraman.

Kaida released the following statement: “This one and only volume encompasses Gundam I have drawn over the years. It also includes extensive illustrations of the plastic models all compiled dynamically! Mobile Suit Gundam began airing in 1979 not long after I debuted as an illustrator. I was nuts about it and watched it religiously. Drawing as an artist for Gunpla packaging was my encounter with illustrating Gundam. I have drawn around 180 Gundam starting with the 1/100 Acguy from the first series. I have drawn pieces over many years to capture the characteristics of Gundam builds and their weapon together with a dramatic element. I really want fans to be able to enjoy those works all compiled into this book. I hope this can serve as returning the favour for the gratitude I have continued to feel up to now. I feel it is together with the fans that I have been able to make this book, so I would be overjoyed if we can join hands in this.”

The owner of the project Jin Matsuyama also made the following statement: “The work Yuji Kaida produces has an overwhelming power. We are clearing away restrictions to produce this book so we can create something as wonderful as possible. I ask humbly for you to participate in this project. This is illustrator Yuji Kaida’s second 40th anniversary project. He is someone I have been indebted to since university. Even now he continues to support me in many different ways. Originally, this… magnificent? project was to release the Ultraman book in 2017, the Gundam book in 2018, and plan something else for 2019. But there was various tuning that needed to be done, and Yuji Kaida conveyed his strong desire to make this book of illustrations something satisfying, to the release date ended up changing to 2019. We’re currently in the final stages of editing, and I’m simply overwhelmed by the power that this collection of works has. On the production side of things, we are doing everything from resizing images and printing to binding as well as clearing away restrictions on book shop distribution so we can make it as wonderful as possible. I hope to deliver it to all the Gundam fans and fans of Yuji Kaida. I ask for your continued support. We also plan to hold exhibitions [around Japan] for Yuji Kaida’s work. Please look forward to it.”


  • Epic Hello Kitty Gundam Figures Revealed For Summer 2020 Worldwide Release

    30.January.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Two new figurines have been revealed by BANDAI SPIRITS, which sees the worlds of Hello Kitty and Gundam come together as part of the longtime selling brand Chogokin (“Super Alloy”) which has been selling since 1974. The figures will go on sale in Japan and 22 countries around the world in July 2020.


    In April 2019, a projected began entitled Gundam vs Hello Kitty, which we covered throughout its run in detail. In the end, Gundam came out victorious, but both competitors made peace and began a new project named “Gundam x Hello Kitty Love & Peace.” The two figurines are the first realisation of that new project.

    In 2014, Chogokin celebrated its 40th anniversary, the year in which Hello Kitty celebrated her own 40th anniversary too, from which the incredibly popular “Chogokin Hello Kitty” was released. Last year, Mobile Suit Gundam commemorated its own 40 years since its release. The two figures are based on Amuro Ray’s RX-78-2 Gundam and Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II which appear in the original series.

    Over on the product website, you can watch a short animation showcasing the two figures, so be sure to check it out.


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  • Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Collaboration Releases Final Promotional Video

    16.January.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    The Gundam vs. Hello Kitty project began in April 2019, with Gundam recently being announced as the winner between the two. The two franchises have now come together to announce a new project for 2020 entitled “Gundam x Hello Kitty Love & Peace.”

    The project sees Hello Kitty and Gundam looking past their differences to instead pray for a world with peace and no war. It will go on to collaborate with various shops and creators.


    The third and final promotional video for the project entitled “Love & Peace” was released on YouTube, following on from the first two episodes which collectively have over 2 million views. Check it out below.

    Fans can expect a whole new batch of merchandise to come with the following new cute designs which combine the worlds of Gundam and Hello Kitty.

    More information on the project will be released in the coming months on the project’s official website and Twitter account.

    Speaking about the latest in the project, Amuro from Gundam commented: “We had our showdown in 2019. We have the support of all of you and have been able to come to an understanding with Hello Kitty. We have numerous things planned for 2020 which we are putting our all into with Hello Kitty, so please be sure to keep watching over us.”

    Hello Kitty said: “I competed in 2019, and thanks to everyone who supported me, I have been able to win over Amuro and we now understand each other. We’re working well together. We have lots in store for you to enjoy, so look forward to it.”


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  • Mobile Suit Gundam Themed Glasses & Case Releasing in Collaboration With OWNDAYS

    16.October.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese eyewear chain company OWNDAYS has announced a collaboration with Mobile Suit Gundam to celebrate the anime series’ 40th anniversary.

    Together, they have crafted four glasses frames inspired by four different Mobile Suits from the series. You can also snap onto each pair sunglasses lenses too, making them convenient in all weathers. The collection will be released at OWNDAYS stores in Japan as well as their online shop on December 13.


    In the run up to their release, early pre-orders for a very special 1/7 scale Mobile Suit head glasses case will open at the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza branch of OWNDAYS on October 18. The case can hold up to 6 pairs of glasses.


    Mobile Suit Gundam is a centerpiece of anime culture, adored and acclaimed the world over as a classic. These products will begin rolling out in 12 countries and regions in the coming months.



    Release Date: December 13, 2019 / Price: ¥11,980 (Before Tax) *Comes with lenses

    The frames are made with a light and durable stainless sheet and each have a matte colour for a high-quality feel. They are inspired by Mobile Suits from the anime series. The front parts have a hardened layered structure, while the temple parts are lightweight to ensure they can be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort.



    Pre-Orders: October 24, 2019 / Shipping: From Early March 2020 / Price: ¥39,980 (Before Tax)

    The RX-78-2 Gundam head glasses case can hold up to 6 pairs of glasses. Pulling on the antennas will release the doors to store the glasses. After storing your glasses and returning the antennas, the head will make a sound and it will flash lights.

  • Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Merchandise Releasing at Sanrio Stores

    16.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    As part of the ongoing Gundam vs. Hello Kitty project, Sanrio is releasing a new collection of chess design merchandise and other merchandise themed on both franchises at Sanrio stores across Japan, as well as its online store and in selection shops stocking Sanrio merchandise on August 17 (and August 21 for the online store).


    Let’s take a look at just some of the items up for grabs.

    Gundam vs. Hello Kitty T-Shirts (M/L) – ¥3,456 Each (Tax Included)

    Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Face Towels – ¥1,944 Each (Tax Included)

    Gundam Mug – ¥1,620 (Tax Included)

    Hello Kitty Mug – ¥1,620 (Tax Included)

    For the 7th round of the project, fans of Hello Kitty and Gundam are encouraged to take a photo of any of the chess design items they have purchased and post it on Twitter.

    If you are team Hello Kitty then you must post with the hashtag #キティチェックメイト (“Kitty Checkmate”) and if you are team Gundam then post with #ガンダムチェックメイト (“Gundam Checkmate”). This hashtag campaign will begin on August 17 and end on September 16. The character with the most number of posts will be crowned as the winner of Round 7. Additionally, one random participant from both teams will be selected to win a complete set of the chess design merchandise which includes the t-shirts and both mugs.


    Pick your team, get the goods and get voting!


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  • Gundam Artist Yuji Kaida Exhibition Announced For Osaka Umeda LOFT

    13.August.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    To celebrate 40 years of Yuji Kaida’s illustration artwork for the Gundam series, an exhibition entitled Yuji Kaida Gundam Gallery will take place on the fifth floor LOFT Forum of Umeda LOFT in Osaka from August 23 to September 8.


    Yuji Kaida is known for his longtime work on box art for Gunpla model kits. The exhibition will feature a gorgeous collection of his iconic Gundam artwork, covering traditional art from Mobile Suit Gundam to Mobile Suit Gundam Wing to digital art in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

    Over 70 pieces illustrated by Kaida will be displayed, each categorised into one of four themes. Many of these will include artworks being shown to the public for the first time such as the Gwazine-class battleship.


    There will also be enormous towers of piled-up Gunpla boxes, a showcasing titled “Maiking of Hi-νGUNDAM” the process of digital art, and more.


    The exhibition is an absolute must-visit for all fans of the Gundam franchise.


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  • Gundam vs. Hello Kitty DJ Night to be Held at Tokyo Mystery Circus

    05.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    In the lead up to the Gundam and Hello Kitty games arriving at Tokyo Mystery Circus on July 18, which is being held as part of the ongoing Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project, a special event titled “Gundam vs. Hello Kitty DJ Night” will take place at the site on July 17.

    DJ Caeser

    Joining the event as a special guest will be DJ Caeser, who was put in charge of the song choice for the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary BEST ANIME MIX which made it to No.1 on Oricon’s Anime Weekly charts. Alongsidehim will be DJ Hello Kitty who is set to bring the house down with her cute and fiery energy. It will be held as an invitation-only event which people can be invited to by signing up. Winners will be chosen randomly.

    DJ Hello Kitty

    Both DJs will play a selection of music released to Gundam and Hello Kitty.


    To sign up for a chance to attend, you must follow the official Tokyo Mystery Circus Twitter account and retweet this tweet. The deadline lasts until July 7 at 23:59 (JST).


    The fight between two of Japan’s biggest franchises, Gundam and Hello Kitty, is set to continue at this special one-night-only DJ show.


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  • Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project Launches Trailer for 2nd Collaborative Video

    04.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    A trailer for the second episode of the the ongoing Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project just dropped on YouTube. Check it out below.

    The project is currently being held on the Japanese messenger app LINE which fans of the franchises can participate in. After friending the official Gundam and Hello Kitty LINE account you can choose whether you are on team Gundam or team Hello Kitty. You can also win a special prize by saving up your LINE points. The person with the highest number of points will be selected to win. Other prizes are also up for grabs for each individual franchise.

    The first video, which can be seen above, was released back in March and has already amassed nearly 1.4 million views.

    The second episode sees Hello Kitty appear before Amuro who is battling in space. She says ,”Let’s all get along,” but it seems like something unexpected is about to unfold.

    The series is being animated by Japanese animation studio Sunrise (Gundam, Cowboy BebopCode Geass). Be sure to check out the new episode when it’s released on July 9.


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  • Gundam & Hello Kitty Puzzle Games Arriving at Tokyo Mystery Circus

    21.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    As part of the “Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Project,” both franchises are set to get their very own puzzle games at Tokyo Mystery Circus on July 18.

    The Mobile Suit Gundam game, titled Gundam Kidou Sakusen (“Gundam Tactics Activate”), will see you seeking to finish building a Gundam while avoiding being attacked by the Principality of Zeon. Using AR technology, complete your mission together with Amuro Ray.

    The Hello Kitty game, titled “Hello Kitty’s Night Museum,” follows a string of themes following the history of the character from when she was born to today and in the future. Using Tokyo Mystery Circus’s puzzle-solving book, you will traverse through the Night Museum and complete numerous stories. You will hear voice messages from Hello Kitty herself, there will be a popcorn machine, illustrations of Hello Kitty by popular manga author Arina Tanemura, and more.

    A campaign will also run which will determine who the winner will be between Hello Kitty and Gundam. This will be decided depending on the amount of clears of each respective event. The number of votes will be displayed at Tokyo Mystery Circus. A themed menu will also be served.


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  • ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative’ Theme Song to be Performed by Hiroyuki Sawano & LiSA

    18.October.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Hiroyuki Sawano is a Japanese musician and composer who has written soundtracks for a string of popular anime series including all three seasons of Attack on TitanKill la KillMobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and the upcoming anime film Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative. He is also set to perform his first ever overseas solo show at the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai on December 6, opening up opportunities for future global endeavours.

    Sawano is also active as an artist under the name SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] under which he will perform the main theme song for Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative―for which he is also composing the music. This was announced at the “Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative ~Prelude to Narrative~” event held at Zepp DiverCity in promotion of the film which is set to drop on November 30.

    Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative is the newest entry to the Gundam universe and written after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

    THe main theme song is titled narrative and will feature guest vocals from Japanese rock heroine LiSA who has drawn huge attention for her live performances both in Japan and overseas and regardless of whether she’s at an anime convention or not. Anticipation is high for this dream collaboration between two spearheads of the anime scene.

    narrative will be released as a single on November 28―two days before the movie hits Japanese theatres. The song can be heard in the new trailer for the movie below.


    The movie soundtrack by Sawano will also be released simultaneously on November 28.

    Comment: Hiroyuki Sawano

    I am honoured to not only be working on the music for Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, but to also be performing the theme song as SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn was huge when I began the [nZk] project, so I was welled up with emotions in being able to produce new music once more for the Gundam series. And being able to do it with LiSA as the vocalist has brought about some fresh and very exciting music. I hope people will enjoy the song ‘narrative’ together with the epic world and story of Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.


    Comment: LiSA

    This is the first time I have been given the kind opportunity to be a vocalist for Sawano’s vocal project SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]. I’m also very happy because in addition to being in a song by Sawano for the first time, it’s the first time I have been given the chance to sing a theme song for the Gundam series. ‘narrative’ is a grand ballad that has a real strength inside its transient sound. Please look forward to hearing it together with watching Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative.

  • Ink Wash Mobile Suit Gundam Paintings Now Available from Bandai

    27.April.2018 | FASHION

    Over on Asobi Store, an eCommerce site, they are releasing the first in a series of traditional art merchandise on April 23.



    Masayuki Kojo is an ink wash painter who specialises in drawing bujinga, which is a style of portrait that depicts warriors. Five hand painted bujinga pictures of Gundam are going on sale which are available to purchase through a lottery draw.

    The traditional art series combines Japan’s traditional crafts with elements of Japanese pop culture popular across the world like anime and games. These powerful hand painted Mobile Suit Gundam portraits are the first to arrive in the series.


    Gundam lovers will absolutely be taken by these skilfully drawn and detailed paintings, as will those with an interest in pictures drawn by hand! Access the website and enter the draw to get your hands on one of the five pieces.



    Bujinga × Mobile Suit Gundam – 5 Paintings (Lottery draw for each piece)
    Deliveries: End of June (subject to change)

    Price: ¥200,000 (+tax) each


    Lottery Draw
    Application Window: April 23, 2018 at 5pm―April 30, 2018 at 11pm
    Winner Announcements: Mid-May
    *Member registration required to apply.
    *Please apply from the product page during the application window for the lottery draw you wish to enter.
    *Applications can only be made once per person for one painting only.
    *Multiple applications cannot be made for the same painting.
    *Applications as well as enquiries via telephone, FAX, letter or e-mail cannot be made after the application window closes.


    Applications are made via Bandai Namco Entertainment’s official eCommerce website Asobi Store.


    Premium Bandai


  • SKY-HI Digitally Releases Gundam Build Divers OP Theme ‘Diver’s High’

    13.April.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    SKY-HI is a standout in the hip-hop community as not only does he garner attention from the hip-hop scene, but the music scene as a whole.

    The Japanese rapper and singer has written the song Diver’s High for the anime series Gundam Build Divers. The song was released digitally on April 13, 2018.


    斎藤宏介 SKY-HI 亀田誠治 

    The song was produced by music producer veteran Seiji Kameda. SKY-HI drove a tight beat into the track. That coupled with the unparalleled high tone vocals of Saito Kousuke, a thunderous guitar, and groovy bass provided by Kameda give the song an exhilarating, scampering feel. It’s an absolute must-listen.



    Inspired by the script for the track, the lyrics SKY-HI wrote are embedded with a fiery message for those fighting forward. A rock tune that expresses his feelings, the technical rap performed by SKY-HI in this track could be called his best, together with some powerful singing.



    SKY-HI Comment
    “I was very pumped with writing a song for Divers, the sequel to the popular anime Gundam Build Fighters. I compared the world of the anime to my own life. ‘Fighting alongside someone, and diving into a new world. These things can change days when we’re having a hard time or feeling impatient into something exciting and heart-pounding.’ That is the feeling I wrote into the song.

    It was the same with the song for the New Gundam Breaker game. But although I respected and maintained the worlds [we have seen from the series] to now, I wrote those feelings in to present a new kind of world.

    Oddly enough, the important theme of ‘bonds’ in the Gundam Build Fighters shines through strongly. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart to Saito. Thank you very much! Please let me treat you to lunch sometime! (laughs)”



    Make sure to listen to Diver’s High and hear SKY-HI’s soul poured into the track!



    SKY-HI / Diver’s High -Teaser Movie-

    TV Anime ‘Gundam Build Divers’
    Channel: TXN Station 6
    First Broadcast: April 3, 2018 at 17:55

    “Diver’s High” – Digital Single
    Released: April 13, 2018




    SKY-HI Official Homepage

  • SKY-HI’s New Song “Snatchaway” to be Used as Theme Song for PS4 Game New Gundam Breaker

    28.March.2018 | MUSIC

    SKY-HI is receiving much attention for his work not just in the hip-hop scene but the music scene as a whole. He successfully completed a solo concert at Nippon Budokan in May 5th; his latest digital album Marble went to number one on Oricon‘s Weekly Digital Album Rankings; and last year he embarked on his SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 tour which saw him perform 25 concerts in 24 locations, including first-ever overseas performances in Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and London.



    It has been announced that SKY-HI’s new song Snatchaway will be used for New Gundam Breaker, a video game set for release on June 21st, 2018.



    The song was produced with Koichi Tsutaya and features members of his own band THE SUPER FLYERS and horn sections that turn the song into a strikingly funky tune. SKY-HI was inspired by the world of the game when creating the song, which features lyrics that capture the efforts of players in a joint struggle for victory in their giant Gundams. The technical rap showcases SKY-HI at his best in this liberating party tune.


    You can get an early listen to Snatchaway in the latest promotional video for New Gundam Breaker on BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s official YouTube Channel.


    “New Gundam Breaker” Promotional Video


    SKY-HI is currently in the midst of a Japan hall tour titled SKY-HI TOUR 2018 -Marble the World- with THE SUPER FLYERS where they are rocking every stage.


    If you’re in Japan, consider taking a trip to see their overwhelming live performance.



    New Gundam Breaker

    ・Created by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

    ・To be released on June 21st (June 22nd on PC)

    ・MSRP for PS4: ¥7,600 (w/ tax ¥8,208)

    PS4 BUILD G Sound Edition: ¥9,600 (w/ tax ¥10,368)

    PS4 Premium Edition: ¥11,800 (w/ tax ¥12,744)

    STEAM® Edition: Open Price

    Website: :


    Best Catalyst -Collaboration Best Album-

    Released March 21, 2018.


    ・Exclusive Product: mu-mo Shop/ AAA Party / AAA mobile (First Press Limited Edition)

     CD+DVD – ¥5,800円 (+TAX) [AVC1-93847/B]

     CD+Blu-ray – ¥5,800円(+TAX) [AVC1-93848/B]

     *Includes mini 52-page photo book and special sticker.

    ・CD+DVD – ¥5,500 (+TAX) [AVCD-93844/B]

     CD+Blu-ray – ¥5,500 (+TAX) [AVCD-93845/B]

     *First Press Edition: Includes JKT Size Sticker

    ・CD – ¥2,800 (+TAX) [AVCD-93846]

     *First Press Edition: Includes JKT Size Sticker


    SKY-HI TOUR 2018 -Marble the World-