Satisfy Your Strawberry Cravings at Strawberry Fetish, Shibuya109

20.June.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

Along with the renovation of department store SHIBUYA109, Japan’s first ever shop dedicated to candy-coated strawberries will be opening on the food and drinks floor (basement floor 2). The strawberry sweets shop, appropriately named Strawberry Fetish, will open on June 28, 2019.

Candy-Coated Strawberry Stick: ¥400 (after tax)


The theme here is “strawberry evolution”. These strawberry treats are perfect for adults as well as children.


Long Candy-Coated Strawberry Stick: ¥600 (after tax)

Black Candy-Coated Strawberry Stick: ¥200 (after tax)

These candied strawberry treats are an upgraded version of the candied strawberries that are often served at Japanese festivals. From different toppings to different lengths, the menu consists of a wide variety candied strawberry sticks.

Enjoy the crunchy and crispy sound as your teeth break through the carefully crafted candy coating. With just one treat, you can enjoy both delicious crunchiness as well as an elegant yet cute appearance. 

Strawberry X Milk: ¥550 (after tax)

Strawberry X Strawberry: ¥650 (after tax) 


There are also many other strawberry flavoured items on the menu. If you love strawberries, you just have to pop by.