Shiseido Parlour Ginza celebrates Azuma Odori festival with delicious desserts & drinks! Taste a traditional “colour”!

20.May.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Shiseido Parlour Salon de Café Ginza is releasing a special menu to celebrate the Azuma Odori dance festival which is a traditional celebration to commemorate the opening of theatre.  From Thursday 16th May to Sunday 26th May 2019, Shiseido Parlour’s special commemorative desserts including the Azuma Odori Parfait and Shimbashi-coloured ice cream soda, will be sold. The Shiseido Parlour is deeply connected to the historical and cultural value of Shimbashi’s geisha district and the famous Shimbashi Kumiai festival of Azuma Odori, which involves traditional geisha dances, music and performances. The parlour desserts have been specially made to reflect the artistic elegance of Shimbashi geisha and the fashion of the Edo period. 

Since being established in the 35th year of the Edo period (1902), this has remained a location famous for its extravagant geisha activity. Shiseido Parlour was once a stop popular amongst the geisha, who used to often drop by to take a breather from their shamisen practise with a refreshing cup of soda water ー so much so, that a shamisen storage area was set up in the shop! You can still enjoy episodes like this today! 

Azuma Odori Parfait  ¥1,980 (price after tax) Available: Thurs 16/05 ー Sun 26/05 

To fully enjoy the first tea of the season, Kiri no Ne matcha sourced from Shizuoka prefecture has been used to fully represent the theme of Azuma Odori. You can enjoy the refreshing taste of this matcha with ice cream, sherbet and traditional vanilla ice cream. Along with these three main flavours, roasted soybean flour, warabi mochi dumplings,  shiratama white dumplings and fruit create a colourful dessert full of varying textures. The cute, small paper umbrella finishes off the geisha-themed look.

Shimbashi-coloured icecream soda  ¥1,130 (price after tax) Available: Weds 01/05 ー Fri 31/05

During the latter half of the Meiji period, light turquoise started to become a popular kimono colour choice amongst Shimbashi geisha. This eventually started to spread all over Japan, which is why this soda is called “Shimbashi-coloured”. Along with this colour tone, enjoy the flavours of green apple syrup, lemon and ginger ale. This is topped with a traditional vanilla ice cream float!


Enjoy a Japanese-style parfait coloured with the vivid colors of the start of spring! Take a break to enjoy an ice cream soda with a refreshing colour!