Mister Donut started selling “Cotton Snow Candy” which uses traditional Japanese ingredients such as “kuro mitsu” and “kinako” for a limited time offer!

11.June.2017 | FOOD

Mister Donut has started sales of eight kinds of “Cotton Snow Candy” from the 9th of June for a limited time offer.


“Cotton Snow Candy” is a new kind of cold dessert which is made of sliced ice so that it melts inside one’s mouth like snow. Many people like the texture and taste of this food item and has been a standard summer dessert at Mister Donuts.

This time, they decided to sell two new types of Japanese-style “Cotton Candy” which is a collaboration of milky ice and Japanese ingredients. The two new products are “Cotton Snow Candy Kuromitsu Kinako Tonyu Whip” which is a mixture of soft milky ice, kinako (roasted soybean flour) and kuromitsu (Japanese black syrup) topped with a light flavored soy milk whip and “Cotton Snow Candy Kuromitsu Kinako Shiratama Azuki” which uses azuki beans and shiratama (white mochi) that match with kuromitsu and kinako.


Six kinds of “Cotton Snow Candy” including the cotton snow candy which includes juice and the flesh of fruits are included which was popular last year and the Cotton Snow Candy which includes milky ice and sauce (flesh of fruits are included) are also available.

Let’s enjoy Mister Donut’s cold desserts “Cotton Snow Candy” which melts inside one’s mouth like snow, this summer!



Cotton Snow Candy

Available date: June 9th (Fri) to late August (sales of this item will be stopped subsequently)

Available shops: all Mister Donut stores throughout Japan (except at certain stores)


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