Wreck-It Ralph Themed Cafe to Open in Omotesando on April 19

10.April.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

To celebrate the Japanese MovieNEX release of Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018), the sequel to Disney’s animated 2013 film Wreck-It Ralph, a cafe themed on the movie will open on the 3rd floor of Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando on April 19 for a limited time.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is set six years after the events of the first film. Ralph and Vanellope find themselves setting off on a new adventure when they find a wi-fi router in their arcade.


The cafe will be decorated in cute cherry blossom pink.

Happy Meal Box: ¥1,590 (Before Tax)

Heart Ippai Salad: ¥1,490 (Before Tax)

A fun menu will be prepared inspired by the characters in the film.

Acrylic Key Rings (9 Designs, Chosen Randomly): ¥750 (Before Tax)

Clear Pouch: ¥1,400 (Before Tax)

Fans can also get their hands on a selection of exclusive cute merchandise too including stationery and other bits and bobs.ポ

Those who book a table in advance will receive one of six possible film stills (above top). Arriving at the cafe will also get you one of 10 possible hologram stickers (above bottom).

When you dine at the cafe you’ll will also get one of these 9 coasters.


Enter the online world wide Ralph and friends at this very special cafe!