BiSH’s AiNA THE END Announces First Solo Album ‘THE END’ and Releases ‘Niji’ Music Video

04.December.2020 | MUSIC

BiSH’s DVD and Blu-ray TOKYO BiSH SHiNE6 was released on November 18, 2020. Each copy came with a slip that mentioned there would be an important announcement from WACK and avex.


And for sure on that day, Billboard announcements were posted up at Shibuya Hachiko Crossing and new Twitter and YouTube accounts were opened revealing that AiNA THE END, one of the founders of the immensely popular Japanese idol group BiSH, would begin releasing her own solo music.


AiNA THE END Begins Her Solo Career

AiNA THE END will release her first solo album THE END on February 3, 2021. All 12 tracks are written and composed by the artist herself with Seiji Kameda as the sound producer.


AiNA has teased fans with the digital release of a song from the album entitled Niji (‘Rainbow’). She will release a second track entitled Kinmokusei (‘Fragrant Olive’) on her birthday, December 27. A music video for Niji, created by osrin of the creative label PERIMETRON, was posted to AiNA’s official YouTube channel yesterday (December 3).


AiNA THE END – “Niji” [Official Music Video]

AiNA is set to embark on a solo tour where she will promote her album THE END. It will begin on February 19, 2021 at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater before moving to Osaka Orix Theater and finally Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Pre-sale tickets will open for AiNA’s fan club members on December 5, 2020 at 22:00 (JST).

THE END cover art

AiNA’s outfit on the album cover was designed by Fumito Ganryu who showcased a collection at Paris Fashion Week.


  • The Yellow Monkey to Produce Bish’s Final Single ‘Bye-Bye Show’

    23.February.2023 | MUSIC

    BiSH, a popular punk band without instruments, will release its final single Bye-Bye Show on March 22, 2023.


    In BiSH’s Bye-Bye Show Document posted to YouTube, it was revealed that the title track was written and produced by Kazuya Yoshii of The Yellow Monkey. It also features performances by Hideaki Kikuchi, Yoichi Hirose, and Eiji Kikuchi, the guitarist, bassist, and drummer of The Yellow Monkey, respectively.


    Bye-Bye Show – BiSH Document

    Nearly eight years ago, BiSH began with the song Spark, with the band citing The Yellow Monkey as a major influence. Fittingly, the members will bid farewell to the group with Bye-Bye Show, performed by musicians who had such major impacts on their careers and music.


    In addition, a cover of The Yellow Monkey’s famous track SPARK will be included as a coupling track on the new single. Bye-Bye Show was pre-released on all major streaming services on February 20, and the music video was released on the same day.


    Bye-Bye Show – BiSH


    At the end of the video, it was also announced that the name of the final BiSH concert to be held at Tokyo Dome on June 29 would be titled Bye-Bye Show for Never.


    The epic finale of BiSH’s eight-year career is coming soon, and you won’t want to miss it.

  • BiSH Reveals Artwork and Bonus Images for ‘BiSH OUT of the BLUE’ Concert Blu-Ray Release

    24.January.2023 | MUSIC

    BiSH, a punk band without instruments, has unveiled the cover art for the BiSH OUT of the BLUE Blu-ray. Fans can get their hands on this incredible release on February 15, 2023. The band has also revealed some special bonuses available at CD shops while supplies last.



    BiSH OUT of the BLUE was the group’s largest-ever outdoor solo concert and was held at
    the Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest on October 22, 2022. Fans can also find a limited
    edition Blu-ray/DVD which will also include live footage from the annual FiNE NATURE
    SENSATiON (previously TOKYO BiSH SHiNE) free concert held at Zepp DiverCity.


    Preorders are now open so be sure to check out the details below!

  • BiSH Announces Disbandment Date at Yoyogi National Gymnasium Concert, Special Video Released

    28.December.2022 | MUSIC

    BiSH, a punk band without instruments, has unveiled its disbandment date. The announcement was made during the group’s solo concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium on December 22. The group will cease to be following a performance at Tokyo Dome on June 29, 2023.


    BiSH Disbandment Date Decided! (June 29, 2023 at Tokyo Dome)


    During an MC at the beginning of the encore, Sentochihiro Chicchi announced that a one-man concert will be held at Tokyo Dome on June 29, 2023, the same day the group will disband.


    Read the full transcript of the announcement below: 


    “All of us have had big dreams from the very beginning.

    BiSH will disband on June 29 at Tokyo Dome, a place we’ve always dreamed about.

    The goal has been set, but BiSH has always pushed forward with all of our strength. That won’t change in 2023, and we’ll keep giving our all with love and gratitude. We’ll do our best and the flame of each BiSH member will keep burning bright through next year. Keep supporting us! We love you!”


    Check out the video below to see snippets of the MC.


    BiSH / December 22, 2022 – The Most Beautiful BiSH in the World at Yoyogi National Gymnasium:


    The recent concert was the first time in BiSH’s history that every song was performed by a full orchestra in addition to the band.



    Be sure to follow BISH until the very end!

  • BiSH Unveils Artwork for Newest Track ‘ZUTTO’ Along with New Artist Visual

    01.December.2022 | MUSIC

    BiSH, known as a punk band without instruments, has unveiled the release date, artwork, and artist visual for their 12th consecutive release in 2022.


    After releasing twelve consecutive singles each month for the past year, the newest and final entry is here, titled ZUTTO. The song was composed by Kenta Matsukuma with lyrics by JxSxK.

    BiSH is set to suspend its activities in 2023, making these releases all the more precious. The final line of the song is fitting–”I have to go but I’m not alone.” The future of each of the six members may not be certain, but this fast-paced track is sending them off with excitement.

    The new artist visuals show the members against a pitch-black background. The artwork for the CD has also been released along with the design of the sticker for the 12-month series of releases.

  • BiSH Releases Making-of Digest Video ‘Sayonara Saraba,’ Full Video Available with Limited First Edition

    02.September.2022 | MUSIC

    BiSH, known as a ‘punk rock band without instruments,’ has released a behind-the-scenes video that fans won’t want to miss! Below, you can see the making-of digest video for Sayonara Saraba, with the full making-of video included with the Limited First Edition release of the new track. Sayonara Saraba is the 8th single released across 12 consecutive months.


    Sayonara Saraba – BiSH (MAKiNG MOViE DiGEST)


    Sayonara Saraba was created in collaboration with Taka from ONE OK ROCK and MEG from MEGMETAL and features lyrics written by KENTA from WANIMA. This is the first time BiSH has collaborated with an outside producer for a series of releases, and this electrifying rock number shows a totally different side of the group. The music video was directed by Kento Yamada, who has produced a number of other videos for the group. Aina The End also provided choreography.


    The Limited First Edition release includes the full making-of video as well as live footage from BiSH SPARKS “DAYDREAM NATiON” at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena in Sapporo. It also includes the music videos for Sayonara Saraba and SEE YOU, so be sure to grab your copy!


    Sayonara Saraba is available to stream now. What do you think about the new track?

  • BiSH to Hold Solo Concerts in Osaka and Yokohama Ahead of Disbandment

    26.August.2022 | MUSIC

    BiSH, known as a ‘punk rock band without instruments,’ will hold two more concerts ahead of its disbandment. The girls will play at Osaka-Jo Hall on September 21 and Yokohama Arena on October 25. This will be the second consecutive year that BiSH performs at Osaka-Jo Hall, with BiSH SPARKS “my BiSH Forever” Episode 6 taking place on July 20 and 21, 2021.


    The title of the Osaka show is ‘And yet BiSH moved.’ Conversely, the Yokohama Arena show is titled ‘TO THE END TO THE END.’

    The performance at Yokohama Arena will be the largest ever for the group, and the perfect way to close out the band’s incredible career. Both shows sold out on the day tickets were announced.


    BiSH has announced that it will disband in 2023.

    A video announcing the concerts has been released on BiSH’s official Twitter and YouTube channels, so check it out!

  • BiSH Releases Dance Video for Eighth Consecutive 2022 Single ‘Sayonara Saraba’

    12.August.2022 | MUSIC

    BiSH, known as a ‘punk rock band without instruments,’ has released the dance video for their recent track Sayonara Saraba. The song, scheduled to release on August 31, is the eighth consecutive release in 2022.


    Sayonara Saraba – BiSH (Dance Video)


    The video was choreographed by Aina The End. 


    The previously released music video included this choreography, and now, fans can see it from top to bottom!


    The scene in the music video where the dancers are in single file was filmed in a way that felt handmade. The director Kento Yamada, and BiSH decided not to listen to the song while recording, instead listening to Aina The End’s counting to stay on beat. How do you feel about this dance?

  • BiSH Releases Highly-Anticipated Music Video for ‘Sayonara Saraba’

    09.August.2022 | MUSIC

    On August 6, BiSH, known as a ‘punk rock band without instruments,’ released the music video for their song Sayonara Saraba! The 8th single released across 12 consecutive months will drop on August 31. 


    Sayonara Saraba – BiSH (Official Music Video)


    Sayonara Saraba was created in collaboration with Taka from ONE OK ROCK and MEG from MEGMETAL and features lyrics written by KENTA from WANIMA. This is the first time BiSH has collaborated with an outside producer for a series of releases, and this electrifying rock number shows a different side of the group. 


    The coupling song, A long way to go, was composed by Taka and MEG from MEGMETAL and written by JxSxK. 


    The music video was directed by Kento Yamada, who has produced a number of other videos for the group.


    The teaser trailer, released previously, shows a stylish video with an eye-catching red and black color scheme.


    Sayonara Saraba – BiSH (Teaser)


    More information regarding the 9th and 10th consecutive single has been released! The 9th song will be released on September 21, while the 10th will be released on October 26. Be sure to give them both a listen!

  • Taka from ONE OK ROCK and KENTA from WANIMA Create New Track for BiSH

    03.August.2022 | MUSIC

    BiSH, known as a ‘punk rock band without instruments,’ has released a teaser video of the making of their newest song! Sayonara Saraba was performed in collaboration with Taka from ONE OK ROCK with lyrics written by KENTA from WANIMA. The video was uploaded on July 31 on BiSH’s official Twitter and YouTube pages. 


    This is the first time that BiSH has collaborated with an outside producer for a series of releases, and this electrifying rock number shows a different side of the group. The coupling song A long way to go was composed by Taka and MEG from MEGMETAL and written by JxSxK. 


    The 8th single released across 12 consecutive months will drop on August 31. It can be preloaded now.


    The full-length making-of video is now available on the BiSH official YouTube channel, so give it a watch!


    Sayonara Saraba Documentary


    New artwork for Sayonara Saraba has also been unveiled. The visuals have a dark and cool feel, matching the track’s rock image.

    BiSH has announced that it will disband in 2023. As new information is released prior to the group’s dissolution, we’ll be sure to cover it. 

  • BiSH Appears on First Front Cover of the Reborn Fashion Magazine Zipper

    19.March.2022 | FASHION

    DONUTS and ASOBISYSTEM will begin reprinting the legendary fashion magazine Zipper starting March 23, 2022! The commemorative first issue will feature girls group BiSH on the cover, and the girls will also take center stage in a six-page special feature.


    The first feature will feature plenty of what Zipper is known for–Harajuku street photography. The magazine is filled with unique talents who are looking towards the future of Tokyo’s style. The theme, simply put, is “I decide what’s fashionable!” 

    The grand prize winner of the Zipper model audition will also be announced in the first issue. Seven finalists were selected via a live streaming audition and a professional photo shoot. The winner will work as a Zipper model for a full year.

  • Idol Group BiSH to Disband in 2023, Promises to Make 2022 the ‘Year of BiSH’

    29.December.2021 | MUSIC

    Punk-idol group BiSH will disband in 2023. The announcement was made at an emergency live show held at Nakano heavysick ZERO on December 24, 2021, with over 420,000 people tuning in. Nakano heavysick is where BiSH held their first solo concert in 2015. 


    During the live show, the members performed the setlist from their first concert. The group’s breakup was announced at the end of the show, and although it’s a sad time for fans, the members promised to make 2022 the ‘Year of BiSH’ with an expansive number of activities announced.


    BiSH made four exciting announcements regarding 2022: 12 new releases, a nationwide tour, a BiSH Festival, and a 67-stop live-house tour.


    BiSH’s Promise

          1. 12 consecutive months of releases starting January 2022

       2. The nationwide ‘COLONiZED TOUR’ 

          3. A BiSH Festival

          4. A live-house tour at 67 locations in 33 prefectures across Japan with proceeds from the best album ‘FOR LiVE -BiSH BEST- being donated


    Comment from Cent Chihiro Chicchi

    BiSH will disband in 2023. 

    We started here at Nakano heavysick ZERO, a live house with only an 80 person capacity. We’ve been so lucky and so happy to have the support of so many people.

    Thank you for loving us and giving us a place to be ourselves.

    On our way to 2023, we’re going to give back to our fans with tons of exciting projects. 

    Each of us has a distinct personality, and I think that BiSH was a place where we could each be ourselves without restraint.

    We promise to make 2022 our best year ever. Before we hit the finish line, there’s so much we want to do!

    We hope that we can properly convey our gratitude and love during our live performances. Everyone, come out and party with us until the end!

  • BiSH Collab Poster Available in Tower Records Monthly Push Campaign!

    04.August.2021 | MUSIC

    Tower Records have been promoting artists in-store with their Monthly Tower Push campaign, and the next group to be getting the big Tower Push will be BiSH as they promote their 4th major album, GOiNG TO DESTRUCTION, releasing on August 4, 2021. 



    Monthly Tower Push August | BiSH Collab Poster

    Tower Records Limited Bonus: Jigsaw Puzzle *Not available with HAKAI-BAN (AVCD-96749).


    Between August 1 and 31, these special collaboration posters will be available at all Tower Record and TOWERmini store. Each store will be promoting the release alongside a commemorative panel exhibit to mark the release of GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON, BiSH’s first full-length album in over 2 years.


    10 lucky customers who purchase the album, available from August 4, enter the draw between August 3rd and 9th at participating stores, will win a free Monthly Tower Push A2 poster.

    Those who purchase the album in store can enter the lottery on the Tower Record website using a QR code on the receipt, while customers buying online can enter the draw using the special lottery page.

    A limited edition receipt will also be provided to customers who purchase BiSH’s GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON during the promotion period.


    This special campaign celebrating the groups 4th anniversary is a a must-visit for any BiSH fan!