【Tokyo Cafe】Relaxing, busy little hideaway café in Harajuku: “sorama”

23.March.2017 | FOOD

Harajuku – the place where all the hip young kids meet. Tokyo’s famous fashion district is dotted with an abundance of different cafès, ranging from traditional cafès that have gone unchanged, to popular foreign cafès. But perhaps you’ve been thinking you want to get away from the bustling tourist spots of Harajuku and find somewhere with less people – somewhere that you can relax and be at leisure.

Well, I’d like to show you just the place: a cafè that steers away from the hustle and bustle of the loud main streets, one where you can take it easy and chill.



It’s called “sorama gallery+coffee,” and you’ll know you’ve found it once you see the red doors. To find it, leave the 5th exit of Meiji Jingumae Station and head past the nearby McDonalds and Senbikiya. If you then turn left just before the Ukiyo-e Ōta Memorial Museum of Art, you’ll find it there.


The cafè is small and compact with just a wooden bench for about 3 people to sit on as well as a number of individual stools. The sunlight pours through into the shop, and because of its wooden interior, you can stay nice and warm.



Beside the register, you will find a variety of sweets that are handmade in the shop every day. They change every day, so you can look forward to seeing what’s available each time you go.






The coffee they use in sorama are blends from Brazil, Columbia, and Indonesia.

The milk used in the latte comes from cows that are raised in the region of Hida in big open fields. You can choose from 2 different kinds of milk: one with a refreshing aftertaste, and a rich milk with a deep flavour.



The latte on the left (pictured above) cost ¥480. The strong taste of the coffee and the silky smooth milk both go together perfectly to make an exquisite balance.

The cheesecake on the right (¥420) was also a treat handmade at the store. It was velvety, and it’s refreshing taste was the perfect combination with the coffee.


Above is the Affogato (¥550). It’s made with rich ice cream that melts into a strong coffee. Even for people like me who aren’t the best with coffee this was sure delicious.


You can also get drinks to-go. I ordered a Mino Matcha Latte with rich milk (¥550). The fusion of the bitter matcha and the robust Mino milk results in a taste that will really surprise you. I intended to savour and drink it slowly, but I ended up downing it.




There’s also the sorama gallery linked to the cafè which brings in creators from home and abroad, exhibitions, pop-up shops, and fun events.

sorama – a comfortable little cafè where you can escape to, located just behind Laforet Harajuku. Conversation with the shop assistants was also lively, so I ended up unintentionally staying for longer.


If you’re tired from all of your shopping in Harajuku, you should definitely check out this well-known location.




sorama gallery+coffee

1-12-6 Dohi Bldg., Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-3423-2370

OPEN: 9:30~11:00/12:00~19:00  (Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, National Holidays)




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