Celebrate Cocoa Day this November with Morinaga & Company’s Milk Cocoa X VERY FANCY limited edition collaboration menu!

08.November.2016 | FOOD

To celebrate Cocoa Day, which is on 7th November, specialist pancake shop “VERY FANCY” will be serving up a new limited edition collaboration menu from Monday 7th 〜 Wednesday 30th November. The new collaboration menu uses “Milk Cocoa” ー a long selling brand of chocolate by Morinaga & Company, Ltd.


Enjoy the full yet mild-flavour of Morinaga & Company’s standard milk cocoa sauce, which has been generously poured over the pancake. The batter of the pancake has also been kneaded with cocoa, and then finally sandwiched with layers of mascarpone cream and banana. The chocolate and banana combination is perfect for children and even adults.


The pure cocoa pancake is another variety of pancake sold ー cocoa pancakes are layered with mascarpone cream and strawberries and finished off with Morinaga & Company’s pure cocoa sauce. The bitter chocolate combined with the strawberries makes a perfect match, creating a bittersweet flavour which adults may find particularly appealing.


The collaboration drink uses Morinaga & Company’s cacao 70 as the bass. This is then topped with extravagant fresh cream to make a perfect high bitter cocoa drink which has a bittersweet scent. This drink is perfect to warm up your heart and body this Autumn and Winter!


Made with the best wheat flour, buttermilk, homemade cheese and baking powder without aluminium ー don’t miss out on VERY FANCY’s pancakes or the long-loved Morinaga & Company’s Cocoa combination! The limited edition collaboration tasty treats will be available until 30th November, so grab some while you can!



Limited period: Monday 7th 〜 Wednesday 30th November
Location: Available at 6 “VERY FANCY” stores nationwide

Official website: http://veryfancy.me



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