Awesome line-up announced for “THE BLOCK PARTY Vol. 2” – the club party that’s officially hosted by TEMPURA KIDZ!

19.May.2017 | MUSIC / SPOT

TEMPURA KIDZ主催のクラブパーティー! 「THE BLOCK PARTY Vol.2」超豪華全ラインナップ発表

The first block party was a daytime club party hosted by TEMPURA KIDZ was held back on March 12th and was organized by TEMPURA KIDZ’s own P→★ and YU-KA. The next installment of their club party is scheduled to fall on Sunday June 11th.

TEMPURA KIDZ have invited another fantastic line-up of guests to join them for their next event. For Vol. 2, expect to see HASTA LA VISTA, a group made up of, what would be no exaggeration to say, influential artists; MC Itsuka from, who has done collaborations with TEMPURA KIDZ, so much so that it would be safe to say she is almost like their older sister; “Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders,” who performed the main theme song for the hit TV drama “Joshu Seven” and who made a successful major debut.


MCいつか from


Dance performances will be making a return for the new block party too, following up from the first. Artists who will be dancing include “Pirates of Macho Bean,” whose performance you will never forget, with his incredible skill and vivid personality. A host of other artists in the dance scene will also be hitting the stage such as “Dr. SWAG,” “ASUPI,” “amane” and more, all of whom are young artists paving the way for the next generation and all whose performances you must not miss.

Also returning are resident DJs “RAM RIDER,” “Shogo Soezima (T.U.S.)”, “2BOY” and “UMIMAN.” P→★ of TEMPURA KIDZ will also be appearing as “DJ P→★”!


DJ P→★

The members of TEMPURA KIDZ will also be holding a project entitled “Joshi Ryoku Koujou Kikaku” for girls – 50 lucky attendees who are girls will receive body bath oil by Beaute de Sae. And make sure you don’t miss out on some exclusive kawaii goods by Choco moo who created designs just for THE BLOCK PARTY!

A little under one month left until THE BLOCK PARTY Vol. 2 begins. Tickets are now on sale and selling fast, so make sure to reserve yours ASAP!




Date: Sunday June 11th, 2017

Location: SOUND MUSEUM VISION (2 Chome-10-7 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

TIME: OPEN 15:00 / CLOSE 20:00

Tickets: On sale via Lawson Ticket & HMV, Ticket Pia, and e+.

Price: Advance Ticket ¥3,500 / Same-day Ticket ¥4,500

*Drink not included

HASTA LA VISTA, Itsuka (, Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, KIDZ
RAM RIDER, DJ P→★, Shogo Soezima (T.U.S.), 2BOY, UMIMAN (B.D.C.)
Pirates of Macho Bean, ASUPI, YU-KA (TEMPURA KIDZ), P→★ (TEMPURA KIDZ), KARIN (TEMPURA KIDZ), amane, Rena, NanA 
Choco moo


TEMPURA KIDZ Official Website:



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  • TEMPURA KIDZ Collaborate With Moe Shop to Release Tapioca-Themed Song ‘Tapi Tapi’

    28.August.2019 | MUSIC

    Dance and vocal unit TEMPURA KIDZ―who have taken their boisterous personalities to 13 countries around the world―have just dropped a new song entitled Tapi Tapi in collaboration with French DJ and music producer Moe Shop.


    This marks their second collaboration with Moe Shop, the first being the release of UKIYO back in June.

    The bubble tea-inspired song takes on a future funk sound, a genre which Moe Shop is at the forefront of. The lyrics were written by singer-songwriter Aoi Yamazaki. It’s a colourful pop dance anthem littered with the TEMPURA KIDZ members’ unique character.

    You’re sure to be humming the words “tapi tapi” along to this catchy tune in which the members sing positive things like, “Let’s drink tapioca and be happy” and “Something good’ll happen if you live life smiling.”


    With the Olympics right around the corner, TEMPURA KIDZ are looking to continue their global activities to help spread Japanese culture to the world. Be sure to give Tapi Tapi a listen which is also available now on Spotify.

  • TEMPURA KIDZ Collaborate With Moe Shop to Release New Song ‘UKIYO’

    19.June.2019 | MUSIC

    News photos of dance and vocal unit TEMPURA KIDZ have been released. The photos were taken under the supervision of the leader of Harajuku’s kawaii culture Sebastian Masuda.


    It has also been announced that the group are set to perform at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in Harajuku every Wednesday for a new event aimed at foreign and locals tourists entitled TOKYO POP CULTURE NIGHT ~HARAJUKU CELEBRATION~.

    The theme of this event is “Harajuku Tribe” which sees TEMPURA KIDZ dressed up in colourful tribe-like Harajuku wares in which they will put on a new performance called “Harajuku Celebration.” The group teamed up with French DJ and producer Moe Shop to create original music for the performance.

    Both artists will release their collaborative track UKIYO on June 18. The song features a “Future Funk,” a genre which sees Moe Shop as its spearhead. It is a colourful pop anthem that fuses with TEMPURA KIDZ and the members’ personalities.。


    With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics right around the corner, TEMPURA KIDZ continue their mission to spread Japanese culture around the world.

  • P→★ (TEMPURA KIDZ) Animal Café Diary #5: Visiting Japan’s First Micro Pig Cafe ‘mipig cafe’

    12.April.2019 | FEATURES / SPOT

    P→★ of Japanese pop dance and vocal group TEMPURA KIDZ loves animals, and this is his featured series in which he visits animal cafes around Tokyo. For diary entry No. 5, our P→★ heads to mipig cafe, Japan’s first ever micro pig cafe that opened in Meguro just last month.

    Micro pigs are a super small type of pig bred in the UK through selective breeding. They are smaller than miniature pigs. The concept of the cafe is “A Backwoods For Micro Pigs.” The pigs are given a huge space to live and play around in. As soon as you enter the cafe they are there to greet you.

    The building is four storeys high. Each floor has been made into a house for the micro pigs. The initial entry payment is ¥800 for 30 minutes and an extra ¥500 for every 30 minute extension. If you want a drink the prices start from ¥600. The cafe is very new and so is very popular right now, so if you’re looking to visit we recommend making a reservation in advance. It’s possible to get extensions on the day but you won’t be able to if lots of reservations have been made.

    The pigs are very friendly with people. As soon as P→★ entered the room the pigs came right up to him. They climbed straight onto his lap.

    They stayed in P→★’s arms the entire time without moving. Perhaps it’s because they feel safe and relaxed when embraced. P→★ was happy with it too: “I feel so peaceful♡. I want to stay here forever!” he announced.

    Micro pigs aren’t their own species, they are mix of different species, so even if the piglets are born at the same, their size and colour will be completely different. The four pigs in the photos above are all 4-month-old siblings. Currently there are 10 micro pigs at the cafe. Pigs are tidy and very intelligent animals, so with enough practice they can be trained like dogs. There are pigs in the mipig cafe that can turn around and sit on command.

    Since the pigs are so friendly with humans, one meeting is enough to have you captive and want to stay with them. They will stay close to you and not move so there’s plenty of opportunities for photos!

    As well as drinks the cafe also serves food including cakes. They even serve “Tokusei Cheesecake” (¥850 before tax) from Hasegawa Minoru, a top dining restaurant in Japan. The restaurant is so popular that you have to make reservations up to 2 years in advance. And on weekends and holidays only the cafe sells 10 servings of their special “Pig Cake.”

    It’s common in the US and UK for people to have pet pigs, but in Japan they’re still mostly regarded as domestic animals. mipig raises their micro pigs in a way like cats and dogs are in Japan. They are also in contact with farms in the UK and sell micro pigs too. Although they are called micro pigs they can weigh up to 40kg when fully grown. There is a floor in the cafe where you can see a grown up micro pig as shown in P→★’s photo above. Perhaps you can add a new member to your family too. But since the pigs are popular right now it could take over a year for you to receive one.


    How did you find the mipig cafe, P→★?

    “Of all the animal cafes I have been to so far this one was the most fun! It was fun being able have contact with them the entire time. Now I want a micro pig of my own! They don’t smell either, I could be with them forever. I wasn’t able to get an extension because there were a lot of reservations, so I recommend booking a long stay when you make one! And the cheesecake was super tasty too, so definitely be sure to try it yourself!”

    If you’re in or planning a trip to Tokyo then be sure to get your reservations in for the newly-opened mipig cafe in Meguro ASAP!



    Model: P→★(TEMPURA KIDZ)@0830_pika

    Photo: Haruka  Yamamoto

    Text: Sayoko Ishii

    Translation: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga

  • P→★ (TEMPURA KIDZ) Animal Café Diary #4: Feeling at Peace With Shiba Inu at the Harajuku Mame-Shiba Café

    07.February.2019 | FEATURES / SPOT

    The long-awaited next entry to P→★’s Animal Café Diary is finally here!


    P→★ of Japanese pop dance and vocal group TEMPURA KIDZ loves animals, and this is his featured series in which he visits animal cafés around Tokyo. For diary entry No. 4, our P→★ visits the Harajuku Mame-Shiba Cafe located along Harajuku’s famous Takeshita Street.

    Harajuku Mame-Shiba Café is Tokyo’s first animal café for Mame-Shiba Inu. It’s very easy to find being just a 3-minute walk from Harajuku Station and 5-minutes from Meiji-Jingumae Station so you can pop in during your Harajuku sightseeing.


    There is also an owl cafe called Harajuku Owl’s Forest in the same building on floor B1F which you can see in the picture above. P→★ also visited another owl cafe in Harajuku called Owl’s Garden.

    Upon stepping your paws into the Harajuku Mame-Shiba Café you are met by Mame-Shiba dogs wearing bandana around their necks. The café itself has retro style decor with Showa music providing your soundtrack. It also has tatami flooring so you will need to take your shoes off beforehand.


    Tickets can only be bought at the café. It’s ¥880 for an adult for for 30 minutes. Once you have your ticket you wait until your designated time. It’s not uncommon for tickets to be sold out on the day so we recommend buying yours early in the day.

    You can pick out one drink from the vending machine with your ticket. Pick from a range of teas, coffees and juices, sit down on the tatami mat and enjoy playing with the adorable Mame-Shiba. The café also as a retro TV and Japanese-style ‘chabudai’ tables for sitting on the floor.

    The pups are very energetic in the morning and each enjoy living their own lives in their own way as they please. A popular site to see is the dogs basking in the sunlight that shines through the café windows.

    Customers are prohibited from picking up and embracing the dogs, but like P→★ they may give you one instead! Stroking and interacting with the bouncy bunch however is fine.

    Use toys to play with them, give them food and treats, and find your favourite Mame-Shiba Inu from the pack.

    When noon draws in the dogs start going into nap mode. You’ll see the number of them tumbling over for a sleep increase one by one. This makes it easy to snap some photos, so if you’re looking to take lots of photos with them you should go at midday!

    There’s also merchandise on sale including items based on popular Shiba Inu characters like Chuken Mochi Shiba and Shibata-san. The most popular item is the key ring of Chuken Mochi Shiba laid sprawled.

    P→★ was very happy with his trip: “My grandma had a Shiba Inu called Aka-chan when I was small. Since then I always come into contact with Shiba Inu! I prefer Mame-Shiba who have a bit of individuality compared to the cute ones that look like Chihuahuas. The café has Japanese taste, is spacious and relaxed. I had the best time!”

    Harajuku Mame-Shiba Café brings in countless customers everyday from those who do not own pets to foreigners visiting Japan. Reservations cannot be made online or over the phone, so pop in to book when you’re in Harajuku.

  • P→★ Animal Café Diary #2: Making Friends with Owls & Hawks at Owl’s Garden in Harajuku

    01.August.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    P→★ from TEMPURA KIDZ loves animals. This is his featured series in which he visits animal cafés in the city.


    In this second entry, he made a trip to Owl’s Garden in Harajuku which houses not only owls, but hawks too!

    The café can be found behind Tokyu Plaza, a very favourable location since you can stop by after shopping in Harajuku. It’s a 6-minute walk from Harajuku Station or a 2-minute walk from Meiji-Jingumae Station. Today, P→★ is wearing an outfit inspired by Harry Potter!

    The café interior is styled on an English garden. There are 12 owls and hawks that live there. It’s full of natural light and greenery, making it a nice and comfortable place to relax.

    There are several price plans. The Standard Plan is ¥1,500 which gets you 60 minutes inside. During that time, you’re free to touch the birds, take photos of them and sit them on your arm as much as you like.

    P→★ met with the owls first. You can gently touch the top of their head down to their back as well as their chest. This owl is a Chaco Owl.

    If you want to hold the birds just ask the staff. You’ll be given a glove to wear for the bird to sit on.

    P→★ is now holding an American kestrel. This is the only falcon in the café. If you’re careful not to move your hand it will stay relaxed on your hand.

    This is a barn owl. Apparently lots of customers are captivated by its striking face.

    This one’s so fluffy!” commented P→★.

    P→★ was particularly interested in this Little Owl (that’s the actual name of the species!) Its tiny size is enough to tug your heartstrings♡

    Owls save energy and don’t move around much, so they’re perfect for snapping photos of. That goes for selfies too.

    Next is to try out being a falconer. There’s a number of cafés where you can come into contact with hawks but not that many where you can actually have one fly over to you, so some customers can spend several hours here.

    You begin with your back against the wall and bring your hand up to the same height as your shoulders at the count of 3.

    The hawk responded to the signal several meters way and flew right onto P→★’s hand.


    It costs ¥500 for one turn which consists of two flights.

    It’s like I’ve become a wizard!” The bird that flew to P→★ is the Harris’s hawk. They are known for their intelligence. Hawks are often perceived as scary but they’re actually very friendly to humans.

    You can enjoy a drink at this café while playing with the owls and hawks. If you make a reservation you get a drink on the house, otherwise it’s ¥100. It’s better to make a reservation if you’re planning to go there.

    The earrings they sell there are popular. They’re made from feathers that have fallen from the owls at the café. Be sure to find the feather of the bird you like there the most. They also sell a range of other merchandise including a photo collection of the owls.

    P→★ was very satisfied with his experience. It was his first time coming into contact with them, and his first time having a hawk fly to him.


    After watching Harry Potter, I wanted to own my own owl. It was a lot of fun interacting with them today. My image of hawks has changed too! If I’m rich in the future I want to have my own pet owl. Until then, I’ll be sure to come back here!

    P→★ sure enjoyed Owl’s Garden. The café is arranged in a way that makes it easy to take photos. The natural lighting and greenery make it a great choice for Instagram. Be sure to make a reservation if you’re interested.


    Check out the time P→★ went to Harajuku Terrace Café in his first Animal Diary Café entry here.



    Owl’s Garden

    Address: Ingresso 2F, 4-31-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Opening Hours: 10:00am-7:00pm (Until 6:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays except on National Holidays)

    No Fixed Holidays.

    Access: 6-minutes on foot from Harajuku Station via JR / 2-minutes on foot from Meiji-Jingumae Station via Tokyo Metro



    Model: P→★(TEMPURA KIDZ)@0830_pika

    Photo: Kayo Sekiguchi

    Text: Sayoko Ishii

    Translation: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga

  • Zepp Tokyo Live Report: Gonchi’s Exit & Indefinite Hiatus

    31.January.2018 | MUSIC is a two-member electropop and rap group that was formed in 2011 by MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi.


    On January 27th, the duo performed their solo concert Desu, Gokigenyou 2018 at Zepp Tokyo. This show was their final performance together before going on indefinite hiatus, and signaled Gonchi‘s (DJ) farewell from the group and retirement as an artist.


    Gonchi’s DJ booth is a familiar sight at shows, but this time it was betwixt two closed white coffins, with portraits of a skeletal Itsuka (MC) and Gonchi floating above. Eerie music played in the background, giving the room a strange vibe, before everything cut to black. The sound of a mokugyo drum turned into a dance beat, and the coffins opened, revealing Itsuka and Gonchi dressed in complete black, throwing the crowd into excitement in an instant.


    The first track they performed was Ribbon, the first song on the duo’s greatest hits album Charisma.BEST. Cheers rolled through the crowd as Itsuka gave the finger in time with the lyrics. Otobune Rock chimed in as fans clapped their hands, and a red ladder was brought onto the stage from which Itsuka hung and climbed for the performance. When she reached the top, she looked down at the crowd and ad-libbed a “Get ready, it’s not the end yet.”


    Itsuka dropped the mic and danced for sodai gomi no koiGonchi gave her “Gokigenyou” (“Good Day”) greeting, which led into Buta, signaled by lasers painting a giant image of the song’s title, causing the crowd to go wild.


    After 999, the first speech of the night was given. Itsuka greeted everyone by saying, “Welcome, and thank you for coming. Are you ready for our first, final show?” She prompted the crowd to put their hands over their head to do the ‘Tongari Pose,’ and, basked before the light of the crowd, humourously said, “Ah, I see you’re quite obedient today!” After the playful jokes, Charisma moved onto Tongari Young.

    This was followed by a mash up of Like ItPain OffAUTOMADE and Menhera Busu in a flash. The songs weren’t played in full. Instead, parts of each track were taken and laced together with beats. The crowd was excited to hear a selection songs from their early days not featured on their greatest hits album.

    Itsuka joined the DJ booth and the both of them performed a riotous melody of NOW RemixToushindai GreyJenga JengaLOOKER, and Berusassa. The music was tied together with visuals that were projected onto the screen at the back of the stage and on the stage coffins, creating a projection mapping-like experience. The vividly colourful setting and nonstop dance music launched the crowd into infinity.


    In the next speech, Itsuka commented about Charisma.BEST, their greatest hits album. “I’ve reflected on it – my bad mouthing. But I want everyone to like that album.” Although Gonchi responded to Itsuka‘s question on which song was her favourite, saying “all of them,” she was pried for her particular favourite, making her fluster in thought.


    Itsuka said, “Time to enter the zone of gentle songs,” signaling the ballad OLHERO. She played the keyboard and sang Gurara, and while basked in the spotlight lulled the room with not not me. The crowd simply watched and listened in memorisation.

    Once they finished up Tasogare Kakui, the musical ensemble sounds of big band danced in, inviting everyone to be uplifted, and Itsuka called for Gonchi. “Prepare your hearts, Zepp Tokyo! Come on out, Gonchi!” Upon saying this, Gonchi appeared on stage wearing a wedding dress. In the applause and cheers, the two of them performed Muko ni Oide as if they were negotiating.

    The entire room sang the chorus phrase “moya moya shite” over and over before Charisma headed onto the third speech. Prompted by Itsuka, Gonchi checked in with the crowd to make sure their excitement was still at max capacity. “Are you alllll enjoying yourselves!?” Afterwards, Charisma headed into the final section of the night.


    Gonchi fired a laser beam from her glove in Kongara Girl, like it says in the lyrics. The duo also changed to hand mics and danced in front of the coffins during Iinazuke Blue, before announcing the final act.

    “Our next song will be the last,” announces Itsuka, sparking sad voices to roll through the room. “Shut up! We’re all singing it together!” she commands. With a final performance of Around 30 dreaming, Itsuka says to a singing crowd, with a smile on her face, “I was a really great around 30, wasn’t I. Thank you all so much!”  before leaving the stage.

    Rather than clapping for an encore, Charisma fans instead sing the group’s song Meki Meki more, something they have done since their tour last spring. Itsuka and Gochi reappeared on stage and announced that they will go into indefinite hiatus after the show.


    Gonchi, who has retired her work as an artist, said her goodbyes. “Thank you all so much. Please keep on supporting!” Though she prefaced it by saying “Hiatus means that things will definitely move again,” she also encouraged strongly, “Both of us support everything that everyone of you does, so please keep on supporting us forever too.”

    Just as the crowd had called it, Charisma performed Meki Meki more. “Because this is your song.” Fans sang their hearts out, filling the air with an intimate warmth. But Charisma weren’t finished yet. “That’s not how we’re going to end tonight. We’d like to end it with this song, the kind of thing we’re known for!” They signed off the night with a performance of HATE.

    With no guest musicians or dancers – just the two of them – and having performed an incredible set of 32 songs, Itsuka and Gonchi stepped back into their coffins, closing the book on over half a decade of unrivaled and matchless work.


    <Release Information>
    Price: ¥3,000 (+tax)
    Warner Music Japan / Atlantic Japan

    <Digital Release Information>
    If you purchase Charisma.BEST on the iTunes Store, you can receive two iTunes-only tracks: Buta and Hello 2〜Midnight Reboot ver.〜.
    Charisma.BEST – iTunes Store

    <Latest Music Video> – “Ribbon” Official Website:


  • P→★ (TEMPURA KIDZ) Animal Café Diary #1: Making Friends with Otters at HARRY Harajuku Terrace Café!

    24.January.2018 | FEATURES / SPOT

    I love animals!


    This is P→★ from TEMPURA KIDZ and welcome to the first entry of my brand new series. I’ll be updating occasionally. What’s a better way to start a series than to make friends with some otters and hedgehogs in Harajuku? Today, I went to HARRY Harajuku Terrace café to do just that!



    It’s not just what’s inside the café, but its location is also worthy of note – it’s just an 8-minute walk from JR Harajuku station and a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji-Jingu station, so it’s easy to drop by after a busy day of being a tourist. The wow-factor of this café is the three very sociable otters. This highly successful café draws in customers that come day after day, seeking the ultimate soothing feeling of bonding with their new friends.



    All their faces look the same, but you can tell them apart by looking at their tails. The otter called Miku has a thin tail, whereas San has a thick one and Kirara has a flat one. Particularly Kirara is brimming with curiosity and is the one with whom you are mostly likely to interact, if you should pop by!



    Full of excitement, the otters reached through the small hole in the tank to ask for food and toys. It was overwhelmingly cute. When they want a treat, they call out with their peculiar squeal. You can purchase snacks for them within the café. If you give them food, your friendship will grow increasingly stronger.


    Otter snack prices:

    First-time customers: ¥330 (price including tax)

    Standard price: ¥540 (price including tax)



    As the café name “HARRY” implies, the café has hedgehogs (harinezumi). The hedgehogs heal the tired hearts of all the café visitors. All the hedgehogs are friendly and rarely ever raise their quills at anyone, so you can touch them safely.



    Even I can handle a hedgehog!

    Even though hedgehogs are rather timid, they can still open their hearts to you! I can’t believe that we even touched noses to communicate! It’s amazing!



    The café was once a pet shop that sold rabbits and other small animals. This is it’s first time running business as a café, and that’s why you can not only interact with the animals here, but also buy one to keep. The staff also provide important information on how to properly care for the animals and diseases to which they are prone. If you are interested, then please feel free to ask them any kind of question.




    There are many other animals in the shop. This is a large French Lop rabbit. 3 months after birth, their bodyweight can even reach up to 7kg. Their droopy ears were so cute and their fur was so fluffy! I was filled with happiness.



    …and there were even chinchillas.  They have fluffy tails and look so cute!




    I approached them with some grass for them to snack on, and as soon as they saw me, they ran at me full of energy – we even got a photo together! As all the animals at this café are used to people, it’s easy to take pictures with them to upload on SNS websites!


    The café has such a large variety of food for small animals that was quickly noticed by customers who were interested in buying a pet. You can ask the staff what type of food is appropriate for which animal.



    I spent a lot of time surrounded by my favourite animals. I was particularly captured by the otters’ cute behaviour! HARRY Harajuku Terrace gives you the opportunity to freely interact with small animals – something that you can’t really do at a zoo or anywhere else. If you’re in Harajuku, how about stopping by? You may have to wait 30 minutes to enter the café if the store is closed. The café is very popular so I recommend that you reserve in advance!


    ■ Information

    HARRY Harajuku Terrace

    Address:Jingu-mae 426 Building floor 3, Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo

    Opening hours:11:00-19:00 (Last entries: 18:30)

    Regular closing days: None

    Access:8-min walk from JR Harajuku station, 5-min walk from Meiji-jingu station Tokyo metro line



    Model:P→★(TEMPURA KIDZ)@0830_pika 

    Writer:Ryoichi Komaba

    Photographer:Haruka Yamamoto

    Translator: Samantha Fernandes

  • TEMPURA KIDZ’s AO reports on Vietnamese event & Japanese food in Vietnam!

    12.December.2017 | SPOT

    Hi, everyone! I’m AO from TEMPURA KIDZ!

    We recently visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to perform at M-touch FES!


    Japan is very cold right now, but it was over 30°c in Ho Chi Minh City!

    The sun burned bright during the day. It was really hot, so it was like going back to summer.


    This was our 3rd time going to Ho Chi Minh City, but one thing that’s always interesting to see is the number of motorbikes as pictured below.


    There was a huge congestion of bikes on the roads, it was like rush hour in Japan!


    I was surprised the first time I saw it because it’s not something you see in Japan.

    We were caught in the congestion while traveling in the car, it was really amusing to see.


    There were lots of bikes at M-touch FES too which meant lots of excited people!

    あおさん_9522 (1)あおさん_8235 (1)

    A dance contest and outfit contest were also held at the event. There were people wearing anime costumes, and lots of Japanese songs were used for the dance contest. I saw once more just how Japan’s anime culture had spread to Vietnam.


    There was even Japanese food at the booths!


    From yakisoba to takoyaki.


    People there looked like they really enjoyed the food.


    All the Vietnamese people were so warm and in high spirits during the performance – they all sang together and put their hands in the air!


    We went out with a bang at the end of a performance by collaborating with everyone in the Vietnamese music group P336band who we get along with for our song “LOLLi POP.”



    I thought the crowd would be filled with people seeing us for the first time, but everybody came together as one and got really pumped up. It was so much fun!


    We were invited to go to a tasty Japanese restaurant in Vietnam.

    Ho Chi Minh City is divided into “wards” kind of like Japan. We went to a restaurant called “EN” in ward 3.


    Yay! It’s a sushi bar!!


    Just as the name implies, the restaurant is themed around Japanese money (en/yen). The lunch mats looked like Japanese banknotes.


    The yen mark (¥) was dotted around different places!


    This is what menu looked like.


    It was also written in Japanese, making it nice and easy to understand.


    They had sushi that you don’t see often in Japan, like wakame.

    My interest peaked now and then when looking over the menu.



    It’s interesting to see how much Japanese food is priced overseas.

    I took a look at the salmon which is my favourite kind of sushi, and…


    It was 48,000 dongs which is ¥238 in Japanese yen.

    The price is a little high if we’re talking about a Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant.


    The standard price of sushi is difficult to measure, but this might actually be cheap when considering non-conveyor belt sushi!



    Our combination plate sushi has arrived.





    I personally found the sushi in the middle to be delicious, the one with the most quantity.

    If you’re wondering what was inside it, let’s take a look, starting at the top and working down.


    Salmon roe





    Tenkasu (crunchy deep-fried flour batter)



    That’s how it was layered.


    The salmon and avocado of course complemented each other well, and the crunchy tenkasu made the texture nice. It was the best.



    As well as sushi they had mackerel…




    …sashimi combination plate…


    …sea grapes…


    …and so on. The Japanese food on the menu was lavish and everything was delicious!


    If you visit Vietnam and want to eat sushi, then please try going to EN!


    There were many signboards written in Japanese when walking around, and we were spoken to in Japanese at the market.


    I felt how much the Vietnamese people had become familiar with Japan.



    Although this was our third time in Vietnam, I’m happy I was able to get to know even more about the country again!


    あおさん_9689 (1)

    Until next time~



    TEMPURA KIDZ Homepage:


  • Model Yuna Yabe reports on “Sriracha Japan Festival” in Thailand and live performance by TEMPURA KIDZ

    08.December.2017 | SPOT

    Hi, everyone. I’m Yuna Yabe, and this is the first article I’ve ever written on the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON website!


    Let’s get to it. So, what’s today’s article about I hear you ask?

    Well, I recently went to Thailand!


    Although we went to Thailand, the place we went to was about an hour and thirty minutes from Bangkok in a town called Si Racha!


    Si Racha is Thailand’s town of Japanese people as there are many Japanese living there!


    So when you’re walking around there, you’ll see the Japanese language scattered around!




    The feeling of Japan is so prevalent there that it doesn’t seem like you’re in Thailand at all!



    It was there that we headed to a Japanese style festival✨


    S__24010838 S__24010839S__24010840


    The festival took place at a large park alongside the sea.

    The air there was very warm, the kind of climate characteristic of a festival!!


    No waiting around…



    …I got myself some cotton candy✨🙋🙋🙋⛅


    I’ve traveled to Thailand before, so even someone like me kept calm and composed when it came to shopping.




    Whoa! Sushi!




    Whoa! Washoku Sato!


    When you see a place that you know, you get this welling affinity and just have to buy something, right?






    Got some kakigori! ( ᐛ)

    It felt like I had come to a festival in actual Japan, so I had a lot of fun! ♡



    Oh! Let me show you my outfit!



    Since I was in Thailand I wanted to wear some Thai pants, but I didn’t have any with me, so I wore some wide tie-dye pants along with one of the t-shirts being handed out at the festival👚!


    It was so flashy, I really stood out ( ´・‿・`)

    The temperature was 30°c so of course I wore short sleeves.


    And then, and then, oh, how I waited!

    TEMPURA KIDZ live!




    I get along with TEMPURA KIDZ on a regular basis, and this was their live performance! They’ve performed at the Sriracha Japan Festival in the past, so they have a lot of fans there! 😜


    They have fans not just in Japan but overseas too, so in order for them to connect with the fans there, they had practiced lots and lots of the Thai language among other things. Seeing them up there, they looked so cool and were shining✨


    I had so much fun at the Japan festival in Si Racha. It was just like a festival back home, so much so that it makes you forget you’re even in Thailand! I had a really Japanese time.


    I think this kind of event was initiated to introduce both the local Japanese people and local Thai people to the great things about Japan, so I hope the Sriracha Japan Festival events can make there way overseas to other places too✨


    I’m super happy I was able to go.

    How does visiting Si Racha for yourself sound if you go to Thailand?

    (Writer:Yuna Yabe)


    Sriracha Japan Festival report by KARIN of TEMPURA KIDZ:

    KARIN of TEMPURA KIDZ reports on the “Sriracha Japan Festival” in Si Racha, Thailand




    Yuna Yabe Instagram: @yunaaay1030

  • KARIN of TEMPURA KIDZ reports on the “Sriracha Japan Festival” in Si Racha, Thailand

    07.December.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

    Hi, everyone! I’m KARIN from TEMPURA KIDZ.


    We recently went to Si Racha in Thailand to perform at the Sriracha Japan Festival!


    I have had the change to go to Bangkok many times, but this is only the second time I have been to Si Racha. I came to this event 2 years ago too!


    Si Racha is different from Bangkok. It’s rich in natural beauty and its tranquil atmosphere makes it a very pleasant place indeed!


    This time around it had a fully-fledged Japanese festival vibe to it because of the Japan Festival!


    When you think of festivals, you think of all the different stalls there – and there were plenty of them at this festival!


    Of course, they were selling Japanese food, like okonomiyaki and yakisoba. They also had candy floss and more, it felt like summer again!


    At the center of the festival was a yagura (tower). There was also a torii (shrine archway) and thunder gate too. It was just like being in Japan!


    We also wore our Japanese style clothes for the occasion and performed live!



    TEMPURA KIDZ have a festival song, it’s called “Happy Natsu Matsuri.”


    It felt like the perfect song for the event. Everybody had their hands in the air and sang along.

    Performing “Happy Natsu Matsuri” here sure made it feel like an especially happy summer festival😂



    We were also taken to a Japanese restaurant in Si Racha!


    They had the standard sushi and California rolls!


    The flavour was different from that in Japan – it was super tasty!


    And yes – they they tempura too!! ☺️


    We were able to feel lots of Japan during this trip to Si Racha.

    I’m very happy that I was able to experience Japanese culture, festival and food somewhere else in the world!


    The seafood in Si Racha is very fresh and extra delicious, and it’s richly endowed with nature. I’m happy I was able to discover so many wonderful places!





    KARIN (TEMPURA KIDZ) Twitter: @ShKarin0902

  • release music video and digital download for “Ribbon” off forthcoming greatest hits album

    02.December.2017 | MUSIC have released the music video for a new song titled Ribbon taken from their forthcoming greatest hits album, Charisma.BEST, set for release on January 10, 2018.


    Both MC Itsuka & DJ Gonchi, the defining duo of, appear in the new music video. In the music video, we see the pair laying in their own coffins buried in flowers and donning black outfits. It’s an upbeat track laced with sharp lyrics.

    Together with the release of a new music video, have also made “Ribbon” available for early digital download. You can get your hands on the track by pre-ordering their greatest hits album, Charisma.BEST, on iTunes.

    By purchasing the album, fans can now also obtain the iTunes-only track Hello 2〜Midnight Reboot ver.〜 as well as Buta, a song previously only available on a limited edition CD. Charisma.BEST will be digitally released on January 8, 2018, two days before the physical release.

    Tickets are now on sale for’s two solo shows to celebrate the release of Charisma.BEST. The tour is titled Desu, Gokigenyou 2018 and the concerts will be held at Osaka BIGCAT on January 12, 2018 and ZEPP TOKYO on January 27, 2017.


    Get your hands on the new song “Ribbon” now and see live in the New Year!




    ¥3,000 + tax [WPCL-12818]

    Warner Music Japan / Atlantic Japan

  Solo Show – “ Desu, Gokigenyou 2018″

    ▼Friday Jan 12, 2018 @ BIGCAT (Osaka)

     OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00 (Enquiries: Shimizu Onsen – 06-6357-3666)

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    Official Website:


  • Unveil Tracklist for Forthcoming Greatest Hits Album “Charsima.BEST”

    14.November.2017 | MUSIC have announced the track list for their forthcoming greatest hits album titled Charisma.BEST set for released on on January 10, 2018.


    Fans of the one-of-a-kind duo that is are in for a treat with a satisfying selection of the group’s original and conspicuous discography, beginning with their 2013 debut song HATE followed by the well-known Iinazuke Blue and Otubone Rock, the hugely popular live track GEORGE as well as Around 30 Dreaming, a song adored by their diverse fan base, and many, many more.


    Joining those numbers will be two new songs, the names of which have finally been announced – Ribbon and Gurara. The album will trace the roots of from their formation to now for a total of 19 tracks.


    Charisma.BEST will also be available for digital purchase. It will include a digital download-only track on iTunes titled Hello 2~Midnight Reboot ver.~. This song comes from a collaborative video created by and LUMINE Ikebukuro in September this year. The song makes a special return for the greatest hits album. The song will download upon purchasing Charisma.BEST on iTunes.


    Fans can also get their hands on posters with physical copies of the album. Depending on which store you buy it from (pictured above) a different poster will be received.

  will hold two solo shows to celebrate the release of Charisma.BEST titled Desu, Gokigenyou 2018. The concerts will be held at Osaka BIGCAT on January 12, 2018 and ZEPP TOKYO on January 27, 2017.




    ¥3,000 + tax [WPCL-12818]

    Warner Music Japan / Atlantic Japan



    01. HATE (Ai Ai Syndrome, 2013)

    02. Suppliminal Diet (Aidoro C, 2016)

    03. GEORGE (Ai Ai Syndrome, 2013)

    04. Like it (not not me, 2017)

    05. Menheller Busu (Ai Ai Syndrome, 2013)

    06. Iinazuke Blue (DIStopping, 2014)

    07. Moya Moyashite (unPOP, 2016)

    08. #hashdark (not not me, 2017)

    09. 999 (unPOP, 2016)

    10. Hello 2 (Hello 2, 2017)

    11. Gurara (*New Song*)

    12. Yare Yo. (OLest, 2015)

    13. Train HELL (DIStopping, 2014)

    14. Meki Meki more (not not me, 2017)

    15. Super Girl (DIStopping, 2014)

    16. Around 30 Dreaming (OLest, 2015)

    17. Kongara Girl (OLest, 2015)

    18. Otubone Rock (OLest, 2015)

    19. Ribbon (*New Song*)

  Solo Show – “ Desu, Gokigenyou 2018”

    ▼Friday Jan 12, 2018 @ BIGCAT (Osaka)

     OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00 (Enquiries: Shimizu Onsen – 06-6357-3666)

     Tickets: Standing tickets now on sale at ¥4,200 (mandatory drink fee not included)


    ▼Saturday Jan. 27, 2017 @ ZEPP TOKYO (Tokyo)

     OPEN 17:00 / START 17:00 (Enquiries: SOGO TOKYO 03-3405-9999)

     Tickets: Standing tickets now on sale at ¥4,200 (mandatory drink fee not included)


    Official Website: