Fujifilm’s New instax mini LiPlay Lets You Add Recorded Sounds to Your Photos

11.August.2019 | Uncategorized

International photography and camera company Fujifilm are known for their popular serious of instax cameras which enable users to print the photos they take directly out of the camera instantly.


The company recently released their new instax mini LiPlay which adds an exciting new sound feature to the camera: users can record sounds and attach them to a QR code that prints onto the photo and can be scanned to play the sound at any time.


Arriving in stylish design, the camera has many useful and convenient features including the a direct print function which lets you print photos directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth, a frame and filter feature to add even more fun to your photos, the Remote Capture Image feature where you can capture group photos by using your smartphone as a shutter button, and more.


Japanese model NANAMI featured in the web commercial for the new device.

In the commercial, she takes a trip to Kamakura with her girlfriends, and has fun taking photos with the camera on their travels.

The commercial began being shown in Harajuku on large outdoor screens and on trains on August 5. The full version is set to be released on the online photo site Cheki Press in the neat future.


If you’re already a user of the instax or are new to these fun devices, then the latest instax mini LiPlay is a must-grab.


  • Fujifilm’s New Instax Mini 11 Adds Selfie Mode For Those Perfect Close-Up Shots

    02.March.2020 | FASHION

    Fujifilm has revealed its new Instax Mini 11 (Mini 11), which is set for release in early April 2020. The camera is the latest addition to the company’s “Instax” series of cameras which allow for instant printing of photos.


    The Mini 11 is the first Instax model to introduce an “Automatic Exposure” function which enables the camera to automatically detect the level of ambient light in the frame when the shutter button is pressed. As a result, the camera will optimise the shutter speed and flash output accordingly. This allows users to snap pictures optimally exposed to the main subject of the photo as well as the background in all situations, whether it be in the bright outdoors or in a dark restaurant or party.


    The new Mini 11 also introduces a new “Selfie Mode,” which has perfected the art of close-up selfies. It’s activated simply by pulling out the front end edge of the lens you’ve powered the camera on.

    The camera’s design has also been completely revamped for optimal use. Not only is the Mini 11 thinner and lighter, it has a rounded body that makes it fit perfectly into users’ hands. A different material from the main body of the camera is used around the lens to make it more stylish, and the “Instax” brand logo is engraved on the back.


    The Mini 11 comes in five pale tone colours ((Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White and Lilac Purple) and two replaceable accessories for the shutter button.

  • Model & Eye Makeup Designer NANAMI Releases 1st Photobook

    17.January.2019 | FASHION

    NANAMI is the much-talked-about younger sister of Maki Horikita, a Japanese actress and talent who shocked everyone with her sudden retirement in 2017.


    NANAMI works as a model as well as an eye makeup designer at Harajuku’s popular eyelash salon L by HOME. She has just released her long-awaited 1st photobook.

    This compact book features exclusive photos taken of NANAMI focusing on everything from fashion to makeup and even her first dip into gravure. There is also a long interview where she talks in depth about her family and other must-read topics that all fans will enjoy.

    As she continues to grow in popularity, be sure to check out her photobook.

  • M.A.C JAPAN creates official Instagram account featuring popular model NANAMI!

    30.August.2017 | FASHION

    Creator of beauty trends M.A.C launched an official Instagram account named M.A.C JAPAN on Monday 28th August.

     M.A.C’s global Instagram account already has over 16,000 followers. The unique account contents boasts the best of Japan. It includes makeup looks, how-to guides, products, store information, goods and much more – there is a huge variety on the official account to enjoy.

    On Monday 28th August, the official account posted an image of the “hero visual”. This was modelled by eye model NANAMI. As part of NANAMI’s ambition to spread the concept of Japanese beauty, she is collaborating with M.A.C so please check out her modelling!

    The makeup for this collaboration is managed by M.A.C’s senior artist Rumiko Ikeda Harris. Red lips, a touch of red around the eyes and gloss – the red and white theme of this style reflects the representative colours of Japan.

    As a small teaser, M.A.C, their influencers and M.A.C artists got together to create “M.A.C masking tape” to celebrate the opening of their Instagram account. The masking tape promotion ran from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th August. As a result, M.A.C successfully promoted their new look and boosted their Instagram account!


    We’ve heard that those who purchase M.A.C products from M.A.C stores nationwide, and those who follow the M.A.C JAPAN official Instagram account could get their hands on free M.A.C masking tape! Besides this, there is a campaign running, where those who use their hashtag and post on Instagram could receive popular lip products or a whole kit of lipsticks!


    Follow @MACCOSMETICSJAPAN to catch M.A.C JAPAN’s latest beauty trends!



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