Kawaii Handmade Chocolate Watermelon Flavoured Dango Now On Sale

15.May.2019 | FOOD

Traditional Japanese confectionery company Yagumo just released their watermelon flavoured Chocolate Mantle dango (Japanese sweet dumpling) on their online store.


These summertime treats were first released back in 2015 and have since then sold out every year they have been released. Their popularity cause people to continuously ask throughout the year when the next sales will begin. With Japan’s new Reiwa era settled in, Yagumo has decided to release them more than two weeks earlier than usual.

Chocolate Mantle are a popular chocolate-coated dango that were developed as a way to get more young people eating the traditional Japanese confection. The watermelon flavour is the newest addition to the Chocolate Mantle series and contain deliciously fresh watermelon juice, perfect for the hot weather.


Each and every stick of these dango are handmade to make them look even more like real watermelons. You’re sure to cry out “Cute!” when you take one of them in your hand this summer.