Mai Shiraishi Features On Front Cover Of LARME Magazine’s 40th Issue

17.May.2019 | FASHION

The 40th issue of “sweet girly artbook” fashion magazine LARME was released today.

The newest issue is centred around things that girls are crazy about with 11 topics included. Japanese model, singer and member of idol group Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi features on the magazine’s front cover, her first time in almost a year.

The opening page features an interview with Shiraishi about things that she’s always liked and has newly come to like. In the photos, she delivers sophisticated and elegant vintage-like fashion, signalling her transition to adulthood; something much different from her cuter, sweeter looks from when she was younger.

In the Cosmetics section Shiraishi features alongside fellow Nogizaka46 member Renka Iwamoto in which they both introduce 4 of their favourite latest cosmetic brands. In one part they showcase items which are high in quality but especially cute in appearance.

Yui Kanno and Risa Nakamura feature in the Girl Is Crazy About 2: RIBBON section and actress Nana Mori in Girl Is Crazy About 8: PRETTY GIRL.

There is also a special interview with popular visual kei band A9―who will celebrate their 15th anniversary this August―who are asked a series of questions centred around “If LARME readers were your girlfriends…”


Pick up the newest issue of LARME and find out what girls are crazy about today!