Trailer & Poster Released For Upcoming Romance Movie ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ Starring Haruma Miura

17.May.2019 | MOVIE

Popular and best-selling author Isaka Kotaro created his first ever unique romance novel Eine Kleine Nachtmusik which has already sold 510,000 copies. This book is finally being turned into a movie featuring popular actors and actresses such as Haruma Miura, who plays the lead role, as well as Mikako Tabe and Taizo Harada. The film was directed by Rikiya Imaizumi, who also directed the hit movie Just Only Love.


Singer-songwriter Kazuyoshi Saito wrote and performed the film’s main theme song Chisana Yoru which can be heard in the new trailer below.

In the trailer, we can see that this is the third time that Haruma Miura, who plays Sato, and Mikako Tabe, who plays Saki Honma, are made to play a couple in a film. The storyline spreads from their mysterious conversations to their meaningful first encounter. Sato’s classmate from university Kazuma Oda (played by Yuma Yamamoto) and his wife Yumi Oda (Erika Mori) are married with two children and seemed to have successfully built a happy family.


The trailer also includes a scene where Yumi’s friend Minako, a hairdresser (Shihori Kanjiya), can be seen on the phone with a friend muttering, “I wouldn’t really say I’m happy the way things are right now,” confessing a discomforting truth..


Fujima (Taizo Harada), who works at Saito’s office, explains the shocking story of his wife running away from him to Sato. However, what was more surprising was that upon reflecting on how he first met her, he finished by telling Sato that he was glad he had met her.


The film’s theme song overflows with the fresh and beautiful vibes of Kazuyoshi Saito’s music. The wonderful song combines with the image of Sato and Saki’s love unfolding. One can’t help but speculate that the couple will only draw closer and closer together.

The poster which was unveiled alongside the trailer is centred around the main characters Saki and Sato. It also features the rest of the incredible cast line-up, all of whom cast are casting their own unique and charming expressions. The film was shot in April last year Sendai, Miyagi.


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik hopes to reach out to all those who have never encountered their special someone. The story will show the hearts of two people grow together after 10 years. It is scheduled for release sometime this September.


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