A cake shop in Kansai that is popular for its cute cat logo “Chat noir”

09.May.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Today I will show you a cake shop in Kansai that is popular for its cute cat logo.

My friend took me to this store because she fell in love with the cats.

Chat noir means “black cats” in French.


As you can see, all of these have a black cat logo somewhere on the cake.

My friend and I were standing in line for about 15 minutes because we had a hard time deciding which one to buy sense they were all super cute!

We were definitely going to buy the cake that was shaped like a cat because their eyes were literally staring at us.


This is the bag they put in and the box with the cakes inside.

The cakes were all in one box, but the staff gave us an extra bag because I was with my friend. The bag was so cute and fancy, I decided to keep it. I mean, who wouldn’t keep such a cute bag?!


Another hidden cute gift was this ice pack. It has their logo front and bag. You can also keep/reuse this sense it’s cute and clean!


We chose these 3 cakes. The one in the very left is a Tiramisu, the middle one is a cheesecake, and the right one is a chocolate cake.



We tried all 3 of them and my favorite was the cheesecake because it was soft and the sweetness was just right for me. The tiramisu one was a little bitter for me, but it was the perfect bitterness for my friend. My friend’s favorite was the chocolate cake because it had a little coffee flavor and it was the cutest out of all the cakes from the store.

What my friend really likes about this store is that it’s not so sweet and they have various types of cakes.

There are about 8 Chat noir in Osaka, and 4 of them have a café space, so I recommend you to peek in when you visit Osaka!



For more information, please visit:http://chat-noir.net/shop.php




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