tofubeats Collaborates With DJ Q and Gaidaa On Red Bull Check Your DMs

25.May.2020 | MUSIC

tofubeats appeared on the first episode of Red Bull Check Your DMs, a reality show by Red Bull which connects artists around the world together online for the first time and has them make a song together remotely. He collaborated with UK music producer DJ Q and Netherlands singer Gaidaa to create an original track named All In.


Red Bull Check Your DMs – Episode 1

This was the first time the three artists had met each other, all of whom have different nationalities as well as work on different styles of music, from hip-hop and electronic to singer, rapper, and track maker. Just how did these three individuals create a new song from scratch? All they need is talent, inspiration, and an internet environment for this unique project which coincides with today’s digital age.

The show welcomes a whole host of artists, from this episode’s tofubeats, music producer DJ Q, and singer Gaidaa to bassline DJ Flava D, rappers Ms Banks and Burna, Canadian electronic music producer Ryan Hemsworth, South Korean singer CIFIKA, Diamond Vargas from Australia, Girl Ultra from Mexico, Phil Speiser and Palazzo Beats from Austria, Wow Jones from the USA, Yartze from Puerto Rico, and more.

Red Bull Check Your DMs is available to watch for free on YouTube and the Red Bull TV app. A new episode will air every Friday.


  • Live Club & Party Event “YYY”—Hosted by Yasutaka Nakata, kz, tofubeats, banvox—to be held throughout night for the first time

    05.August.2017 | MUSIC

    YYY”—the live concert and party event hosted by Japanese music and pop culture leaders WARNER MUSIC JAPAN and ASOBISYSTEM—is getting its first late night installment on August 25th.


    YYY is spearheaded by 4 of Japan’s cutting-edge music veterans: Nakata Yasutaka, kz, tofubeats, and banvox, all of whom have gained immense attention around the globe. In many ways, it can be said that hosting YYY late into the night has been something long yearned for by fans.


    It has also been announced that MATZ will be joining the line-up, a well-established music artist active in Hokkaido who has gained much attention from DJs all around Japan for his original tracks that he posts to SoundCloud.

    YYY Vol.2 live photo_tofubeats

    YYY is always hosted at Studio Coast in Shinkiba. The venue is known for its multitude of different stages and areas. The popular “Ray-Van” party is set to be held in the WATER area which will no doubt be hugely well-received for summertime. With artists including Shogo Soezima (T.U.S), TJO, Fumihiko Chiba and YASUKI leading the pack, each floor will be filled with DJs ready to dazzle and exite.

    YYY Vol.2 live photo_banvox

    You can expect to see the popular traditional Japanese music-only club party Japangu♪, which started back in 2003 in Shinjuku Ni-Chome, in the BOX area, while the ISLAND area will be hosted by numbersixxx, a regular artist at the popular party xxx.

    YYY Vol.2 live photo_中田ヤスタカ

    Studio Coast was absolutely packed and spilling with fans partying late into the night for last year’s “YYY.” The next installment is about to hit, so why not get yourself a ticket and experience the madness yourself?




    Presented by DJ Nobunaga

    Friday August 25, 2017 @ 23:00

    Price: DOOR: ¥3,500 / AgeHa Member: ¥3,000 / International Coupon: ¥3,000 (All Foreign I.D Holders)


    Advance Tickets (Priority Entry):

    EARLY BIRD TICKET Tier 1 (First Batch) : ¥2,000(Limited)

    EARLY BIRD TICKET Tier 2 (Second Batch) : ¥2,500(Limited)


    General Tickets: 

    ¥3,000 (4th August 12:00~24th August 23:59)

    Ticket Purchasing:


    ・eplus *Search for “YYY”

    ※Purchasing Page URL:

    ・YYY Official Website:


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  • Second Wave of Artists Announced for Yasutaka Nakata Produced Festival “OTONOKO”

    29.July.2017 | MUSIC / SPOT

    The second wave of artists for the big music festival “OTONOKO,” which was help in Kanazawa last year to huge success, have finally been announced. The new artists added to the line-up include Taiiku Okazaki, DAISHI DANCE, tofubeats, and banvox.


    The festival is hosted by none other than Yasutaka Nakata, whose influential career spans wide across the Japanese music industry. Nakata is well-known as being the producer for the huge J-pop artists Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. As well as that, he has created music for international ceremonies, as well as for a huge variety of movies both inside and outside Japan including for Hollywood. A representative musician, producer and DJ for Japan, he is well respected and recognised by artists all around the world.

    OTONOKO 2016年

    Last year’s “OTONOKO” prospered greatly. The next festival will be held this year on December 2nd at Ishikawa Sangyo Tenji in Hall 4.


    Tickets are now available at various playguides in Japan. It has also been announced that there will be a round-trip bus tour directly to the venue where the festival is being held. There are two plans in place: the first will give you the opportunity to be taken back to where you came from to reach the venue, while the second includes an overnight stay so that you can enjoy your time in Kanazawa. There will also be original OTONOKO merchandise for bus tour takers only. For more details, be sure to check the homepage. Reservations for the bus tour will take place over on the event’s official website on July 31st from 16:00.


    Nakata hopes to deliver his sound (“OTO”) to the world from his hometown of Kanagawa with OTONOKO, a new kind of festival the likes you have never seen.


    For the latest information and details regarding OTONOKO, please visit the event’s official homepage.



    Yasutaka Nakata presents “OTONOKO 2017”

    Date/Time: December 2, 2017 – 11:00 OPEN / 13:00 START

    Venue: Ishikawaken Sangyo Tenjikan Hall 4

    Price: Advance Standing Ticket – ¥6,800 (tax included)

    Tickets now available at various playguides.

    Official Bus Tour: Reservations begin from 16:00 on July 31st


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  • tofubeats and DJ DARUMA join French house and disco musician Dimitri From Paris for his show in Japan!

    09.June.2017 | MUSIC

    Dimitri From Paris, the veteran at the forefront of the French house and disco scene will be performing on July 7th for his Japanese concert “Mercy feat Dimitri From Paris.


    Dimitri From Paris has performed internationally as a DJ for more than 30 years since the dawn of soul and disco and house music. His innovative style as a DJ and music producer has enabled him to work as a DJ to create music for fashion shows, receiving support from haute couture brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier. Dimitri has also worked together with over 100 artists as a producer and remixer, such as Bjork, Quincy Jones, Brand New Heavies, New Order, The Cardigans, James Brown, Masters At Work, and Frankie Knuckles.


    Japanese record producer and DJ tofubeats, who has releases numerous hit tracks, will be joining Dimitri From Paris for his Japanese show. tofubeats has been a prominent figure on the internet since his teens, remixing music from countless artists from a wide range of genres, including SMAP, YUKI, Momoiro Clover, Ken Hirai, RIP SLYME, Quruli, Clammbon, and more. He has also performed as a DJ at many locations, beginning with his first performance at WIRE in his teen years, and continues to appear at DJ events all around Japan.


    DJ DARUMA will also be bringing his apparel brand FULL-BK to the concert.




    This is a night with two amazing artists that you cannot afford to miss. Be sure to pick up some tickets!



    Friday July 7th, 2017 “Mercy feat Dimitri From Paris”

    Doors open at 10PM.

    Tickets: Door ¥3500, w/f  ¥3000, GH S members ¥2500, Under 23 ¥2000, Before 11PM ¥1000

    《Advanced Tickets》




    Dimitri From Paris


    DJ Sarasa





    FULL-BK presents FULL BLANK


    DJ YAN





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  • The 3rd wave of artists announced for “KAGA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017” including tofubeats, Maki Nomiya & more!

    12.May.2017 | MUSIC


    The Kaga Music Festival celebrates its 6th run this year. It will be held on Saturday July 22nd. Just like last year, a large ryokan (a type of traditional Japanese inn) will be rented out for this big music festival.

    A third wave of artists have just been announced to be added to the line-up. From idols to DJs, the Kaga Music Festival boasts a string of various artists.

    tofubeats(U+306E)(U+30B3)(U+30D4)(U+30FC) (U+91CE)(U+5BAE)(U+771F)(U+8CB4)(U+306E)(U+30B3)(U+30D4)(U+30FC)


    【Line-up】(3rd wave)

    Asachiru / VENUS・KAWAMURA YUKI / Katsu Marely & The SOUL KITCHEN / KINDAN NO TASUKETSU / Jay Zimmerman / J.A.G.U.A.R / Taichi Master / DJ Kaga Onsen / DJ CARP / dj sleeper / Tonya Harding / tofubeats / Haruhi Nakajima / Nachi / Namakopuri / Maki Nomiya / Band Ja Naimon! / P.O.P / Lovely Summer-Chan

    (19 artists in total for this announcement. Be sure to check out the 1st and 2nd wave too.)


    This year, the venue will have an upstairs cafeteria on the 2F, a Rurikoh cafeteria on 1F that sells various noodles, an outdoor beer garden and more. A map of the area has been published so be sure to check out the various food and drinks places available throughout the venue.

    Enjoy the dream experience of sitting in a relaxing hot spring while listening to some great live music at Kaga Music Festival 2017!



    Kaga Music Festival 2017

    Hosted by the KAGA MUSIC FESTIVAL Executive Committee

    Date/Time: Saturday July 22nd, 2017 – OPEN/START 14:00 / FINISH 22:00

    Location: Yamashiro Spa “Rurikoh” (19-58-1 Yamashiro Spa, Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture)



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  • Tofubeats to release 3rd album “FANTASY CLUB” on 24th May! New single “WHAT YOU GOT” released in advance!

    29.April.2017 | MUSIC

    Tofubeats is a music producer/DJ from Kobe, who launched into fame after focussing on his music career on the internet during his teens. Since releasing his major debut “Don’t Stop The Music” in 2013 with the help of guest vocalist Chisato Moritaka, he released his “First Album” in 2014 featuring guest vocalists such as BONNIE PINK and PES. Afterwards, he followed up with the major debut of his second album “POSITIVE” in 2015, which featured Dream, Ami and KREVA.


    After one and a half years, the time has finally come – tofubeats will release their 3rd major album “FANTASY CLUB” on 24th May. As well as the original voice of tofubeats holding the spotlight on the tracks, fans also have the new song “THIS CITY” to look forward to. “THIS CITY” is the theme song for the “U30 CITY KOBE” campaign. The vocals of a total of 13 sensational guest singers also feature on the new major album. The vocals of YOUNG JUJU; the core member of hip-hop crew KANDYTOWN features in “LONELY NIGHTS”, and female singer/songwriter Sugar me features in “YUUKI”.

    tofubeats「WHAT YOU GOT」


    On Friday 28th April, the song “WHAT YOU GOT”, which is sung by tofubeats, was released in advance. Kaho Nakamura features in the chorus along with KASHIF’s guitar in the second half of the song. Please watch the above video to get a sneak peak into the wonderfully mysterious world of tofubeats.


    To commemorate the new release of the 3rd album “FANTASY CLUB” , there will be an in store event on Sunday 28th May starting at 18.00 and finishing at 18.30. Tofubeats will also feature as the monthly artist in InterFM897’s “Tokyo scene”, gaining heaps of exposure to promote the release of the new album.



    tofubeats「FANTSY CLUB」

    Release date: 24th May 2017

    Price: ¥2,800(+tax)First run press edition with special booklet

    Product number: WPCL-12632

    Tofubeats digital broadcasting link:


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  • 【Interview】Just a newtown boy TOFUBEATS

    19.March.2017 | MUSIC

    Yusuke Kawai grew up just outside of Kobe in a “new town,” the Japanese term for a planned community. Kawai, who records music under the name tofubeats, describes his government-developed hometown: “There’s no city center and no local shopping streets like in other towns. Every station has similarly designed shopping malls, just with different names.” They were ideal residential zones, with big-city vice swapped out for big-box chains and department stores. Kawai recalls the only cultural center of any sort being a music shop, rental store Tsutaya and second-hand shop Hard-Off.

    “The new town was made from nothing, and so we didn’t really have any traditional festivals. To me, it was vacant. The new town didn’t really have its own uniqueness in Japan.”

    Yet this space helped develop Kawai’s creativity and shaped his approach to music. As a teenager, he spent most of his time absorbing the CDs available at Tsutaya and used any other free time to hunt down new sounds on the internet. “I tried to find anything interesting around me, but there were always only ordinary things. And so I started to think that I have to remix what I had to make something new.” Kawai spliced up mainstream J-pop sounds and YouTube discoveries into a fidgety style, which helped him connect with like-minded people on message boards.

  • Yasutaka Nakata, kz, tofubeats and banvox to present YYY vol.2 on 28th Jan ー the ultimate party featuring TeddyLoid. The schedule has now been released!

    22.January.2017 | MUSIC

    Get ready for the new “LIVE&PARTY YYY” hosted by WARNER MUSIC JAPAN and ASOBISYSTEM, aiming to spread music and pop culture. The timetable for the vol.2 party that will be kicking off on 28th January has been announced. With Yasutaka Nakata, kz, tofubeats and banvox charging up the party as the four main DJs/artists, they will be joined by more music sensations including TeddyLoid as a featuring DJ.


    Programme (in order)


    Doors open:15.00

    Start time:15.45(※Please note that the schedule has been changed)

    Approximate finish time: 20.00

    Order of performance





    ⑤ Yasutaka Nakata


    ※Please note that the order of the performers is subject to change without prior notice.

    ※You will not receive a full refund for your ticket for this reason.

    YYY Official Goods

    YYY vol.2 goods include collaboration goods from second hand fashion store Santo Nibu No Ichi (San’nibu). San’nibu is famous for its large-sized hoodies and thanks to this collaboration, Yasutaka Nakata became the editorial supervisor in the making of originally designed hoodies for this event. There are a limited number of these collaboration hoodies selling.


    You can win YYY goods, drink tickets, posters signed by all the performers and other amazing presents in the lottery, or get your hands on a badge from a capsule machine! Test your luck this new year ー there’s plenty up for grabs!



    YYY Vol.2

    Date:Saturday 28th January 2017 Opening time: 15:00/ Start time:15:45

    Venue:Shinkiba STUDIO COAST

    Performers:Yasutaka Nakata / kz(livetune+)/ tofubeats / banvox

    featuring DJ : TeddyLoid

    Supported by:Spotify

    YYY official website:


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  • Official music playlist released for the next instalment of the party extravaganza “YYY” led by Nakata Yasutaka, kz, tofubeats, and banvox

    09.January.2017 | MUSIC

    “YYY” is a live event for music fans of all generations spearheaded by Nakata Yasutaka, kz, tofubeats and banvox. In the run up to the next instalment of the party night, dubbed “Vol.2”, live footage of Vol.1 featuring one song from each of the artists has been made available for viewing. As well as that, the official YYY playlist for Vol.2 has been put on the online music streaming service “Spotify”.


    YYY is handled by WARNER MUSIC JAPAN and ASOBISYSTEM who are leaders of Japanese music and pop culture. Vol.2 of YYY will continue the crazy partying where Vol.1 left off and will be held on Saturday January 28th, 2017 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Be sure to check out the madness of Vol.1 from the link below. This is the first time official footage of YYY has been uploaded.


    YYY Vol.1 Live Footage

    Make sure you’re ready for YYY Vol.2 with the official Spotify playlist below!


    YYY Vol.2 By yyy_official

    “YYY Vol.2” boasts an unprecedented line-up of Japanese dance music. There’s less than a month to go before the big event, it’s going to be huge.

    YYY Vol.2
    Date: Saturday  January 28th, 2017 15:00 OPEN/START
    Location: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
    Line-up: Yasutaka Nakata / kz (livetune+) / tofubeats / banvox
    Ticket Prices (tax-inclusive)
    ・General Ticket: ¥3,800-
    ・General Group Ticket C: ¥7,000 ※2 tickets
    ・General Group Ticket D: ¥13,000 ※4 tickets
    ・Lawson Ticket(L-Code: 71027
    ・Ticket Pia(P-Code: 313-536
    *You must pay a ¥500 drink fee for 1 beverage upon entering the venue.
    *Children under the age of 6 are not permitted entry into the venue, whether or not accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    YYY Official Website:


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  • Nakata Yasutaka, kz, tofubeats & banvox – 4 music veterans announce the second instalment of their LIVE & PARTY “YYY″ concert

    15.October.2016 | MUSIC

    “YYY” is a live concert performance and party spearheaded by music veterans Nakata Yasutaka, kz, tofubeats, and banvox. The first holding of the concert, titled “Vol.1”, ended to great success back in summer this year. It’s been announced that the next instalment of the show, “Vol.2”, will be held in January next year. Both ticket & t-shirt as well as group ticket bundles are now available for advance booking until October 19th. WARNER MUSIC JAPAN and ASOBISYSTEM, both leads in the Japanese music and pop culture scene are in charge of “YYY”. The new concert will follow up to Vol.1’s success and will be held at Shinkiba Studio Coast on Saturday January 28th, 2017. A video teasing YYY Vol.2 has been made public showcasing the excitement at Vol.1.

    YYY Vol.2 Teaser Trailer:

    On stage will at “YYY” will be “Nakata Yasutaka”, “kz (livetune+)”, “tofubeats”, and “banvox”. It seems there are a lot of surprises in store for “YYY Vol.2” on top of this historical line-up of artists. Don’t miss out on the next “YYY”!

    YYY Vol.2
    Date: Saturday January 28th, 2017 – 15:00 OPEN/16:00 START
    Location: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
    Line-up: Nakata Yasutaka / kz (livetune+) / tofubeats / banvox
    YYY Official Website:

    Ticket Prices (tax included)
    ・Advance Ticket:¥3,500-
    ・Advance Ticket w/t-shirt(S/M/L):¥3,800-
    ・Advance Ticket Group Discount A: ¥6,600 ※For 2 people
    ・Advance Ticket Group Discount B: ¥12,000 ※For 4 people
    ◎Ticket Window URL: ◎Ticket Window: Thursday October 13th 18:00〜Wednesday October 19th 23:59
    ・General Ticket: ¥3,800-
    ・General Ticket Group Discount C: ¥7,000 ※For 2 people
    ・General Ticket Group Discount D: ¥13,000 ※For 4 people
    ※You must pay a separate drink fee (¥500) for one drink upon entering the event.
    ※Those who purchase advance tickets online will be entered into a lottery and drawn for admittance.
    ※Those under the age of 6 are not permitted entry to the event, even with a parent or carer.

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  • Nakata Yasutaka, kz, tofubeats & banvox – 4 music veterans to give a brand new LIVE & PARTY “YYY Vol.1” concert this summer!

    08.April.2016 | MUSIC / SPOT

    “YYY” is a live music and party event hosted by Japanese music and pop culture leaders WARNER MUSIC JAPAN and ASOBISYSTEM. Vol.1 of the all-new summer event will be held on July 17th, 2016 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST.

    The tickets for the Vol.0.5 launch party, which was held at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION in January, sold out completely. There were so many people that fans intending to purchase same-day tickets, which were few in number, formed a gigantic line hoping to get first grabs.

    The line-up for “YYY” includes Nakata Yasutaka (CAPSULE), kz (livetune), tofubeats and banvox. These 4 cutting-edge DJs, artists and producers, who are residents of the event and continue to be recognised worldwide for their work, have a huge arsenal of music ready to perform for people.

    Advanced tickets for “YYY Vol.1” go on sale starting today. The availability window for you to get your tickets lasts until Sunday April 17th at 23:59, so be sure to get yours right now from here:

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend “YYY” and witness dance music history in the making from this battle formation of immense artists!



    YYY Vol.1
    Date: Sunday July 17th, 2016 – 16:00 OPEN/17:00 START
    Venue: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
    Line-up: Nakata Yasutaka(CAPSULE)/kz(livetune)/ tofubeats / banvox


    Ticket prices (tax included)
    ① YYY Advanced Pre-Order Tickets ¥3,500 – Ticket Window: Friday April 8th 22:00~Sunday April 17th 23:59
    ② Official Homepage Pre-Order Tickets ¥3,800 – Ticket Window: Saturday April 23rd 10:00~Sunday May 8th 23:59
    ③ General Tickets ¥3,800 – Ticket Window: Saturday June 4th 10:00~

    ※Drink charge for 1 beverage to be paid upon entry.
    ※Pre-Order tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis. It will be notified once tickets are sold out, after which no more will be available.
    ※All children (under the age of 6) are not permitted entry to the venue even if with a parent/carer.

    ■ YYY Vol.1 Teaser Trailer:
    ■ YYY Official Website: