Charge up with Monster Ball! Pokemon Center has released two new original mobile batteries starting from June 10th, 2017.

12.June.2017 | FASHION

Pokemon Center has started sales of the two original mobile batteries, “Monster Ball Mobile Battery – Anker 10000mAh” and “Pokemon Mobile Battery – Ankker 5200mAh” starting from June 10th.

“Anker” is a brand which boasts of top class sales performance of its smart phone and tablet related products in online stores in America, Europe and Japan. Anker’s affiliated Japanese company, Anker Japan Co., Ltd. carried out joint development and manufacturing with Pokemon Center of the Pokemon original goods, “Monster Ball Mobile Battery – Anker 10000mAh” and “Pokemon Mobile Battery – Ankker 5200mAh” and sales have begun nationwide from June 10th , (Sat.) 2017.

One of Pokemon Center’s original products is a first ever Monster Ball shaped mobile battery. This battery has replicated Monster Ball in the color ring and size. It comes with a carabiner which can be used when taking this battery out with you and a stand for setting on the table when you are at home. The battery is highly functional with capacity to store 100000mAh of power which is enough power to full charge a smart phone 4 times.

On the Pikachu battery, there are many different illustrations of Pikachu on all sides of the battery. On the IQ side of the battery there is an illustration of lightning that is the same yellow color as for Pikachu. Even though it is a very compact size, it has enough power to fully charge a smart phone 2 times. The very popular “Anker Astro E15200mAh” is also a Pokemon Center original product.



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