The KIRBY CAFÉ Returns to Tokyo Solamachi With Summery Menu Line-Up

13.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / SPOT

The KIRBY CAFÉ is returning to Tokyo Solamachi at the foot of Tokyo Skytree from from June 11 to September 23.

When it opens fans of the adorable video game character can look forward an assortment of summer themed food, desserts and new merchandise.

Kirby’s Summer Break: ¥2,580 (Before Tax)

Whispy Farm Curry – The Ultimate Choice: ¥2,580 (Before Tax)

Four different hot sauces of increasing spiciness will be available to choose from. Which will you pick?

Kine’s Puka Puka Yoghurt Granola: ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

King Dedede’s Lost Items: ¥1,880 (Before Tax)

Aqua Star Cocktail: ¥1,280 (Before Tax)

There will also be a merchandise corner and refreshing desserts that can be ordered for takeout.

Cool Pancake Set w/ Cooling Bag: ¥1,980 (Before Tax)

There are four Kirby and Waddle Dee pancakes to choose from each with a different flavour: strawberry, custard, mango and cafe au lait. They come with a café-original cooling bag so you can take them home with you.


Enjoy your summer this year with Kirby!


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