【Tokyo Cafe】Enjoy a calm and relaxed time at “Café SOROR” in Ōtsuka

09.March.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD



Around an 8-minute walk from Ōtsuka Station you will find Café SOROR. The café opened just last year. “Soror” comes from Latin and means “sisters.” It goes by this name because the café itself is in fact managed by sisters.


Outside you will find chairs kindly prepped with blankets for customers to keep warm during cold days. The owners want all their customers to enjoy a comfortable time at the café, so this is just want of the thoughtful gestures of the shop. The signboard hung up outside is simple yet stylish, made from a wooden box.

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Inside, you will find preserved flowers and other little adornments in every corner of the room, as well as a water dispenser, giving the décor a real cuteness to it. There’s all kinds of gorgeous bits & bobs placed throughout the café, making it a great reference for decorating your own bedroom.


When I looked inside the showcase I was relieved to find that the cake I wanted to eat wasn’t yet sold out. I ordered the tasty-looking baked strawberry cheesecake (À la carte: ¥500 / Lunch: ¥300 / Drink Set: ¥800).


I got the hot café latte set, and the latte came with latte art in the form of a heart ♡. The cheesecake had strawberry sauce in it and had a sweet-and-sour taste to it. And when I ate some of the cake together with the crispy cranberries on top… it was delicious!! It was so tasty that I even stopped talking to my friend.


My friend ordered the matcha and adzuki bean tiramisu, which was the same price as the cheesecake. The sweetness of it was just right. Inside the sponge at the bottom were the adzuki beans. If you want something Japanese-y, this is something to go for.



I enjoyed my dearest cheesecake through to the very end and was completely satisfied. But I could see that the chiffon cake in the cake case sure looked tasty too. So I went ahead and ordered that too. A strawberry chiffon drizzled with plenty of pink sakura cream (À la carte: ¥600 / Drink Set: ¥900). The top part of the cream had a strong sakura flavor to it, while the bottom part was fresh cream that wasn’t overly sweet. It was fluffy and moist and went perfectly with the chiffon cake. It was a fresh taste, almost like I was eating a sakura flavoured Mont Blanc.


Despite it being an afternoon on a weekday, Café SOROR was completely full. As expected of such a popular café, one that’s even talked about online. There’s table seats and counter seats, so even if you’re on your own, you can stop by to kick back, relax and enjoy some cake or coffee. And of course, it’s perfect for visiting with friends or if you’re on a date. I want to go back and try out some other cakes and lunches.


■Writer: Sakana

■SNS: @yoyusakana /Instagram



Address: 5 Chome-46-12 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

3-minutes walk from the Marunouchi Line of Shin-ōtsuka Station

6-minutes walk from the Yamanote Line of Ōtsuka Station

TEL: 03-5944-9464




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