【TokyoDinner】Erotic and delicious tofu food?

11.November.2016 | FEATURES / FOOD / SPOT

“Eroi wa” = which means “it is erotic” or “it is sexy” in Japanese. This is the first thing I say when I eat this food called “Ero Uma Tofu” which is original menu of the restaurant in Nishi-ogikubo called “Michi-no-kura-san.”

naikan kurasan

This food is named after a female regular customer who is from Kansai area said “Ero Umai wa” = It is very tasty (Erai mean “very” in Japanese with Kansai dialect, and its sound changed to Eroi..) She was technically saying that it is very tasty, but the sweet taste and soft texture of this food is alluring as well.


The secrets of this erotic taste are four different kinds of flavorful oils such as sesame seed oil, scallion oil and peanuts oil. They blend these oils with great balance, and pour on the top of tofu when the fried oil gets a strong aroma. This has the best smell of flavorful oil. You can’t help feeling erotic when you eat this. I’m going to eat this “Ero Uma Tofu” again tonight, and I would not able to help saying “Ero Umai” over and over.




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Kiwako Kurashima(”The Classic Bar” Editor in Chief)