Ippudou has released 4 types of ramen “mean, miso, soy sauce, vegetable” this fall !

12.October.2016 | FOOD / SPOT

The popular ramen shop within the country and abroad “Ippudou” sells 4 types of ramen at every store as a limited-season menu throughout 62 stores in Japan from October 4 (Tuesday) to November 30 (Wednesday). The store has selected 4 types of menu that was most requested among people from past limited-menu and overseas menu.  


An owner of each store has selected out of 4 dishes: “Hakata Yaki-Soba” full of sweet and spicy pork, “Miso Siro-Maru” mellow fragrance and rich taste, Itoshima soy sauce refreshing flavor “Hakata Chinese Noodles”, beloved by people in Paris “mushroom flavored vegetable noodles from Paris” .

For the first time, Ippdou will sell 4 types of special ramen that would stimulate our appetite.

Check the website for more information! 


Ippudou: http://www.ippudo.com/

Date: 10/4 (Tue) ~ 11/30 (Wed) 

Limited Ramen http://www.ippudo.com/news/2016_autumn/


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