“Kabuki” and “Rilakkuma’s”second collaborative goods will debut!

25.April.2017 | FASHION

Kabuki(Japanese traditional drama)and Rilakkuma’s collaborative goods were favorably received by many people last year. Accordingly, a second series of goods will be sold from April 27th at the Kabuki specialty store “Shochiku Kabuki ya honten Kabuki ya honpo.”


“Kabuki ya honpo” is located on the “character street” in Tokyo station’s GINZA KABUKIZA underground. These items will also be sold on Amazon’s market place. 

You should check out Rilakkuma wearing a Kabuki costume.

rirakkuma_ballchane rirakkuma_netsuke

You can purchase a stuffed bear, a ball chain, and a “netuke” which all have Rilakkuma wearing a Kabuki costume.

rirakkuma_minitaowl rirakkuma_clearfile

A hand-towel and a clear file folder have an illustration of Rilakkuma holding a coarse oilpaper umbrella printed on them.



In addition, a special video of the Children Kabuki school “Terakoya’s” students and Rilakkkuma collaborating has being released. You should check out these cute movie! 


Stuffed bear: ¥3000

Ball chain: ¥1800

Netuke: ¥850

Clear file folder: ¥450

Hand-towel: ¥700

(Tax included)


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