Star Wars invades Tokyo Disneyland from the souvenirs to the menus!

22.January.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

New goods and a menu themed around the movie “Star Wars” have invaded Tokyo Disneyland. These goods and foods take on the appearance of characters from the movie series!



The goods range includes a light brown hairband that will transform the wearer into Princess Leia ー a very cute item! Other items include the Darth Vader and Yoda fan caps, the Jedi robe and much more! Dress up to represent your favourite Star Wars character and become a star for the day, allowing you to enjoy your experience of Disneyland to the max!


The food menu includes an impressive C-3PO souvenir cup that comes with the cup dessert. The taste of sweet vanilla and caramel with bitter coffee jelly creates a splendid bittersweet harmony that looks and tastes wonderful! Melon soda sugar-flavoured churros that incorporate a Star Wars character design will also be selling!


One by one, more Star Wars souvenirs and foods are being announced, so don’t miss out!



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