ONE OK ROCK’s monthly series on TV programme “Monster Rock” now on-air, features footage from filming their music video shot in Manchester

17.January.2017 | MUSIC

“Monster Rock” is the ultimate rock music program, hosting a diverse range of artists from unique, one-of-a-kind bands to up-and-coming, next breakthrough artists. This is the only show that showcases such a diverse line-up of the Japanese artists of today.


The main feature of February is ONE OK ROCK, who just released their new album “Ambitions” on January 11th, and who will imminently embarked on the biggest arena tour of their career. The show will be available for 4 weeks and features a special collaborative VJ together with Daisuke Han (Maximum The Hormone), as well as documentary footage from ONE OK ROCK’s music video that they filmed in Manchester, UK.


ONE OK ROCK have created a name for themselves on Monster Rock. It’s the only place where you can see the true faces of the members. This month will see a ton of ONE OK ROCK on the show as they feature as SPACE SHOWER TV’s January “V.I.P.” monthly artist. That includes a specially made film of their music video that was shot in the UK’s Manchester and Los Angeles in the US, a selection of live videos, music video specials, and much, much more.



Monster Rock

Initial Broadcast: 22:00-23:00 every Tuesday

Repeat Episodes: From 23:00 every Wednesday & from 01:30 every Sunday



ONE OK ROCK Monthly Series

#1 22:00-23:00 on Tuesday February 7th ※Will be repeated

#2 22:00-23:00 on Tuesday February 14th ※Will be repeated

#3 22:00-23:00 on Tuesday February 21st ※Will be repeated

#4 22:00-23:00 on Tuesday February 28th ※Will be repeated


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