CHAI’s New Album ‘WINK’ Will Release Worldwide in May

23.January.2021 | MUSIC

CHAI has announced that their highly-anticipated 3rd album WINK will release worldwide on May 21, 2021. Fans who cannot wait for the new record can enjoy the four-member rock band’s newest track ACTION which was released on Tuesday (January 19) along with a music video.


WINK comes as the first album by the Nagoya-hailing band to be released by the American music label Sub Pop in a new contract signed with CHAI.

The new album is their first in over two years following the release of their successful second studio album Punk back in 2019. It will feature 12 tracks spanning multiple genres and features appearances from a selection of artists deeply respected by CHAI such as Ric Wilson and Mndsgn.


“We want this album to become your new friends,” comments CHAI. “It will be there for you, give you peace of mind, get annoyed with you if the time calls for it, and support you when you feel like running away. All so you can wink too.” (Translated from Japanese by MMN)


CHAI ”ACTION” – Official Music Video  


ACTION is also available on music streaming and download services here.


CHAI | Comment

The world as we know it has changed,
but even with that, it’s still a world where nothing really changes.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there more ACTION rooted in happiness?
Be the change that you want to see!…
I’m going to be the pioneer in seeing the world I want to see, meeting the people I want to meet!
We start off by expressing the fun in ACTION with this music video♡
Why don’t you join us?!
It’s that type of song♡


CHAI’s second studio album PUNK made it into Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” category and was also selected as one of The 50 Best Albums of 2019. We look forward to seeing where CHAI goes with their upcoming third album WINK.


  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Organizes First ‘KPP CAMP’ Concert with Ken Hirai & CHAI

    08.May.2018 | MUSIC

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu recently released her first single of 2018 Kimino Mikata, whose music video quickly became a hit.


    It has been announced that on June 3, 2018 the singer will hold her first live performance KPP CAMP at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall.



    To date, Kyary has held world tours, arena tours and more where she has performed energetically on her own. But due to her own strong desire to do so, this new performance will see her move away from solo shows for her first ever taiban event, which is like ‘battle of the bands’ where multiple artists perform.



    Performing alongside Kyary will be Ken Hirai, who continues to reign as Japan’s emperor of pop songs with his power and expressive singing voice; and CHAI, who are known for their song NEO (‘New Excite Onna Band’).


    Both artists were requested ardently by Kyary herself. That’s why this one-night-only KPP CAMP will be a very special night indeed!



    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Comment

    “I will hold my first ‘KPP CAMP’! It’s a taiban event, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, and my first time performing outdoors. I’m pumped! To both Ken Hirai and everyone in CHAI, thank you so much for agreeing to perform at this first commemorative ‘KPP CAMP’!


    I had a meal together with Ken Hirai one time and he left an impression of being a really interesting person. I said to him I’d like to do something together one day, and he really went ahead and accepted the offer. I’ve also been in contacted with everyone in CHAI for a while. They’re such cute and fun kids, so I’m happy that I’m able to perform with them. Please come and enjoy the show!


    It’s time to get excited about just what kinds of performances we can expect from these three unique artists, who are playing in a place also known as the holy land of rock. Pre-sale tickets go on sale May 10, so don’t forget.




    On Sale: June 27, 2018

    DVD – ¥5,000 (Pre-Tax) [WPBL-90480]
    Blu-ray – ¥6,000 (Pre-Tax) [WPXL-90183]
    *First Press bonus includes digipak packaging and photobook.

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “Kimino Mikata”

    iTunes Store:

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour 2018
    May 20 @ UK – London – KOKO 

    May 22 @ GERMANY – Berlin – COLUMBIA THEATRE 

    May 23 @ GERMANY – Cologne – Die Kantine 

    June 18 @ USA – New York – Playstation theater

    June 20 @ USA – San Francisco – The Regency Ballroom

    June 22 @ USA – Los Angeles – The Fonda Theatre 

    July 28 @ 中国−上海−国家会展中心虹馆EH(NECC HONG ARENA)


    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Official Website:

  • CHAI’s Shibuya WWW one-man-tour was a great success!

    26.November.2017 | MUSIC

    CHAI’s perspective on the world is one for all the girls; “NEO KAWAII!” and “Art is Complex!” Holding these values close, they showcase themselves to the world through their music. This NEO band (New Excite Onna band) has been constantly performing this year. Their appearance at SXSW in 2017 was their first experience of performing in America. Tackling a total of 8 cities, the tour was a grand success.

    【10.25】CHAI 1st AL「PINK」最新A写_s

    Becoming a big hit, CHAI’s eagerly-anticipated album “PINK” was released on 25th October. This was commemorated with their Japan tour “Yappari Sodachitai Tour”. Their performance in Tokyo took place on national holiday Thursday 23rd November.


    Shigeru Kishida, Masafumi Gotoh from ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada) and many other famous artists and composers have recommended CHAI’s album “PINK” on social networking sites. The album includes CHAI’s hit single “Sayonara Complex”, their song “N.E.O”, which was chosen on Space Shower TV October POWER PUSH, and “HORECHATTA”, which became the theme song for the movie “Happiness Hong Kong”. HORECHATTA was also commemorated on 2nd floor of Isetan Shinjuku store.



    The girls included these exciting tunes in their Japan tour, hitting up a total of 8 cities. The Higashi-Meihan one-man live was completely sold out and the lucky few who managed to get their hands on a premier ticket couldn’t contain their excitement. The mystical radio station CHAI-WAVE radio “united pepura” belted out a grand announcement and, with an invitation to have fun, the live had begun.


    Following a blackout, the band members took to the stage. Twins Mana (Vo & keyboard) and Kana (Guitar and vocals) sung the duet “Haihai aka-chan” and then heated up the venue with their original style “N.E.O” and “Art is complex”.


    Performing songs from their new album one after the other, they pressed the audience for “boos” with “Gyaranbu”, wrapping the audience with groove. For the encore, CHAI performed their hit emotional, semi upbeat song “Sayonara complex” and captured everyone’s hearts.
    Mana then exclaimed “ Next year we want to perform on an even bigger stage so keep on the lookout!” As exciting expectations buzzed around the venue, the curtains closed on a high note.


    After the encore, they announced their upcoming live – their annual event that they call Road to the GRAMMY’s season 5. “Haru no CHAI Matsuri” (CHAI spring festival). This will take place on Sunday 25th March at Umeda Shangri0la and on Saturday 31st March at Tokyo Kinema Club. There are early bird tickets selling until 23:59 on 30th November so please make sure to get your hands on one as soon as possible if you want to go!

    Each of the band members made comments on the Road to the GRAMMY’S season 5 “Haru no CHAI MAtsuri” after their live!

    This complex band wraps you up in warmth just like a gyoza. They are always exceeding your expectations from all angles. CHAI is a hot band that is much talked about on a daily basis!

    CHAI’s “Art is Complex!!!!” is for all the girls! They are original, have jumped the national border and are accelerating forward with all their might! Don’t miss out on their world invasion through their unique “NEO KAWAII” style!


    【Live information】
    CHAI 1st Album “PINK” release commemorative live “Yappari Sodachitai Tour”

    11.18 Nagoya CLUB ROCK’N’ROLL ※Thank you, Sold out
    11.19 Shinsaibashi LIVE HOUSE Pangea ※Thank you, Sold out
    11.23 Shibuya WWW ※Thank you, Sold out
    11.30 Sapporo COLONY w/ 2, The Floor
    12.03 Sendai enn2nd w/ Sonson Bentobako, Panorama Panama Town, MONO NO AWARE
    12.08 Takamatsu, Kanagawa DIME w/ Panorama Panama Town, PupupuLand, Helsinki Lambda Club, HAPPFAT(DJ)
    12.10 Fukuoka DRUM SON w/ Kuroneko Chelsea, Panorama Panama Town, Helsinki Lambda Club ※Thank you, Sold out
    12.11 Hiroshima Cave-Be w/  Kuroneko Chelsea, Panorama Panama Town, Minamikaze To Kujira
    ADV \3,000 / DOOR \3,500 (+1drink)
    TOTAL INFORMATION: VINTAGE ROCK std. (03-3770-6900)

    Playguide ticket sales: (Pia, Lawson Ticket, eplus)
    For more information, please check out CHAI’s official website:

    “Road to the GRAMMYs” season5 “Haru no CHAI Matsuri”
    25th March (Sun) Umeda Shangri-La
    Performers:  CHAI and more!
    Doors open/ 17:15 /Start 18:00
    Ticket price : \3,300(+ Separate drink fee)

    31st March (Sat) Tokyo Kinema Club
    Doors open/ 17:15/ Performance start/ 18:00
    Performers: CHAI and more!
    Ticket price: \3,300 (Designated seat tickets: \3,800) (+ Separate drink fee)

    Early bird sales
    Period: 24th November(Friday)12:00 ~ 30th November(Thursday)23:59
    One person can purchase up to 4 tickets
    Ticket website URL: (PC/mobile users)

    【Album release information】
    CHAI 1st Album「PINK」
    Release date: Wednesday 25th October 2017
    First-run limited edition:CD + Shinkankaku Maemuki complex picture book「COMPILEX」(Deluxe booklet included)CHAI-002~3/ ¥3,000 (+ tax)
    Standard edition:CD only – CHAI-004/ ¥2,400 (+ tax)

    FLAKE RECORDS release! Analogue CD “N.E.O. / sayonara complex”
    Release date: 11th October 2017 (Weds) 

    【Release information】
    Apple Music:
    RecoChoku :

    CHAI official website: