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Kagurazaka is famous as a city that many French people live in. “la lakagu” which opened in front of Tozai line Kagurazaka train station attract public attention as a good spot.


“la kagu” is a commercial facility that renovated the building used as storage for books from Shincho company. This wide wood stairs and rusty looking building are supervised by Kuma Kengo who is famous for the aesthetic designer of the new national Olympic stadium which is going to be the main place for Tokyo Olympic in 2020. There are many fashion stores and variety stores inside the building which was renovated last summer. It is good that you can get good souvenirs. The food court that established together with this building has the café called “LA MADRAGUE” which is the first branch in Tokyo.

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The main store of “LA MADRAGUE” in Kyoto is the café which passed down three traditions. This café was built in the site of a café called “Jun-kissa Seven” which closed and is being missed by many people, and their furniture is given by “Meikyoku Kissa MUSE.” They also took over the egg sandwich recipe from western style restaurant called “Corona.” This place which has both of retro and modern atmospheres is being loved by people in Kyoto for a long time. The owner, Yamazaki Sanshiro Hirotaka, opened this “Kissa MADRAGUE” with a wish of “protecting the traditional old-established caffe in the town.” The town in Kagurazaka which has stone pavements, red-light district, so many foreigners, and long history is similar to Kyoto somehow. The reason why the owner who loves traditional café cultures chose this place as the next branches is obvious if you walk around the town in Kagurazaka.


The popular menu called “Corona’s egg sandwich (850yen)”which many people wait in long lines for will definitely make you smile.   

The surprisingly thick egg is about 7centimeters, and it will be about 10centimeters tall when you add the bread. The eggs are so wobbly when you try to open up your mouth to eat. It has soft sweetness, smooth texture like you are eating clouds, and great flavor of dashi soup spread in your mouth. It is the traditional taste that has been passed down by the owner of “Corona”, and Mr. Yamazaki who made the sandwich the specialty of this restaurant. The sweet taste and soft texture of the eggs makes me nostalgic somehow. They also do take-out, so it is good for sharing with your friends.

The unique menus that you only can eat at “La MADRAGUE” includes limited special menu for Kagurazaka store called “kagu rice (980yen)” which has curry sauce and runny egg on the top of ketchup rice, “MAD rice (980yen)”that you can choose the toppings as you like, and “spaghetti Neapolitan (900yen) ”which has omelet under the spaghetti.  Each menu contains sweet and soft eggs.

It is good to sit down on the sofa inside, but you also can spend time at the terrace when it is good weather. I want you to enjoy the traditional café in Kagurazaka being away from the bustle of big cities.

*Prices do not include taxes.



Address: La Kagu 1F, 67 Yaraicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Kissa Madrague

Address: 706-5 Kami Matsuyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Yuriko Ueki(Writer)

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