A cat shaped bread “Ironeko Syokupan” will be sold at Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

23.May.2017 | FOOD


A cat shaped bread will be purchased at bakery&café, “BLUE JEAN” which will be opened renewable in Hotel New Hankyu Osaka from May 26th.


“Ironeko series” is one of the popular series of BLUE JEAN. They have been selling over 180,000 of cat shaped breads and cakes for five years. They will sell a new item of “ironeko series” to celebrate their renewal open on May 26th.

A cat shaped bread is used water roux to make it more soft and chewy. They made a special cutter only for this bread to make a real cat shaped, “Ironeko chan”.

You will enjoy this new bread especially if you really like a cat and chewy bread.


It’s too cute to eat if you decollate with chocolate pens or fruits.


It’s not only cute looking bread but also the taste is good. You should try it for your breakfast.



Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

〒530-8310 1-35, Shibata1, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka



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