New cat items from the FELISSIMO neko section: “Floppy Ears Hair Turban” & “Indoor Cat Socks”

17.January.2017 | FASHION

FELISSIMO Neko-bu have released two new cat themed items based around the Scottish Fold breed of cat. These include a floppy nekomimi (or “cat ear”) turban and fun, matching indoor cat socks, both of which are 8cm longer than all previous items in the line.


This new must-have cat ear turban is the third one to be released. The droopy cat ears are in the style of a playful Scottish Fold. The length and shape of the ears will make you look absolutely adorable. The turban is made of microfiber, meaning that it is extremely soft to touch. The new indoor socks are also not the first to be released. This new design with paws printed on it will allow you to feel even more like a cat together with the hair turban. They will completely wrap your feet up nice and warm, and you can slip in and out of them easily. These items are catered specifically for becoming a house cat, so be sure to pick yourself some up and go about your daily business at home as a cute neko.


“Floppy Ears Hair Turban” & “Indoor Cat Socks” (Japanese: 「たれ耳のヘアターバン」「猫足ルームソックス」)
※Part of the money from your purchase of these items will be donated to animal shelters for pets with no owners and to helping find the animals a home. It will also go towards stopping overbreeding of stray cats, as well as animals put in shelters as a result of disasters.


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