Unique Award-Winning ‘Yosegi Stool’ Releases in Japan

19.June.2020 | FASHION

The Yosegi School from luxury furniture brand TAMEN finally released in Japan on June 15, 2020. The stool was designed by TAMEN’s own Brooklyn-based Japanese product designer Yoshiaki Ito.

Yoshiaki Ito is a Japanese product designer based and working in Brooklyn, a borough of New York—a city which itself is an innovator and leader in the contemporary art scene. After studying toy design at a famous US studio for seven years, Yoshiaki Ito set up Yoshi, Inc, and subsequently expanded to launch TAMEN, a brand specialising in high quality and luxury furniture and interior products.

The product perhaps at the forefront of TAMEN’s diverse stock is the “Yosegi Stool.” Inspired by Japanese Kumiki puzzles, its success led it to win the A’ International Design Award in Italy and German Design Award throughout 2018 and 2019.

The Yosegi Stool is crafted from Japanese hinoki cypress and jindai cedar. Its two-tone colour makes it fit in any space, and its multi-functionality means it can double as two stools or a table.

Where the stool shines is how it incorporates both Yosegi inlaid wood patterns and the traditional geometric wooden joint technique known in Japanese as Tsugite.

The stool has been sold exclusively in select high-end furniture shops, like Sotheby’s Home in the US, and will now be released in Japan. The stool is made-to-order only and costs $2,500 (¥260,000).