【Tokyo Cafe】Visiting Japanese Coffee shop where you can encounter the foods which give you great impact. Vol.1 Uguisudani”Kissa Den”

29.November.2016 | FOOD

It takes about five minute walk from Uguisu-dani train station which is famous for having least number of getting-off passengers in Yamanote line. It is also good access to Ueno area. This ordinary coffee shop; the big yellow tent is a landmark, called “Kissa Den” which was built in 1971.



This coffee shop was originally popular for neighbor or regular customers as a place to rest, but it started getting popular among young generations. They even say they don’t mind being in line for a long time to get their food. Their food attracted a great deal on SNS.  Two of the most popular menus in Kissa Den are “Cream Soda” and “Gra-Pan” which makes you want to give a glad shout.


This “Cream Soda (550yen)” looks like its wearing a charming steeple-crowned cap. This ungainly looking that looks like you accidentally dumped ice cream into a soda makes me smile.

The ice cream that has been made by same recipe for more than forty years has a simple taste and crisp texture more than creamy. To scoop the ice cream with spoon on the top of the ice cream cone is the regular customers’ style to eat this food. The sweet bubbles pops in my mouth after I drink this soda with melted ice cream.

Everyone was used to be dreaming of Cream Soda when they are little. The original place of Cream Soda is “Shiseido Parlor Ginza main store.” It is kind of surprising that this nostalgic taste is originally from this elegance old established parlor. This fascinating drink’s popularity is currently spreading to all over the world by SNS. It is worth trying this drink when you visit Japan.


If you like pudding, you should try this “Soft Maki Pudding (500yen)” which is served to only the first twelve arrivals each day. The previous owner has cooked this pudding every morning since this coffee shop was established. It has thick egg taste and lightly sweetened. The rich egg taste and ice cream smoothly melted together in a moment after I put in my mouth.

Everybody would be impacted by this dynamic appearance. This is another specialty of food called “Gra-Pan (850yen)” which is recommended for gluttons.


It is full of hot creamy caserol inside of about 600 gram, 10 centimeters high loaf of bread. White sauce full of ingredients is soupy like a stew more than creamy. First of all, you should dip the piece of bread sitting beside this loaf of bread into the caserol, and tear the heel of bread and eat same way. You can enjoy texture of the bread from silky and moisture one to crisp one. If you have more room, try the special seasonings sitting on the table. This “all seasoning” which has mixed salt, paprica and chili powder make this food taste mild, and tabasco makes this food spicy. I’m sure you won’t get tired of this food because you can enjoy changing the flavor as you like.

I found myself grabing my iphone before I noticed. Because I found the foods that I really want to show off to somebody. My adventure to find the specialty of foods that you can only taste at Japanese café has just begun.


※They all include tax.


Kissa Den

Address:Maison Negishi Uguisudani 1F, 3-3-18 Negishi, Daito-ku, Tokyo


Shiseido Parlour Ginza

Address:Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building 4F/5F, 8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Yuriko Ueki(Writer)


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