The taste of autumn has arrived in the form of delicious sweet potato Yukimi Daifuku! Available nationwide from 31st October!

15.October.2016 | FOOD

Japanese daifuku, which is made from mochi, has become one with icecream to create a new kind of sweet ー Yukimi Daifuku! Yukimi Daifuku is a delicious sweet treat which will cuddle and heal your heart with a dose of happiness. From children to adults, many people fall in love with the delicious flavours, and now, a new creamy sweet potato-flavoured Yukimi Daifuku has been developed!


Enjoy the creamy flavour of melt-in-the-mouth sweet potato ice cream wrapped up in a cosy ball of yellow mochi, taking on the appearance of an innocent sweet potato. The splendid balance of soft, doughy textured mochi combined with the sweet potato ice cream makes for a perfect purchase!!



Yukimi Daifuku creamy sweet potato「雪見だいふくクリーミースイートポテト」

Release date: Monday 31st October 2016

Available nationwide
Price: manufacturer’s suggested retail price ¥160 (excluding tax)




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