【TokyoDinner】There’s a food genre that “the restaurants which is hard to make reservations” in Tokyo

19.February.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

There is food genre that “the restaurant which is hard to make reservations” along with “French” or “Soba noodles” or other kinds of restaurants in Tokyo. The fans who love this type of restaurants tend to put most priority on making reservations. First of all, they make reservations as fast as they can, and look for participants on SNS. That’s why the things like all people who got together are first time to see each other frequently happen. The harder these groups of people try to make reservation for those restaurants, the more those restaurants popularities rise. Nobody knows this cycle will end.

三谷2(横) copy 三谷1(横) copy

Being specific, firstly, there are restaurants that only accept people who are introduced by regular customers. The restaurant called “Takajo Kotobuki” serve the best duck in Japan, but you can even enter the store without being introduced. The steak restaurant in Ginza called “Kawamura” which is said to be the one that sparked the meat boom in Japan is currently impossible to enter for first-time customers. You should just wait for the luck to enter these restaurants.


Sushi restaurants have become a synonym for the restaurant which is hard to make reservations. They tend to have few seats, and people who come to these restaurants often make a reservation for their next visit, so instead of the fact that is easy for anyone to make reservations, but it is hard to get there. For example, the last time I went to the famous restaurant called “Mitani” was July, 2014, and even though I tried to make the next reservation at that day, they said it is going to be three years ahead.

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