Looking For Magical Doremi Anime Film Promoted With Collaborative Danish Pastries and Doughnuts

04.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / MOVIE

Looking For Magical Doremi is an upcoming anime film set to release in fall this year for the 20th anniversary of the popular magical girl anime series Ojamajo Doremi. FIRST BAKING CO., LTD. has teamed up with the movie to release a line of Danish pastries and doughnuts.

The pastry’s packaging feature the five main characters and a special and limited edition 20th anniversary design.

Danish Pastry

Maple Doughnuts (5 Included)

The Danish pastries are filled with sweet and tasty jam made from five different kinds of berries. There’s also maple doughnutsーfive come in a single packーwhich come in cute packaging too.


Fans can sign up to win some exclusive merchandise too by scanning the QR code on the product packages.


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  • Ojamajo Doremi Themed Food and Drinks Releasing at cookpad studio in Osaka

    02.June.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    CookpadTV is set to collaborate with the third series of the popular TV anime series Ojamajo Doremi, entitled Motto! Ojamajo Doremi, at the live cooking studio “cookpad studio” in Osaka from June 11, 2020 with an event called “cookpad studio Mahosai” (cookpad studio Magic Festival).


    cookpad studio has collaborated with many different anime series up to now and receives much praise from customers.

    “cookpad studio Mahou Matsuri” brings Motto! Ojamajo Doremi to life on your plate, making it both visually appealing and delicious. Except for desserts, food and drink can be ordered for takeout so customers can enjoy their treats at home.

    All food and drink comes with an original novelty. Exclusive merchandise will also be sold for the event.

    When you order food or dessert, you’ll get one of the above-pictured stickers, and if you order a drink one of the postcards. There are five designs for each, and the one you get is random so you can look forward to seeing which you get on the day.

    cookpad studio will also have three large 65-inch displays which will show cooking videos of the food served during the event being made.


    ©Toei Animation

  • Looking for Magical Doremi Anime Film Release Promoted With Merchandise by ITS’DEMO

    20.May.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Japanese fashion variety store ITS’DEMO is supporting the promotion of the upcoming Ojamajo Doremi anime film Looking for Magical Doremi by releasing a collection of merchandise which will be released first on the company’s online store on May 26, 2020.

    Looking For Magical Doremi is an upcoming anime film set to release in fall this year for the 20th anniversary of the popular magical girl anime series Ojamajo Doremi. The story follows college student Sora Nagase who aspires to become a teacher, office worker Mire Yoshizuki who just returned to Japan, and freelancer Reika Kawatani who are drawn together by a magical gem which sends them onto a magical journey.

    ITS’DEMO collaborated with Ojamajo Doremi last year with a collection of fashionable items which were a huge hit with fans. In this second collaboration, we see two different pieces of art used: a pastry chef design and a fairy design. The collection ranges from stationery to pouches, snacks to towels, and more.


    The collection will be available online first. In-store sales will be announced at a later date.

    ©Toei Animation

  • Kintetsu Railway Collaborates With Magical DoReMi For the First Time

    07.March.2020 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the popular anime and manga series Magical DoReMi, and in promotion of its upcoming Ojamajo Doremi: Majo Minarai o Sagashite movie, which will release on May 15, 2020, Kintetsu Railway is holding its first collaboration with the franchiseーin a variety of ways.


    The film is described as a “road movie” which follows the three main characters, Sora, Mire, and Reika, on a trip to take a new step in life. There is a scene in the film where the girls travel to Kintetsu-Nara Station from Kyoto Station aboard the Kintetsu Limited Express Vista EX train which is operated by Kintetsu Railway.


    Complete the Boarding Ticket Set to Receive a Special Card

    Boarding Ticket (5 Designs) – ¥160 Each (Tax Included) / Available at Kyoto Station, Yamato-Saidaiji Station, Kintetsu-Nara Station, Yamato-Yagi Station, and Kashiharajingu-Mae Station from April 24, 2020-June 30, 2020


    Trading Cards With Original Designs

    If you purchase all five trading card-style boarding tickets, which feature designs of the characters from Magical DoReMi, you’ll receive a special trading card featuring an original design. The tickets are available at five Kintetsu Railway stations, all of which will have life-size boards of the characters at them.


    Kintetsu Limited Express Vista EX Decorations

    The Kintetsu Limited Express Vista EX trains will also be decked out with Magical DoReMi posters and flyers will also be. These decorations will roll out from March 10, 2020 on the 2nd and 3rd trains


    Running Sections: Kintetsu Nara Line / Kintetsu Kyoto Line / Kintetsu Kashihara Line / Kintetsu Osaka Line / Kintetsu Nagoya Line / Kintetsu Yamada Line / Kintetsu Toba Line / Kintetsu Shima Line


    Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass Posters & Leaflets

    Special posters and leaflets have also been designed to promote Kintetsu Railway’s “Weekend Free Pass,” a ticket that helps you save money on your travels on the weekend. The original design features the main characters with the Kintetsu Limited Express Vista EX in the background. The posters and leaflets will be available from March 20 to June 30 this year.


    Travel together with cute characters of Magical DoReMi aboard the Kintetsu Railway this spring.


    ©Toei・Toei Animation

  • Popular Anime Magical DoReMi Gets Collaboration Cafe and Shop in Tokyo Solamachi

    06.November.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Popular TV anime Magical DoReMi is celebrating 20 years of its broadcast and the release of its upcoming 2020 film Majo Minarai o Sagashite by opening a cafe and shop in the TV Station official shop Tree Village, which is located in Tokyo Solamachi. The cafe and shop will be open for a limited period only from November 2 to December 1. 

    Head to the shop for limited merchandise featuring dessert-themed illustrations.

    After browsing the merchandise, stop by the collaboration cafe to immerse yourself in the world of Magical DoReMi and treat yourself to character-themed meals and drinks.

    The Magical DoReMi merchandise and meals are unique to this shop and cafe. This is the ideal place to get your anime fix for the day so don’t miss out.


    © Toei Animation

  • Self-Care Like a Magical Girl With Ojamajo Doremi’s 20th Anniversary Lip Balm

    09.July.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION / Uncategorized

    Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai has teamed up with Japanese makeup brand CreerBeaute to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the magical girl TV anime series Ojamajo Doremi by releasing a set of two different lip balms. Both have been made to look like the Pollon wands used by the witches in the series to cast magic: one is based on the Peperuto Pollon from the original series and the other on Pikotto Pollon from Ojamajo Doremi # (Sharp).

    The former lip balm is filled with colourful balls representing the Magic Spheres from the series which a witch needs to power her Pollon to use magic. When used on the lips the balls add a natural pink colour to them along with a sweet and sour strawberry scent♡

    The Pikotto Pollon lip balm on the other hand is filled with pink pearls, bringing to life the gorgeous appearance of the original wand. This lip balm adds a natural complexion to your lips with its red colour and ensures they stay hydrated and looking healthy. This one has a floral rose fragrance.


    If you want to keep your lips looking and smelling as sweet as a magical girl’s, then pucker up with this limited-edition set.


    ©Toei Animation

  • Ojamajo Doremi Anime Themed Cafe to Open in Tokyo & Osaka

    29.June.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of TV anime series Ojamajo Doremi, two themed cafes named Ojamajo Doremi Cafe&Kitchen will open in Tokyo and Osaka from July 12 and August 29 respectively.


    Ojamajo Doremi is an original magical girl created by Toei Animation that ran from February 1999 to January 2003. The series was a huge hit with young girls in Japan when it was released, sending them into a magical daze and further spreading the love for magical girl series. The Cafe&Kitchen is aimed at today’s young girls and the girls from back then who have now turned into women. The cafe promises to be kawaii through and through.

    Doremi’s Adoration! Steak Sandwich Plate: ¥1,490と

    Steak is Doremi’s favourite so there was no way the cafe was going to leave it off the menu. This steak sandwich is served in a baguette and is served with cheese sauce to make the steak even more delicious.と

    Momoko’s New York Memories… Meat Ball Pasta Salad: ¥1,290

    This dish is inspired by Momoko’s memories of how New York tasted back when she lived there as a young girl. The salad pasta bowl is colourful and filled to the brim, representing Momoko’s overflowing energy and liveliness. Pour the saffron flavoured cream cheese over to make it look and taste even more American.

    Ojamajo Doremi’s 20th Birthday Cake: ¥1,190

    The Cafe&Kitchen is a celebration of the series’s 20th anniversary, so they whipped up a birthday cake fitting for a magical girl. It’s a combination of roll cake and sponge cake so you’re sure to never tire of the flavour. Help celebrate Doremi’s 20th by tucking into this whipped cream covered birthday cake!

    Magical Girl Apprentice’s Rainbow Pancakes: ¥1,190

    Based on the iconic colours of the magical girls, this stack of cute pancakes are shaped like hearts. Scoop up the anglaise sauce and eat together with the pancakes for an even sweeter flavour.

    Onpu’s Purple Tapioca Milk: ¥790

    The famous idol Onpu gets her very own brown sugar bubble tea with tapioca pearls. Served in her image colour, the drink is whipped with whipped cream and showered with rainbow sprinkles♡

    Aiko’s Blue Lemonade Float: ¥890

    You’re sure to cool yourself down in the summer heat with Aiko’s blue lemonade topped with deliciously refreshing ice cream, lime and mint.

    Acrylic Key Ring (6 Designs): ¥600

    Clear Pouch (1 Design): ¥1,500

    With art director by popular creators Etoile et Griotte, who are popular with lovers of kawaii things, the Cafe&Kitchen will also sell a selection of cute and exclusive merchandise.

    Customers who book a table in advance (¥500 per person, excluding tax) and order from the menu will receive one of the six above-pictured original clear stickers chosen randomly.

    Those who dine at the cafe will also receive one of these two possible original lunch mats.

    Finally, customers who order a drink will receive one of six possible character coasters.

    Visit the Ojamajo Doremi Cafe&Kitchen this summer to celebrate 20 years since the series first aired.


    *All prices listed are pre-tax prices. Photos are for illustrative purposes only

    ©Toei Animation