【TokyoDinner】Let’s go eat the specialty foods!

25.November.2016 | FOOD


There are specialty foods in popular restaurants. I mean, the specialty of the food makes the restaurant popular. That’s why each restaurant works hard to come up with a popular menu. If there is popular food in the restaurant, they can make new branches of their restaurant.


For example, the steak restaurant in Kichi-joji called “Niku-yama” is hard to make reservations because it is so popular. They mainly serve red meats, but their curry rice which they serve at the end of the meal became so popular that they ended up making their own curry restaurant. They are also selling take-out menus and boil-in-the-bag foods, so it might be good to get some as a souvenir.


If you like the Japanese soul food, gyo-za, I would recommend fried gyoza at the restaurant called “Ni-hao” in Hatagaya. Their gyoza ingredients are the same as normal gyoza which has some vegetables and ground meats. However, the texture of the ground meat is more like real meat. It is closer to the taste of coarsely ground sausage. How they cook gyoza is also different from ordinary. They boil gyoza in water first and then deep fry it. The atmosphere is very friendly in this restaurant, so you can enjoy food while relaxing.



A famous Taiwanese restaurant in Shibuya called “Rei-kyo” has over sixty year’s of history. The atmosphere is surprisingly energetic in this restaurant, and people enjoy food and drinks on round tables. Their specialty food is freshwater clam, sausage and rice vermicelli. It is highly recommended to order these three. Freshwater clam juice is good to eat with rice vermicelli. I bet you would like the foods in Japan even more.




Address:Fujino-Bldg. 2F,1-1-20 Kichijoji kitamachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo



Address:2-27-4 nishihara,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 



Address:2-25-18 Dogenzaka,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Atsuo Ohki(”The Best Tokyo Restaurant” Editor in Chief)


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