Mogumogu Scarlet #1: Going to eat super soft pancakes in Japan

12.December.2016 | FEATURES / FOOD

“Mogumogu Scarlet” is a special project by Scarlet, a girl from the UK who loves Japan, in which she goes to try various Japanese foods. From Japanese food that she hasn’t tried before to familiar Western dishes, she eats food that you can only find in Japan. The first restaurant she chose is “gram”. It is a stylish café that you can find by walking from Harajuku Station down Takeshita Street for about 5-minutes. When you reach the end, turn right and look for the green signboard.




The inside of the restaurant is cozy and crowded with female customers. The main food on the menu is pancakes. They are made with the best ingredients and made one-by-one after an order. Scarlet tried ordering the premium pancake (¥950), the most popular pancake on the menu.

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The pancake was very soft. The waiter was wobbling as they brought it over to the table, and pancake itself too was wobbling. It looked as if it was going to collapse by just being placed on the tabletop.




It was either the first or second softest food she had ever seen, something she realized as she tucked into it. The rich butter taste and soft pancake texture was mouth-melting. This amazing pancake that is made to order is limited in quantity. The fluffiness of the pancake is something you could get hooked on. Scarlet’s eyes gleamed as she said, “It’s so tasty! I’ve never had such a soft pancake like this before! This would definitely be popular in England!”



In addition to the premium pancakes, there are tiramisu pancakes made with rich mascarpone, as well as ordinary meal pancakes for people who are hungry.

Harajuku is a hotspot for pancakes, so when you want to go and eat some soft and fluffy pancakes, you should try “gram”.


■Scarlet comment

Gram’s signature pancake was completely different to anything I’ve ever eaten before. A total contrast to American diner style pancakes or UK crepe style pancakes. The fluffy tower of goodness was more like a merge between a pancake, a soft sponge and a traditionally made soft scone. It was so fluffy it only just stayed in its immaculate stack, as the waitor handled the plate with great precision and expertise. You get a helping of three gloriously soft pancakes, which you easily share out with your friends if you so wish. With a nice helping of maple syrup, fresh cream and butter to top it off, I can see why this is one of Gram’s most famous creations. Absolutely delicious, and one of a kind.

For those with less of a sweet tooth, Gram also has an ample savoury menu. I opted for the scrambled egg and bacon – complete with diner style pancakes and other interesting surprises (Bacon Egg Oneplate pancake). Bacon, eggs and pancakes are always a winning combo! The warming cup of soup you get with it is not only yummy and packed with different flavours that they change up, but it is also great before facing Tokyo’s chilly winter. With a nice fresh salad to cleanse the palette afterwards, I was fully satisfied by the ‘just right’ portion sizes at Gram.

It’s winter special menu!




Adress:1−9−30 Jingumae Shibuyaku Tokyo 〒150-0001 

TEL:+81 3-6804-3399

OPEN:11:00 – 21:00 


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