Gesu no Kiwami Otome Releases English Covers of Three Songs From ‘Streaming, CD, Record’

14.July.2020 | MUSIC

Gesu no Kiwami Otome have released three lyric videos on their YouTube channel featuring English covers of three songs from their latest album Streaming, CD, Record. The female vocal covers were done by Sincere Tanya.


Gesu no Kiwami Otome named an official English translation of their band name last month: Lowest Lowest Girl. In line with this, the covers of their three songs have also received English song titles: Jinsei no Hari is The Record of LifeWatashi Igai mo Watashi is Don’t Call Me Honey, and Kirei ni Natte City Pop o Utaou is Let’s Get Pretty and Sing City Pop. The covers were done in response to the number of listeners outside Japan Gesu no Kiwami Otome have been getting on Spotify.


Lowest Lowest Girl feat. Sincere Tanya – “The Record of Life”


Lowest Lowest Girl feat. Sincere Tanya – “Don’t Call Me Honey”


Lowest Lowest Girl feat. Sincere Tanya – “Let’s Get Pretty and Sing City Pop”


Moreover, inside the lyric booklet of the Streaming, CD, Record deluxe edition, fans will find English lyrics for every track on the album.


  • Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s Remixed “Black Parade” Now On Spotify!

    18.January.2018 | MUSIC

    Japanese indie rock band Gesu no Kiwami Otome is set to release their fifth single, Tatakatte Shimauyo, on January 24th – their first new single in 2 years and 3 months, and the theme song for the popular action game Clash Royale.


    It has been announced that the song Black Parade (Remix by AmPm) from the single will be exclusively released in advance on Spotify.

    ゲス_Apic copy

    Black Parade was originally coupled on the band’s 1st EP Dress no Nugikata (2013) and remixed by enigmatic masked duo AmPm, who boast over 14 million plays on Spotify. The remix is much different from the original, infused with a danceable, foot-stomping vibe.

    ゲス_戦ってしまうよ_通常 copy

    Tatakatte Shimauyo is already available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes so be sure to check it out.

    The physical version of the single will hit shelves imminently. The band dropped a full music video for the title track on YouTube just last week, so give that a listen in anticipation for the CD.


    “Black Parade (Remix by AmPm” on Spotify

    Spotify Application Download

    CD Release Information
    On Sale January 24, 2018
    Price: Regular Edition – ¥1,200 + tax [WPCL-12827] / Limited Edition – ¥2,200 + tax [WPZL-31409]

    1. Tatakatte Shimauyo
    2. Image Senryaku
    3. Iki wo Suru Tame ni
    4. Black Parade (Remix by AmPm)

    <iTunes Pre-order >

    Gesu no Kiwami Otome Official Website:

  • Gesu no Kiwami Otome release music video for “DARUMASAN” from their new album “Daruma Ringo”

    13.May.2017 | MUSIC

    Gesu no Kiwami Otome’s latest album “Daruma Ringo” took the top spot for 2 days in a row on May 9th and 10th in the Oricon Daily Album charts. The band have just released the music video to “DARUMASAN,” the fifth song from the album to receive a music video. Check the video out here:



    This music video is quite different from anything else they have put out there. The music video is of such a high quality despite it being filmed in only 3 hours during rehearsal in the run up to their premium live show on May 10th. The video showcases their incredible talent as musicians. In it, we see tiny “daruma” (traditional Japanese doll) and “ringo” (apples) scattered around the set, and the “Daruma Ringo” itself which was used as the album’s cover artwork also makes an appearance. We also get to see Mani Kato’s influence over the gorgeous lighting.


    During their premium live show on May 10th, the members faced the audience and scattered the daruma and apples which appeared in the music video to the audience.


    Comment from Mani Kato (Director)

    Just as the title of the album suggests – this album that is an amalgamation of the forbidden fruit which knows both good and evil, and the daruma, a lucky talisman which always rises no matter how many times it falls – I took that very motif and included it in this music video. I used the daruma in line with the song’s stop-and-go melody. When the daruma fall, everyone stops, but when it rises, they start up again. I hope for everyone to colour both of their daruma’s eyes black.*
    (*Translator note: When someone receives or purchases a daruma the eyes are usually blank. When that person sets a goal, they colour one eye in black; when they achieve that goal, they colour the second eye in)



    Gesu no Kiwami Otome – Japan Tour “Kyuusan-kaku Gesu”
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    3rd Album “Daruma Ringo”

    Available via the iTunes Store, Recochoku, and other online stores.
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