Hidetoshi Nakata Rediscovers Japanese Culture & Skills On His New English Travel Website

28.April.2019 | SPOT

Former Japanese professional football player Hidetoshi Nakata launched an English version of his “ReVALUE NIPPON” Japan travel website on April 26 called “NIHONMONO.” The website contains all the information on the original website in English of his travels around Japan.


After the World Cup in Germany Nakata retired as a professional football player to travel the world. During his time overseas he met with many people who held an interest in Japan which in turn made him realise that he actually didn’t know anything about his home country. This led him to embark on a nationwide trip of Japan in 2009 in which he would visit all 47 prefectures around the country. His experiences have made him discover the extraordinary things about the island nation.


Nakata is now taking all the wonderful things he has learned and is still learning about Japan-the culture, traditions, agriculture and craftwork-and spreading it to both at home and abroad.

He has done this through a number of different projects. “Sakenomy” is a multilingual app Nakata created to help spread the consumption of Japanese sake in the foreign market. The app gives succinct explanations of the sake he has tried around Japan-a number which exceeds well over 350. He also hosts CRAFT SAKE WEEK, an annual event celebrating Japanese sake and gourmet food. This year’s event is currently ongoing until April 29. Nakata is also working to help bolster the development of monozukuri products by Japanese craftsmen-this word encompassing the Japanese culture of making and creating things-by meeting with them directly.


Nakata launched his book NIHONMONO in Japan in December last year which compiled his experiences during his six-and-a-half year Japan trip. Within just two weeks a second edition was announced, and now a digital English version is being released. It will also be released in Thai and Traditional Chinese. Nakata has also been the ambassador for the J-WAVE radio show “VOICE FROM NIHONMONO” since April this year.


Until now, ReVALUE NIPPON was only available in Japanese, but now Nakata is now making his valuable experiences available to the rest of the world. He plans to continue adding new information to the website in more trips, so be sure to make use of this indispensable resource.