TV Anime Kabukichō Sherlock Ending Theme to be Performed by Lozareena

13.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

It has been announced that singer-songwriter Lozareena will perform the ending theme Hyakuoku Kounen (Ten Billion Light Years) for the upcoming TV anime series Kabukichō Sherlock which is set to premiere on MBS, TBS and BS-TBS this October.

Kabukichō Sherlock is an original television anime series created by Production I.G (Psycho-Pass, FLCL Progressive and Alternative) and KADOKAWA. It is set in Shinjuku’s entertainment district Kabukichō and will star Katsuyuki Konishi as Sherlock Holmes and Yuichi Nakamura as John H. Watson.


Hyakuoku Kounen can be heard in the latest trailer below. Details surrounding the song’s release have yet to be announced.


Kabukichō Sherlock 3rd PV

EGO-WRAPPIN’ will perform the opening theme CAPTURE.


©Kabukichō Sherlock Production Committee


  • Lozareena Unveils CD Cover For Karakuri Circus Opening Theme ‘over me’

    13.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The anime adaptation of Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga series Karakuri Circus began airing on October 11 last year and has since gone on to be praised as a “legendary masterpiece.” Japanese singer-songwriter Lozareena sang the series’s first ending theme Marionette which was well-received by fans. Her newest song Over me is now being used as the third opening theme.


    Lozareena enjoyed a strong debut with Marionette which was played on over 40 radio stations across Japan when it was released last year. It become a favourite amongst anime fans and was dubbed “Shirogane’s song,” one of the main characters in Karakuri Circus.

    Regular Edition

    At the time of releasing Marionette, Lozareena chatted with Kazuhiro Fujita, the author of Karakuri Circus, and both of them exchanged opinions on both the series and their creative endeavours. For the new song Over me, the singer sent letters back and forth with Fujita regarding the content of the song lyrics. Like Marionette, the song was once again produced by the internationally acclaimed artist TeddyLoid.



    Details on the content of the CD, which is set to drop on May 22, as well as the CD cover of the Limited Pressing Edition have also been released.


    The CD features both the title track as well as the already-released Marionette (Piano Ballad Ver.) and a new song titled Anemone which is based on the anime’s last boss character Faceless.

    Limited Pressing Edition

    The Limited Pressing Edition comes with a DVD containing the full music video for Marionette as well as the creditless anime opening video for Over Me. The CD cover features an illustration of the main three characters of the series.


    This is the full Lozareena x Karakuri Circus package that any fan of the singer or series shouldn’t miss out on.

  • TV Anime Kabukichō Sherlock OP Theme Song to be Performed by EGO-WRAPPIN’

    23.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    It has been announced that jazz and rock duo EGO-WRAPPIN’ will perform the opening theme song CAPTURE for the upcoming TV anime series Kabukichō Sherlock.

    CAPTURE has a sorrowful and suspicious mood to it that is perfect for a series set in Shinjuku’s entertainment district Kabukicho. It will be included on the duo’s upcoming new album Dream Baby Dream slated for release on May 22, 2019.


    The series is produced by Production I.G and is set to begin airing in October later this year. Check out the new trailer here.

  • TV Anime Karakuri Circus Ending Theme ‘Marionette’ by Lozareena Receives Early Digital Release

    06.November.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The anime adaptation of Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga series Karakuri Circus began airing on October 11 and has since garnered rave reviews.


    Japanese singer-songwriter Lozareena, who has earned much attention since debuting this year, is in charge of the series’ ending theme song Marionette. The single is set for physical release on November 28, but the anime version of the track has received an early digital release.


    Lozareena also announced herself via her stream on LINE LIVE that she will release another brand new song digitally next week on November 9.

    Lozareena wrote the song as the song of Shirogane Saiga – the main female character of the series. Globally active music producer TeddyLoid arranged the track passionately to fit together the melancholic yet powerful melody, lyrics and vocals. It’s become another classic anime track to both anime watchers and fans of the original manga.

    Also, a new artist photo and the artwork for the upcoming CD release have also been unveiled.


    The single’s Regular Edition jacket features pop art while the Limited Pressing Edition (Anime Edition) features Karakuri Circus artwork. In the anime artwork we see Shirogane controlling the puppet Harlequin while weeping. This is also used as the artwork for the early digital release of Marionette.


    The Limited Pressing Edition also includes a DVD with a creditless version of the anime trailer featuring Shirogane which was released on YouTube before the series began airing. Lozareena’s new song Stereo which is slated for an early digital release on November 9 is also included. A lyric video is scheduled to be posted on the same day.


    Lozareena will hold several in-store events in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in promotion of the CD’s release which includes a free live show.

  • TV Anime Karakuri Circus Ending Theme ‘Marionette’ to be Performed by Lozareena

    07.October.2018 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The anime adaptation of Kazuhiro Fujita’s dark fantasy manga series Karakuri Circus will begin airing on October 11. It has already been announced that BUMP OF CHICKEN will perform the series’ opening theme song. In recent news, it’s just been unveiled that singer-songwriter Lozareena will perform the anime’s ending theme song.

    The song is titled Marionette of which a snippet was revealed in the latest trailer for the anime series which was released on October 3.


    Lozareena made her major debut with her single Tarareba Ryuuseigun which was released on April 11, 2018.

    In coming to write the ending theme Marionette, Lozareena went ahead and read the Karakuri Circus manga and projected the character Shirogane Saiga into the song. The singer commented on the process, talking about how enthusiastic she became about the manga and her thoughts on producing the track.


    Comment: Lozareena
    “I began writing this song as Shirogane’s song. She has lived her life feeling like she can’t smile, like she doesn’t have a self and is being controlled by something other than her. That’s something that everyone has felt in life, even if there’s a difference in to what extent. We are just being controlled by someone, by society, like puppets. We are ‘marionettes.’ I’ve felt this before too. Even so, I may still be able to find something that is my own – something that only I can do. If you meet someone that can help you find that or feel that I believe the world you see is sure to change. Like how Shirogane met Narumi.”


    Marionette arranged by sound producer TeddyLoid who boasts fans across the world. The song, with its melancholic and piercing melody, is made even more grand and emotional thanks to Lozareena’s unique voice.


    The latest trailer for the show which can be seen below includes a short preview of the song along with scenes focusing on Shirogane.


    Lozareena will be holding weekly live streams every Thursday from 23:00 (JST) on LINE LIVE. The first stream was held on October 4 where she gave her thoughts on both Karakuri Circus and Marionette.