【Tokyo Cafe】 SHIBUYA CHEESE STAND makes fresh, award-winning cheese in Shibuya!

24.April.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

Amongst the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, the one shop that lies at the core grabs all the attention for its fresh cheese that is made daily at the workshop SHIBUYA CHEESE STAND.


The founding of this shop traces back to when owner and cheese-maker Fujikawa went on a trip to the south of Italy. It is here that Fujikawa experienced authentic mozzarella and became closely glued to the daily life of the locals. The style in which cheese was sold in Italy made a strong impression to Fujiwara, who returned to Japan to start up a business in 2012, holding dear the special concept that good food is not sold on a special day, but is made with love every single day.


The interior of the shop is designed with wood grain texture. The warm feeling of wood gives the interior a comforting atmosphere.


The no.1 selling cheeses at the shop are the daily-made fresh mozzarella and ricotta. (¥640 tax included). The ricotta won a double award – the gold award and the award for best quality, and the mozzarella won the bronze award in the Natural Cheese Contest Japan that was held in 2016. Now, you can enjoy both these cheeses on one plate! The recommended way of eating this dish is to first try the cheeses on their own and enjoy their sole flavours. Then, try the mozzarella with olive oil and the ricotta with honey. The taste is so different there is no way you would be able to hide your surprise!



If you’re thirsty, how about trying the “Whey drink”? (¥340 tax included). This drink is made from the whey produced when making the cheese and is a very popular drink! You can also enjoy the taste of chopped seasonal fruits in the fermented milk drink! During the interview, it was stated that the sour kiwi flavour greatly compliments the drink. The nutrients are easy to absorb by your body and the drink is full of water-soluble proteins, which is why this drink is recommended for those who love staying beautiful!


Not just cheese, but pizza and sandwiches and many more items are included on the food menu. For the Caprese, (¥500 tax included), specially ordered rye bread is used for a beautiful, bubbly texture, and the sour flavour of the dish is perfectly balanced with the mozzarella cheese!


The shop receives a huge rush during dinner time, so it is best to book in advance! You can only book in advance for dinner meals only.

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You can enjoy the cheese dishes inside the shop and take out! You can also purchase them in gift boxes for the perfect gift. There are also wonderful sides to compliment the cheeses such as olive oil and jam.


You can find out more about the cheeses with “CHEESE media” which is managed by CHEESE STAND. Here, you can find simple cheese recipes and compare cheeses! There are a huge variety of topics here – you wont be able to stop browsing!  A new “CHEESE STAND” (1st floor, 1-43-7, Tomigaya, Shibuya, Tokyo), which specialises in takeout cheese dishes, has also opened. If you fancy a bite of cheese, please make your way to Shibuya!


Address: 1st floor 5-8-1, Kamiyama-machi, Shibuya, Tokyo
Hours:11:30 〜 23:00 (Sundays: 11:00〜20:00)
Holidays:Mondays・ New Year’s holidays (If a national holiday falls on a Monday, the store will also be closed the following day.)
Web: http://cheese-stand.com/


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