DEVILMAN crybaby Themed Stylish Clothing to be Released in Collaboration With Ground Y

08.April.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

Ground Y is a clothing brand conceived by Yohji Yamamoto that claims a new fashion concept: genderless and ageless, which is expressed through synchronising various aspects. The brand is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this year. As part of the commemoration, it is joining hands with Go Nagai’s manga series DEVILMAN to release a new line of clothing at the online store THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO at noon (JST) on April 24, 2020.

Ground Y × Devilman THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO Limited Collection

The DEVILMAN manga series was first serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1972. It has since gone on to sell over 10 million copies, and even received a popular Netflix Originals anime adaptation in 2018 entitled DEVILMAN crybaby. The story explores the deep question of “What are humans?” through beings like gods and devils. It is considered a monumental masterpiece  of a manga series and has influenced countless manga artists and authors. The series also synchronises with the DNA of Yohji Yamamoto’s company, and is a hugely respected title in the industry, which is what led to the collaboration.

Ground Y × Devilman THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO Limited Collection

“Darkness” is the theme of the clothing collection which includes track jackets, dolman sleeve hoodies, and coach jackets featuring characters like Zenon and Sirène.

Ground Y × Devilman THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO Limited Collection

Modelling the collection in the key visuals are former Nogizaka46 member Rina Ikoma, who is currently working as an actress, and Yutaro, who himself began his serious acting career in 2017 and is appearing in many popular Japanese dramas.


  • Matsuzakaya Nagoya to Host Exhibition Honoring Mobile Suit Gundam Animator Kazuhiro Ochi

    25.February.2023 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    ©永井豪/ダイナミック企画 ©ダイナミック企画・東映アニメーション ©ダイナミック企画 ©東映アニメーション ©松本零士/零時社・東映アニメーション


    From March 21 until April 5, 2023, Matsuzakaya Nagoya will host The World of Super Robot & Hero: Kazuhiro Ochi Art Exhibition, celebrating the creator’s 45th anniversary as an artist. Ochi is well-known for his work on Mobile Suit Gundam and dozens of other popular anime series, from Martian Successor Nadesico to Urusei Yatsura.


    Ochi has personally selected over 100 items to be put on display at the exhibition, including illustrations from Mazinger Z and Devilman, both of which are celebrating their 50th anniversaries. Fans can also expect to see illustrations from the newly-announced UFO Robot Grendizer project along with original sketches, promotional materials, and much more.

    Available merchandise will include an art book signed by Kazuhiro Ochi himself, prints, and character goods. New Cutie Honey and Cosmic Fantasy products will also be available for purchase.


    The animator himself will also be in attendance on select days, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet an anime legend!

    Guests spending over ¥5,000 (including tax) at the exhibition during days in which Ochi is in attendance will receive an autographed illustration card only available at the Nagoya venue.


    Exhibition Merch at a Glance


    ©Go Nagai/Dynamic Planning Illustration by K.Ochi



    イラスト/越智一裕 ©永井豪/ダイナミック企画

  • 50th Anniversary Devilman and Mazinger Z Whiskey to be Released in Limited Quantities

    27.October.2022 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of two of Go Nagai’s beloved properties, fans will have a chance to snag some rare whiskey. A Devilman label whiskey and a Mazinger Z label whiskey will both be available by lottery beginning at noon on November 7 on the whiskey website WHISKY MEW. 

    Devilman is a hero of justice with the immense power of a demon, and Mazinger Z is an enormous super robot who fights evil. Both are the main characters in some of the most beloved manga and anime works of their time, and these works have influenced other series down the line.


    The Devilman Label Whiskey is a Braes of Glenlivet 1989. Now sold as Braeval, this single-malt is made at a distillery that used to be named Braes of Glenlivet, and it was highly praised by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka. 


    The Mazinger Z Label Whiskey is a Glenrothes 1997. This is used as a base spirit for Cutty Sark, a popular blended whiskey known by its sailing ship label.


    Which of these tasty bottles will you be trying to grab in the lottery?


    Product Overview

    Devilman Label Whiskey / Braes of Glenlivet 1989

    Price: ¥70,400 (Including Tax)

    170 bottles available. 700ml. Aged 32 years. Total alcohol content of 47.3%. 


    ② Mazinger Z Label Whiskey / Glenrothes 1997

    Price: ¥39,600 (Tax Included)

    218 bottles available. 700ml. Aged 23 years. Total alcohol content of 52.1%. 


    Both are single-malt whiskies from Scotland. 

  • Netflix’s Devilman Anime Series Gets Online Virtual Reality Exhibition

    20.April.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    An exhibition centred on the Devilman manga series by Go Nagai, the 1972 Devilman anime adaptation, and Netflix’s 2018 DEVILMAN crybaby anime adaptation, is set to take place on the online exhibition platform Virtual Utopia from April 28 to May 31.


    What to look forward to

    *Visuals are of an exhibition still in development

    *Visuals are of an exhibition still in development


    A devilish experience split into 11 areas

    Devilman has been entertaining readers and anime-lovers for almost half a decade. The exhibition will depict the comparisons between humans and demons of the series in 11 different areas, each recreating scenes that are sure to be instantly-recognisable to fans.


    Main Area: Heart of a Demon / Heart of a Human

    The main portion of the exhibition is split into four areas which fans will find themselves going back to numerous times, and in different orders, giving each visitor their own unique perspectives and interpretations. There’s also a hidden area which can only be accessed by those who have seen the ‘special exhibit.’ There’s also a free-to-enter area with messages from the creators.


    Go deeper into the VR Devilman Exhibition with the voice guide
    Forget your usual guides, this exhibition incorporates voiceover guides to walk people through the exhibition. For an extra fee, fans can have Megumi Han, who plays Miki Makimura in DEVILMAN crybaby, and Tomokazu Seki, who for this exhibition is playing Psycho Jenny, guide them through the different areas.


    *Visuals are of an exhibition still in development

    Users can download the Virtual Utopia app for free, and the exhibition can be attended even without a VR headset. There will also be talks by the author and other notable people in the industry which can be watched live on YouTube, so anyone can get involved.


    Ground Y T-Shirt Collaboration

    The exhibition is also collaborating with Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion brand Ground Y on six original tees.


    DEVILMAN crybaby        ©Go Nagai-Devilman Crybaby Project