Enjoy the fantastic night of the town in Nagasaki filled with gorgeously colored lights.

31.December.2016 | FEATURES / SPOT

The town in Nagasaki has an exotic mood. When the season of the lunar New Years is coming, this town in Nagasaki will be filled with a lot of bright and colorful illuminations even in the freezing weather. This is a main event of the winter in Nagasaki called “Nagasaki Lantern Festival.” It was originally started by the people in Nagasaki Chinatown to celebrate the Spring Festival; Chinese New Year, but it become one of the biggest events that attract more than one hundred million people nowadays.

2017 year’s lantern festival has more than one million five thousand Chinese lanterns in seven places of central area of Nagasaki city during Saturday January 28th to Saturday February 11th.


They duplicated the “the procession of Mazu,” which is a story of the crew of Tang dynasty’s ship places the Chinese Sea Goddess called Mazu in the temple include Kohuku temple on Sunday January 29th and Sunday February 5th at the course which connects the Temple of Confucius to Kohuku temple. “Emperor’s parade” that shows the image of Emperor and Empress in Qing dynasty coming to greet the people in the town for Chinese New Year’s is going to be held on Saturday February 4th and Saturday February 11th from 2:00PM to 4:30PM at the route which connects the central park to Minato park by going through Hamaichi Arcade.  Other than these, they are going to have a lot of events which remain deep Chinese cultures such as Chinese Acrobatic and concert of Chinese musical instrument called Erhu.

Enjoy the exotic night in Nagasaki that is filled with colorful lights.




Lights schedule

Saturday January 28th to Saturday February 11th from 5:00PM to 10:00PM

*Until 11:00PM on Friday and Saturday <from 6:00PM to 10:00PM on Saturday January 28th >

*From 12:00PM to 10:00PM at China town, Hamanmachi, and central park

*There will be opening ceremony in China town and Central park on Saturday January 28th from 5:30PM to 6:00PM

*There will be Chinese New Year’s Eve festival on Friday January 27th


  • Places of event and nearest stations
  • Shintenchi China Town: Nagasaki Electric Tramway, Tsukimachi station
  • Central Park: Nagasaki Electric Tramway, Nigiwaibashi station
  • Toujin-Yashiki: 5 minutes’ walk from Shintenchi China Town
  • Kofuku-ji: 10 minutes’ walk from Central Park
  • Kaji city: 10 minutes’ walk from Shintenchi China town or Central Park
  • Haman-machi: 5minutes’ walk from Shintenchi China town or Central park
  • Temple of Confucius : 10 minutes’ walk from Shintenchi China town


  • Call for inquiries  Ajisai call (Nagasaki city call center)

☎  095-822-8888



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