Exciting ukiyo-e and washoku digital art exhibitions in Kayabacho!

30.March.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

Did you know about the art exhibition currently going on down in Kayabachō? This fun and exciting happening in Nihonbashi is the talk of the town, combining the latest digital technology with a theme of springtime flowers. Add into the equation gourmet restaurants and cafés and you have yourself a jam-packed, exciting day!


yurippa and Ema & Eri headed on over to Kayabachō in Nihonbashi to experience this 1-day plan!


But before setting to work, they went and had a good meal.



WA CAFÉ AIM is a short 2-minute walk from Kayabachō Station. The café is stylish, comfortable and a feeling of maturity to it – a place for adults to mingle – with the colourful sound of a piano chiming through. They have an all-day lunch menu, so if it’s night-time and you fancy yourself a bit of lunch, then do not worry, they have you sorted.


Their pork curry is special in that it is sweet, sour and spicy all at once. The nicely cooked meat and spicy roux are exquisite together. Legend has it that there are some dedicated fans out there who go there every day to eat it for lunch!


There’s also a superb selected of desserts to choose from – ranging from puddings to cakes – perfect for a girls’ day out where everyone can share♡

<Shop Information>


Address: 1 Chome-6-17 Kayabachō, Nihonbashi, Chūō-ku

Open: 11:00-23:00 (Last orders for food at 22:00)

Closed: Weekends and National Holidays



SPOT② “Super Ukiyo-e: The Edo Code”


– Japan’s traditional art of ukiyo-e fuses with cutting edge technology

ukiyoe_008 ukiyoe_011

“Super Ukiyo-e: The Edo Code” transforms ukiyo-e into something you’ve never seen before. See traditional ukiyo-e paintings created by famous painters enlarged into a high-definition digital format. Each piece is blown up and animated to create a 3D effect. This is something that could never have been experienced before; thanks to today’s technology, you can experience the true appeal of ukiyo-e in an all new way!



A collaborative piece between legendary ukiyo-e artists Hokusai and Hiroshige is also on display over in the fish market of Edo Bay. Of course, you can expect to see their artwork in motion too. I bet you never even dreamed you’d see this day!



You’ll also be spooked by the ghost ukiyo-e paintings in the “Obake Area” (Ghost Area). Try and catch the ghosts!


Super Ukiyo-e: The Edo Code

Official Website: https://superukiyoe.com/


SPOT③“The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God”

– Dive deep into the world of traditional Japanese food



We headed into a mysterious and fantastical world of “washoku” (traditional Japanese cuisine) which combines food with state of the art digital technology. Washoku is indispensable for the Japanese people. And now you can experience the food in an entirely new way.



It’s a place filled with interactive technology. We touched the screens and instantly became one with the seasons. The essence of spring, summer, autumn and winter can all be found in them.



As we continued through the exhibition, we came to a restaurant where we found cooks holding the god’s hand. The food was especially delicious ♡


The Mysterious Restaurant of the Food God

Official Website: https://tabegamisama.com/


There are a number of campaigns currently running for the two art exhibitions we mentioned today. Full details regarding the campaigns can be found on the official homepages.

We got our fill of food and cafés at both exhibitions! Seeing, touching and tasting – the day out in Nihonbashi was even more fun than I had imagined.

Because it is old-time Edo, the combination of both the traditional and modern was wonderful. Be sure you don’t miss your only chance to see this exhibition ♡


Writer:Miiki Sugita

Photo:Takuya Ikawa

Model:Yuri Suganuma @yurippa93

               Ema Tanioku @ematanioku

               Eri Tanioku @eritanitani