Namie Amuro’s new single “Just You and I” reaches no.1 on the USEN Request chart!

30.May.2017 | MUSIC

Namie Amuro’s new single “Just You and I” has reached no.1 on the USEN Request J-POPHOT30 chart. Not including the sales of the single and the number of times it was downloaded, it has still reached an extraordinary ranking!


The new single “Just You and I” was released in April, debuting as the theme song for the drama “Haha ni naru”. The gorgeous strings blend with the piano in harmony. The gentle and emotional vocals combined with a slightly fast tempo make for a gentle yet heartfelt finish. The song lyrics closely link to the storyline of the drama. This moving song is enough to bring you to tears! Please check out the lyrics to the song a long with the drama “Haha ni naru”.

591_CD_Just You and I

After “Just You and I” was released, it was played on the radio and requests to hear the song had begun to increase. It reached 21st place on the USEN request chart on 10th May, and moved up to 4th place the following week on 17th May. Eventually, the track claimed the top spot on 24th May.

591_CD+DVD_Just You and I_main

The music video was released just a few days ago. Basing the video around the theme of “light”, the whimsical atmosphere of the video highlights the main concept “an existence that cannot be replaced”. This compliments the deep and touching love poured into the lyrics. These lyrics are sung by the gentle yet impressive and passionate Namie Amuro.

The following day, the lyric video, which contains scenes from the drama, was released. You can check it out by following the link below.

Have a listen to Namie Amuro’s new single “Just You and I” and join in on an incredibly emotional journey with the drama “Haha no Hi!”



Namie Amuro’s new single “Just You and I”

Release date: 31st May 2017

Purchase the single/ LIVE DVD & Blu-ray here:

Price:CD+DVD:AVCN-99044/B \¥1,500 + tax

   CD:AVCN-99045 \¥1,000 + tax

Namie Amuro’s official website:



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