A Look at the New MUJI Ginza Global Flagship Store in Tokyo

09.April.2019 | SPOT

The new MUJI Ginza just opened on April 4. This global flagship store is the first of the company’s kind offering a complete package spanning three facilities: MUJI, MUJI Diner and MUJI Hotel. We’ve broken down a list of 10 must-see offerings at the new complex.

1. Bento Boxes / Salads

Tuck into a bento box with traditional combinations like chicken and rice to newer ones like chicken and curry.

2. Friendly Koubou

Blend fresh tea leaves of your choice from 32 original recipes depending on your mood that day.

3. MUJI’s First Souvenirs

Many locals and tourists have expressed how there are very few souvenirs with Ginza designs on them in Ginza, not to mention no MUJI souvenirs at all. That’s about to change with MUJI’s first ever souvenirs like roasted mochi pieces.

4. Fresh Baked Goods From 7:30AM

Enjoy some nice warm and delicious baked goods made fresh in the early morning.

5. Juice Stand

Open from 10:00AM the juice stand serves up tasty smoothies mixed with an assortment of fruits and vegetables.


MUJI DINER is also open from 7:30AM where they seek to serve up a range of delicious Japanese food for morning, noon and the evening, all with fresh ingredients.. Tuck into some early morning rice balls and miso soup or fresh fish or e njoy a nice meal later in the day.

7. Giant Recycling Bags

MUJI supports recycling so they are offering these huge bags for a ¥150 deposit. Once you’re done with it your goods will be used again at shops around the country.

8. Bar Counter Made From 400-Year-Old Tree

Up on the 6th floor is ATELIER MUJI GINZA which is home to a bar with a counter made from the wood of a 400-year-old tree. It has a warm and inviting appearance and is a welcoming exmaple of nature in the building.

9. The “Anti-Gorgeous, Anti-Cheap” Hotel

MUJI HOTEL’s concept is “Anti-Gorgeous, Anti-Cheap.” It offers guests a space relaxing enough to enjoy themselves during their travels at a reasonable price. Everything in the hotels rooms is a MUJI design. The building of this branch of the MUJI HOTEL was carried out by UDS who plan, design and manage various popular hotels such as CLASKA along Meguro-dori and Hotel Anteroom in Kyoto.

A characteristic of the rooms is how big they are. The architecture of the rooms have it so the bathroom is hidden behind a wall. And by making the ceilings high it gives them a more spacious feel.

The TYPE G bunk beds are unique to the Ginza branch of the hotel. Rooms also come with books curated by MUJI BOOKS.

The tablets set up in the room allow you to change the lights, air con, close the curtains and other things.

10.Tour Plan

The hotel staff also carry out tours to build a relationship with guests and to make the hotel an important aspect of their trip. The hotel also plans to loan out jogging wear and other things in the future.


There are many other wonderful products and services offered by MUJI too that didn’t make it onto this list. Be sure to stop by for a visit if you’re in Tokyo.