“Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland”will be held soon! Don’t miss this “summer illumination”

29.May.2017 | SPOT

Sanrio community mascots will be active in “Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland” from July 15th (Sat.) to September 3rd(Sun.)

50万球の電球が輝く「夏イルミ」にうっとり!? キティちゃんやポムポムプリンも参加する 「夏祭りinサンリオピューロランド」開催

The theme of this festival is “Summer illumination.” You can enjoy the half a million light bulbs shining both day and night. It will be by far the biggest indoor illumination event in Japan.

“Glitter pastel” is the theme of the daytime festival. Hello Kitty’s gorgeous and pop illumination shows will be held along with a shiny illumination show highlighting Sanrio’s community mascots.

At nighttime, “Sparkling colorful” will be the theme of the festival. Some booths and Puroland’s main area, “Puro Village” will take on a dream-like atmosphere.


In addition, Sanrio’s popular community mascots, “Cinnamonroll” and “Pom Pom Purin” will appear in the “Community Mascot Festival.”


Be sure to get these dates down in your summer schedule. Don’t miss this sparkling and glittering festival!



■Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland

Festival period: July 15th (Sat.) ~September 3rd (Sun), 2017

Festival contents

Community Mascot Daytime Festival (11:00~15:30 *possible change in time)

Illumination Nighttime Festival (15:30~18:00 *possible change in time)


Sanrio Puroland official website: https://www.puroland.jp


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