The “Rilakkuma Welcome Dolls” of 2017 wears white Japanese style clothes. The product will be sold for a limited quantity offer from the 3rd of June.

31.May.2017 | FASHION

 “Welcome Dolls (Rilakkuma Gloom Ver / Korilakkuma Gloom Ver” will be available only in San-X Net Shop, Rilakkuma stores throughout Japan adn on the mobile phone site “Itsudemo Rilakkuma” for a limited quantity offer from the 3rd of June, 2017 (Sat).


Both bride and groom of Rilakkuma’s “Welcome Dolls” of 2017 are wearing white Japanese style clothes. The groom is wearing a white haori coat and white/black hakama skirt and the bride is wearing purely white clothes. Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are wearing clean clothes so as to celebrate their marriage. They will welcome guests in a cute fashion if you place them at the entranceway.♪.


They can be useful if they are placed at the bride and groom’s table when they are excusing themselves to get changed! If you place the Rilakkuma dolls wearing Japanese style clothes on the main table, it will make for a happy and peaceful atmosphere during a wedding party.


Since the Welcome Dolls come in a box, it is suited to be used as a gift. The dolls can be placed in the box after using them and therefore one can continue to them again and again as memorial decorations.

There are two types available, one where Rilakkuma is the groom and the other where Kolirakkuma is the groom. The dolls can be purchased only in stores and there are only a limited quantity so let’s get them as soon as possible!



Welcome Doll (Rilakkuma groom ver.), Welcome Dol (Korilakkuma groom ver.)

Release date: June 3rd, 2017 (Sat) Limited quantity

Price: 8.424 yen (tax included)

Available stores: San-X net shop (, Relakkuma stores throughout Japan, cellphone site “Itsudemo Rilakkuma.”

※The products cannot be preordered in stores.

※Since there is the possibility that the products will be sold out, please contact the store before visiting to check that the products are still available.


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