Tokyo DisneySea’sⓇ Easter Cocktails Mean Grown-Ups Can Enjoy Easter Too

27.March.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Disney Easter will run from April 4 to June 2 this year at Tokyo DisneySea® and Tokyo Disneyland® with both parks taking on different themes.


At Tokyo DisneySea, Usa-Piyo, the cute chicken-rabbit mutation from the LINE messenger app, will make his first ever appearance alongside the Disney cast. In the run up to the Easter event, Tokyo DisneySea has released its alcoholic Easter cocktails early.


There are 7 of these colourful alcoholic beverages to choose from, all inspired by springtime, including one based on the pink cherry blossoms and another on fresh verdure.

Sparkling Cocktail (Lychee Liqueur & Grapfruits): ¥680 @ Nautilus Galley

Sparkling Cocktail (Green Apple): ¥680 @ Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante


The must-try sparkling cocktails are the Lychee Liqueur & Grapefruits with its refreshing flavour and vivid mix of strawberry, orange and melon jellies which dance in your mouth, and the Green Apple which has a bright green appearance like that of fresh verdure.


Sparkling Cocktail (Cranberry & Lime): ¥680 @ Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina

Beer Cocktail (Passion Fruit Syrup): ¥680 @ New York Deli

Other options include the Cranberry & Lime if you’re looking for something not as sweet, and the Passion Fruit Syrup beer cocktail which has a tropical sauce to give it a refreshing taste. Each of these beverages are sold at different establishments around the park so you get to walk around and enjoy each area.


Enjoy a springtime sip of one of these cocktails while basking in the sunlight and appreciating the cherry blossoms.