Kinnikuman Celebrates Birthday With Online Merchandise Collection

05.April.2021 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

In celebration of Suguru’ss birthday—which falls on April 1—the popular character from Yudetamago’s manga series Kinnikuman, the official Kinnikuman online store is holding the Kinnikuman Birthday Festival 2021.


Exclusive items release for Kinnikuman Birthday Festival 2021

Kinnikuman Figure (Green Pants Version)

Framed & Signed Kinnikuman Illustration (Limited to 29 units)

KMA T-Shirt [DP Renovation 2] Natural

Kinnikuman Kokeshi Doll by Usaburo Kokeshi

Kinnikuman x OJAGA DESIGN Coin Case [Kin Mark]

Kinnikuman x OJAGA DESIGN Key Caps & Key Rings [Kin Mark]

Kinnikuman Pins (Red Version) | Available to the first 200 people

A whole range of merchandise comes as part of the collection include limited-edition exclusives, pre-sale items, and more, all in celebration of Suguru’s birthday. This includes a figure, t-shirts, a framed illustration by Yudetamago, and much more.


The collection is a must-grab for fans of the ongoing sports comedy series.



  • Eat With Warsman’s Bear Claws From the Kinnikuman Manga

    29.December.2020 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD

    Japanese precision parts maker Castem has harnessed its detailed and dexterous hands to create the Bear Claws Fork, a fork based on the Bear Claws of the character Warsman from Yudetamago’s popular manga series Kinnikuman.

    Bear Claws Fork |  ¥3,200 (Before Tax

    Warsman possesses retractable iron claws known as the Bear Claws with which he uses to fight. One of his most well-known techniques is Screwdriver where he leaps up into the air and comes down spinning like a screwdriver, driving his Bear Claws into his opponent.

    Fans of Warsman can now feel like the character as they twirl their pasta or pierce their meat with the Bear Claws Fork, a must-grab for the collection.