MAN WITH A MISSION conclude their final show with support from JIMMY EAT WORLD and announce joint US tour with them!

07.June.2017 | MUSIC

With their latest single “Dead End in Tokyo” in hand, MAN WITH A MISSION recently held the last of their extra shows for their “Dead End in Tokyo Tour” at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Joining them as special guests on stage for this string of encore shows was American rock band JIMMY EAT WORLD, who haven’t performed in Japan for almost 6 years (and almost 9 years as a solo act). MAN WITH A MISSION announced at the final show that they will be joining JIMMY EAT WORLD in a joint tour in America for September this year.


JIMMY EAT WORLD stepped onto the stage as the opening act, who released their 9th album “INTEGRITY BLUES” back in October 2016 which marked their 20th anniversary since their major debut. The show was a joint gig with set lists that focused around enjoy the bands’ old and new music rather than just the newer material.


From the get go the crowd gave a huge round of applause and cheered for the band as they walked onto stage. The crowd were devoured by the sound of JIMMY EAT WORLD who played songs such as “Work” and “Lucky Denver Mint.”


The crowd sang along for their final two tracks, “Sweetness” and “The Middle,” before their set came to a close. They are two universally love tracks by fans, so people made sure to give it their all for the last of JIMMY EAT WORLD’s performance.


MAN WITH A MISSION were then welcomed on stage. Guitarist and vocalist Jean-Ken Johnny screamed, “It’s been a while, Tokyo. Let’s go!” The band stirred up the crowd even more with their performances of “Get Off of My Way” and “Hey Now.”


Bassist for the band Kamikaze Boy ran around the stage, and DJ Santa Monica also left his booth to join in with the madness on the floor in front of the stage. The band went full high-speed from the very beginning, before performing the next song, “Give it Away.”


Amongst a powerful ensemble of instruments, the music was amplified to 100 by Tokyo Tanaka’s powerful vocals and Jean-Ken Johnny’s rapping.


DJ Santa Monica braved a stage dive into the pumped up crowd for “distance” and was joined by Kamikaze Boy who was held up by the crowd as he continued to play his bass.

The latter half of the performance began with “NEVER FxxKIN’ MIND THE RULES” where the band got creative and technical with their sound and played freely.

Spear Rib upped the drive of the crowd even more with his drumming skills. The band then began to play the famous guitar riff of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which sent everybody in the venue wild.


The band were also having a huge blast, but it was the crowd whose overwhelming power reverberated throughout the room.


Jean-Ken Johnny described the fact that the band had been lucky enough to not only play alongside Hi-STANDARD at the end of 2016 for AIR JAM 2016, but now JIMMY EAT WORLD, as “indescribable.”


The members of MAN WITH A MISSION talked about their ups and down as a band for the past 7 years, looking back at how their path had not just been full of fun times, but also how they had been put down many times before. But they also said to look back at themselves as guys who always have a smile on their face, and to continue working hard together. Their drive and self-confidence is linked to the scale of their sound and their toughness as a band which has continued to pierce through, rather than what kind of music they like or what principles they subscribe to.


Their almost 3-month long tour ended with a ‘let’s meet again at our next show’ to the crowd and a performance of “Dead End in Tokyo.”


The encore consisted of a special digest video entitled “Ookami Daizenshuu V” (Japanese: 狼大全集Ⅴ) and the announcement of their joint tour in America with JIMMY EAT WORLD scheduled for September 2017.


Be sure to keep your eyes on this wolf pack and their endeavours as they continue to pierce through the scene even further.



■Latest Release Information


New Film “Ookami Daizenshuu V”

On Sale June 14th, 2017

[First Press Limited Edition] Includes 2 DVDs (SRBL-1744~5) ¥5,093+tax

[Regular Edition] Includes 2 DVDs (SRBL-1746~7) ¥4,630+tax

[Blu-ray] Includes 1 Blu-ray (SRXL-123) ¥5,556+tax


Jimmy Eat World

9th Album “Integrity Blues” (SICP-4999)

Now on sale at ¥2,200+tax.


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  • MAN WITH A MISSION Just Dropped The Trailer For Their First Ever Music Documentary

    16.January.2020 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    MAN WITH A MISSION unveiled the trailer for their first ever music documentary MAN WITH A MISSION THE MOVIE -TRACE the HISTORY.

    The body of a human, the head of a wolf, and shrouded in mystery. The five-piece Japanese rock band took to the music scene in 2010 and are soaking in global fame today. The documentary unfolds from the perspective of American journalist Carl Cooper, who has been following MAN WITH A MISSION since 2010. The trailer reveals snippets of interviews with the band and staff, recording scenes, live performances and much more exciting footage that was collected over the years since Cooper’s arrival in Japan in 2010.


    MAN WITH A MISSION Music Documentary Trailer

    The 30-second trailer is jam-packed with exciting live scenes flooded with fans waving towels and the exceptionally talented five band members who have captured the hearts of the nation. As the trailer flicks rapidly through the story of their lives, the amount of unseen footage reveals a completely new side to the band members that fans will be thrilled to discover more about.



  • MAN WITH A MISSION Unveils The Main Visuals For Their First Music Documentary

    12.January.2020 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    MAN WITH A MISSION has unveiled the main visuals for their first ever music documentary MAN WITH A MISSION THE MOVIE -TRACE the HISTORY. The documentary is set to release on February 14, 2020. Movie tickets that come with limited edition bonuses will be sold in theatres across Japan from January 17, 2020.

    Purchase movie tickets from cinemas or theatres for an original sticker*. If you purchase movie tickets online, you will receive a smartphone wallpaper (two designs available). 

     *In limited supply, first come, first served, one sticker given per purchase of one movie ticket. 


    If you purchase tickets directly from the cinema or theatre counter, you will receive an advanced ticket that will allow you to reserve seats online. If you purchase your movie tickets online, you will receive a digital ticket.


    Please check the movie documentary’s official website for more information on ticket bonuses and screening. 



  • MAN WITH A MISSION Announces 10th Anniversary Project MAN WITH A “10th” MISSION

    20.December.2019 | MUSIC

    The wolf pack rock band MAN WITH A MISSION will officially turn 10 years old on February 9, 2020. To celebrate this milestone, they have announced a 10th anniversary project entitled MAN WITH A “10th” MISSION for which they have lots of exciting things planned for fans.


    First up is a special concert on the day of the anniversary, February 9, 2020, which will take place at the famous Zepp Tokyo. As well as a live performance, the band will hold a talk session, as well as showcase a snippet of the upcoming film MAN WITH A MISSION THE MOVIE -TRACE the HISTORY-. The concert itself will also be screened live across Japan.


    The official release date for MAN WITH A MISSION THE MOVIE -TRACE the HISTORY- has been announced as February 14, 2020. This documentary will cover MWAM’s entire 10-year history as a band. It will run for two weeks until February 27 at select theatres in Japan.


    2020 is looking to be the year of the wolves. Stay tuned for updates on MAN WITH A MISSION and their anniversary project. Here’s 10 more years!

  • MAN WITH A MISSION Drop ‘Dark Crow’ Music Video & Announce Music Documentary

    15.October.2019 | MUSIC

    5-piece wolf rock band MAN WITH A MISSION will release their new single Dark Crow on CD on October 23. In the run up to its release, the title track has released an early digital release today, in addition to a music video which you can see below.

    The band recently began embarking on their Remember Me Tour which began at Kumamoto-Jo Hall on October 13. This show was held as part of GAMADASE KUMAMOTO, a festival created by the band in collaboration with Kumamoto to help raise money for the city. It was held originally back in 2018.


    At the end of every MWAM show they will showcase a video during the encore with details of a big announcement. This time it was the announcement of the band’s first-ever music documentary MAN WITH A MISSION THE MOVIE -TRACE the HISTORY- which is set for release next year. Check out the teaser below.


  • MAN WITH A MISSION Unveil Vinland Saga Anime Opening Theme CD Covers

    08.October.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Wolf pack band MAN WITH A MISSION will begin their nationwide tour of Japan this week with their first show at Kumamoto-Jo Hall on October 13.

    The band are set to release their new single Dark Crow on October 23. In the run up to its release, they have just dropped the cover art for each edition of the record. The First Press Limited Edition and Regular Edition feature band drummer Spear Rib holding a crow, while the Anime Edition features an original illustration of the anime series Vinland Saga.

    The song is used as the opening theme for the anime series and first hit the show yesterday (October 6).

  • MAN WITH A MISSION Digitally Release ’86 Missed Calls’ Feat. Patrick Stump

    20.September.2019 | MUSIC

    Wolf pack rock band MAN WITH A MISSION now knee-deep in their first solo US tour in 5 years, which also includes their first-ever shows in Canada and Mexico.


    It was revealed back in July that the band had written a new song entitled 86 Missed Calls feat. Patrick Stump as the main theme song for the Japanese film Three Nobunagas which hit theatres in Japan today (September 20). To celebrate its release, the song has just been released digitally ahead of the release of their new single Dark Crow, which is to hit shelves on October 23 and will include 86 Missed Calls.

    The song features guest vocals from Patrick Stump who is known as the lead singer of American rock band Fall Out Boy whose 2018 album Mania was nominated for the category of Best Rock Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.


    Stump surprised the crowd at Summer Sonic Tokyo on August 17 when he joined MWAM on stage as a surprise guest on their set to perform the song live for the very first time. Since then, fans have been anticipating the song’s release.

    When purchased at select music stores, MWAW’s new single Dark Crow will be coupled with the above-pictured “reflective stickers.” When you take a picture of the stickers with the flash on, you’ll see the members in completely different poses.

  • milet Performs Vinland Saga Anime ED Theme & Announces Collaboration With MAN WITH A MISSION

    02.September.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Japanese singer-songwriter and newcomer to the music industry has enjoyed huge success this year, releasing her debut EP inside you back in March and making it to No. 1 on Recochoku’s ranking for Best New Act for the first half of 2019.

    milet dropped her third EP entitled us on August 21, the title track of which was used as the main theme for the Japanese TV drama Gisou Furin. The song made it to No. 1 on Oricon’s Daily Digital Singles.


    Having already dominated the charts with three releases, milet has announced that her fourth EP entitled Drown / You & I will be released on November 6.

    The song Drown will be used as the second ending for the ongoing TV anime series Vinland Saga, which milet describes as her clashing with emotions to a beat that sounds like marching on the ground with intent.


    The anime’s second opening theme Dark Crow will be performed by MAN WITH A MISSION, who are set to release the song as a single on October 23. milet will in fact feature as a guest vocalist on the single’s coupling song Reiwa.

    Speaking about the Vinland Saga series, millet commented: “When I first stepped into the world of Vinland Saga, I felt something that I had never felt before. [The character] Thorfinn is someone who rides the invisible wave between life and death, and who lives his life while learning about a part of him he never knew before. I wrote the song about the whirlpool emotions that I feel: pain, hope, strength, and love. I clashed with my emotions when I sang, along to a beat that sounds like stomping on the ground one step at a time. I am so happy to be one small part of this wonderful series. I hope people enjoy the song together with it.”

    Photo by Daisuke Sakai

    She also commented on MWAM’s song Reiwa on which she will feature, saying: “When I first heard to Reiwa, my heart shook at the vocals-which feel like they are wrapping around you gently-and the powerful and majestic music which sounds like a bright white world spreading before you. I sing about the transition from the Heiwa era to the new Reiwa era and reflect on what it means to be happy. The best thing though is that I get to be a part of MAN WITH A MISSION’s music who I’ve always loved. I’m full of joy at that. Look forward to hearing us come together.”

  • MAN WITH A MISSION’s New Song ’86 Missed Calls feat. Patrick Stump’ Used as Japanese Movie’s Main Theme

    27.July.2019 | MOVIE / MUSIC

    MAN WITH A MISSION are currently embarking on their North American ‘Chasing the World Tour’ which began in September 2018 and includes their first ever shows in Canada and Mexico.

    It has been revealed that their new song 86 Missed Calls feat. Patrick Stump will be used as the main theme for the upcoming Japanese film Three Nobunagas starring TAKAHIRO of EXILE which is set for release on September 20. The song features Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and marks their second collaboration with him following Dead End in Tokyo.


    Three Nobunagas 60 Second Promo Trailer

    The latest trailer for the film features the song itself to be sure to check it out.

    ©2019 “Three Nobunagas” Production Committee

  • Japanese Music Artists Performing Overseas in 2019: Part 4

    09.July.2019 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    More and more announcements have been rolling out about Japanese artists set to perform overseas in the latter half of 2019. Let’s take a look and see if one of them is coming to a city near you in Part 4.



    Singer-songwriter is set to take her enthralling set to Shanghai with a headline show. The music video for her hit song Marigold, taken from her album Shunkanteki Sixth Sense which released in February, was shot on the streets of Shanghai. Currently knee-deep in her Japan tour to promote her new album, this will mark Aimyon’s second time performing overseas following up from a successful show in Taiwan. Her popularity is steadily surging across the globe, be sure to check out her music available on Spotify as well as her many music videos.


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    Date: July 13, 2019

    Venue: 世博中心—紅庁, Shanghai 2019

    Japan Enquiries:

    AIMYON Official Website:



    Celebrating 10 years since their debut, OKAMOTO’S are currently touring Japan nationwide in promotion of their new album BOY. The four-piece rock band performed what they called their “first and last” Nippon Budokan show on June 27 but are following that straight up with two concerts in Beijing and Shanghai. OKAMOTO’S are veterans when it comes to having performed overseas. They are the younger Japanese male act to play SXSW in Texas, US when they performed back in 2010. They also embarked on a 7-city US tour and have toured Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries. Don’t miss out!


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    2019/7/19 @ Beijing MAO Live House, Beijing
    2019/7/21 @ Shanghai MAO Live House, Shangai


    OKAMOTO’S Official Website:




    Since debuting in 2012, Japanese rock band MY FIRST STORY have performed at some of Japan’s biggest music festivals and have also collaborated with foreign musicians. Their lyrics are fluent English which have racked them up some real attention outside Japan. This will mark their first headline show in mainland China.



    2019/7/27 @ Jing’an Sports Center, Shanghai

    MY FIRST STORY Official Website:



    Yuzu’s popularity trickles down all generations having performed the song Muscat for the anime series Crayon Shin-chan. The duo have their eyes set on two days at Legacy MAX in Taipei on September 28 and 29. The musicians performed at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, which is nicknamed the “Taiwanese Grammy Awards,” on June 29 and hail as the only Japanese artists to do so.


    Related Article: Yuzu Joined By Crayon Shin-chan On Stage to Sing New Song ‘Muscat’



    2019/9/28 @ Legacy MAX, Taipei

    2019/9/29 @ Legacy MAX, Taipei


    YUZU Official Website:



    MAN WITH A MISSION recently announced their US headline tour. They joined Jimmy Eat World and Stone Sour on tour back in fall 2017, but which is their first North American solo tour in five years. Full details can be found over on their official website.


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    ▶︎MAN WITH A MISSION presents Chasing the Horizon World Tour 2018/2019 -North American Tour-

    2019/9/6 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

    2019/9/8 @ The Regent Theater, Los Angeles

    2019/9/10 @ Canton Hall, Dallas

    2019/9/16 @ Gramercy Theatre, New York

    MAN WITH A MISSION Official Website:



    BABYMETAL will released their new album METAL GALAXY this year on October 11 and follow it up with their GALAXY WORLD TOUR where they will hit up Europe, US and Russia. BABYMETAL’s unmatched force continues to be felt across the globe.


    Related Article: BABYMETAL Announce New Album ‘METAL GALAXY’ & World Tour



    *For full dates, please check the band’s official website below.

    BABYMETAL Official Website:



    SKY-HI will release his second collaborative album with SALU entitled Say Hello to My Minions 2 on September 4 which will be promoted with the “Say Goodbye to the System” Asia tour. SKY-HI has performed in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the past. Be sure to keep up to date with his tour schedule via his official website.


    ▶︎Say Goodbye to the System -ASIA TOUR-

    2019/9/29 @ Seoul (Venue TBA)

    2019/10/1 @ Hong Kong (Venue TBA)

    2019/10/4 @ Taipei (Venue TBA)

    SKY-HI Official Website:


    If you love Japanese music and an artist you like is heading to a city near you, be sure to show them love and support by getting your hands on a ticket!

  • MAN WITH A MISSION To Embark on First North American Solo Tour in 5 Years

    27.June.2019 | MUSIC

    MAN WITH A MISSION has announced that they will be embarking on a solo tour in North America.


    Their last appearance in North America was in autumn 2017 when they performed at a concert which also featured Jimmy Eat World and Stone Sour. It has been five years since their last solo tour in North America, which took place in June 2014. 

    More information on the cities in which they will perform will be released on a later date. Tickets will go on sale on July 2 at 3 am (Japan time). More information on tickets will be announced in the near future on MAN WITH A MISSION’s official website.

  • MAN WITH A MISSION Wolf Down London’s 100 Club & Download Festival

    18.June.2019 | MUSIC

    MAN WITH A MISSION are currently in the midst of their first ever arena tour, but managed to weave in a sold-out show at London’s 100 Club on Wednesday June 12.

    100 Club has seen a string of rock legends perform there in the past, including The Who, Sex Pistols, and The Clash.

    MWAM didn’t stop there however as they also performed at Download Festival on June 14 which saw headline acts from the likes of Slipknot, Tool and Def Leppard.

    The band performed on the Avalanche Stage of the festival. Their set included a performance of Out Of Control together with Zebrahead vocalist/guitarist Matty and lead vocalist Ali who appeared on stage as surprise guests.


    MAN WITH A MISSION’s ongoing “Chasing the Horizon” world tour to promote their 5th album began in September 2018 and has taken them across Japan, Asia and Europe. It will wrap up at BACK BEAT in Minamisoma, Fukushima on June 29.


    Photography: Daisuke Sakai
  • Concert Review: MAN WITH A MISSION Rock Two Days at Yokohama Arena to a Crowd of 26,000

    24.May.2019 | MUSIC

    MAN WITH A MISSION performed two sold out nights at Yokohama Arena on May 21 and May 22. The crowd total across both days totalled 26,000.

    On the first night (May 21), fans were unfortunately caught in a downfall of untimely rain. Guitarist, vocalist and rapper Jean-Ken Johnny acknowledged it from the offset, greeting fans by saying, “Thanks to all of you who have gathered here today despite such bad weather!”


    During the early portion of the show, the wolf pack performed songs centred around their latest album Chasing the Horizon which dropped earlier this year. They also performed Remember MeFLY AGAIN 2019 and Left Alive, all from their forthcoming new single set to hit shelves on June 5.

    The band expressed their deep gratitude to fans in the middle of the set: “It’s been 9 years since we started this band, but I never thought we’d get to play 2 days at Yokohama Arena and see this many people. Thank you all so much for just being here today!”

    Several actors ran on stage during the first show too as surprise guests to show their support including Masataka Kubota, Tsubasa Honda, Alice Hirose, Kenta Hamano, Tomomi Maruyama, Masato Yano, Sayaka Yamaguchi, and Kenichi Endō.


    Masataka Kubota surged the excitement in the room too by greeting the crowd: “MAN WITH A MISSION fans, how are you all doing?”

    MAN WITH A MISSION’s ongoing tour MAN WITH A MISSION presents Chasing the Horizon World Tour 2018/2019~JAPAN Extra Shows~ will run until June 29. They will also perform at the 100 Club in the UK on June 12 as well as the Download Festival on June 14. Their newest single Remember Me reached No. 1 on several major Daily and Weekly digital music charts in Japan.